Uber for Laundry & Dry Cleaning: 3 Important Lessons Learnt from Cleanly, Rinse & Laundrapp


This post contains information for tech startups & entrepreneurs. Let’s walk through into a few important lessons, which you can learn from Cleanly, Rinse & Laundrapp.

Without making efforts, people can get on-demand services such as hiring taxis, ordering food in a few minutes, and getting beauty services through Uber-like applications. Well, there are a few popular on-demand laundry apps like Cleanly, Rinse and Laundrapp, which allow app users to book laundry and dry cleaning services with a few clicks. Thanks to Uber-like apps for laundry and dry cleaning services, which can help people to make them build perfect wardrobes.

Talking about the market size of laundry facilities and dry cleaning services in the United States, according to the report from Statista ~

  • The retail and dry clean segment of the laundry facilities and dry cleaning services in the U.S. will amount to 14.5 US billion dollars by 2025.


  • The revenue of dry cleaning and laundry services in the United States estimated to reach 7,660 million U.S. dollars by 2022.

Well, it is safe to say that the on-demand services for laundry and dry cleaning were at high growth. On account of this, this sector will flourish in the upcoming years due to quick and convenient services.


Image Credits: rinse

Apps like Uber for Laundry & Dry Cleaning

Cleanly: The Greater New York Area-based, Cleanly is known as the app like Uber for laundry and dry cleaning, which provides on-demand services to its app users.

With total funding amount of $7.3M, this on-demand laundry startup is predicted that the U.S. laundry and dry-cleaning industry will be $14 billion. And, it will set to grow 3.4% over the next five years. However, New York is one of the dominant regions, which is responsible for growth. And, it makes up 7.5% of the total industry.


Image Credits: cleanly
Source: Google Play

Rinse: This is another on-demand dry cleaning and laundry startup which shares Uber-like business model to deliver services on-demand. Rinse was launched back in 2013 and it is a San Francisco based dry cleaning and laundry app, which has a total funding amount of $23.5M to date.

If we’re talking about the report from SimilarWeb, “The overall usage rank of Rinse app is #891.”


Laundrapp: This is U.K’s #1 laundry and dry cleaning app, offering quality dry cleaning services. Laundrapp is launched back in 2014, and it is based in the U.K. and offers quick and convenient pickup services right from the users’ doorsteps.


Image Credits: laundrapp
Source: Google Play

Now, let us dig into the important lessons from Cleanly, Rinse & Laundrapp, that startups learn and adapt during Uber for laundry and dry cleaning app development.

3 Important Lessons That Startups Can Learn from Cleanly, Rinse & Laundrapp During Uber for laundry App Development

1. Provide Convenient Services (Door-to-Door Pickup and Delivery)

For dry cleaning and laundry delivery services, you need to listen to your customers before providing solutions in terms of features and functionalities in an app like Uber for laundry and dry cleaning. The on-demand pick-up services for laundry and cleaning must be convenient for everyone. And, users can easily make most out of it.

Well, door-to-door pickup and delivery service for laundry and dry cleaning work for these goliaths like Cleanly & Rinse. Considering such solutions can help you to retain customers for a long time. Thus, this cohesive strategy can help you to attract the number of repeat customers.


Image Credits: rinse
Source: Google Play

Being a laundry or dry cleaning startup, if you run laundry business and want to create an app like Uber for laundry & cleaning, then you need to learn from such a powerful lesson. This is because that on-demand laundry and dry cleaning apps like Cleanly and Rinse have already solved such problems and focused on providing convenient services at a premium level.

2. Personalized Dry Cleaning Preferences

As a tech startup, if you stick to the belief that nobody really needs dry cleaning stuff picked up within an hour, then you are in an illusion. This is because that on-demand laundry and dry cleaning app, Rinse, has focused on nightly pickups like 8-10pm. However, Rinse app has realized that people do need convenient services as per their preferences.

However, you can consider two types of services such as wash & fold and dry cleaning. And, personalized dry cleaning services can help your users to use your laundry services because of convenience.


All top of it, people do not prefer time-consuming and arduous services. So, you just need to focus on offering solutions that can lessen the burden of your users in terms of cleaning the mess of their laundry baskets. In short, all you just need to consider this cohesive lesson, which can help you to make most out of your business.

Interested in Uber for Laundry & Dry Cleaning app development?

3. Transparency in Pricing

Well, the on-demand means as soon as possible. So, obviously, people need services on-demand. However, along with quick and convenient services, you just need to take care of transparency in pricing. The cohesive strategy like pricing transparency can allow your customers to ask prices for booking on-demand laundry and dry cleaning services. Before hiring services, it is important to show prices to your customers or app users according to the different type of clothing.


In order to reach more and more customers, this lesson is all about pricing transparency that can help you to build long-lasting relations with your customers. During laundry app development, you just need to consider convenience and transparency to stand out your app in the market.

Salient Features of an App like Uber for Laundry & Cleaning

To provide quick & quality services to your customers or app users, let’s quickly check out a few salient features, which you can consider during on-demand laundry app development.

  • User Log-in
  • Allows to choose the type of services and add extra information like material, stains & preferences of detergent
  • Lets Users to Schedule Pickup and Drop-off
  • Calculate the Cost of Service
  • Real-time Tracking of Orders
  • Push Notifications
  • Allows to Check Order History
  • Booking Cancellations
  • Ratings and reviews

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Final Thoughts

You’ve gone through with a few cohesive lessons, which you as a startup can learn from Cleanly, Rinse & Laundrapp. As a tech startup, you can learn from these lessons and consider while developing a laundry app in a more scalable way.

So, if you want to discuss your app idea based on Uber for laundry & cleaning, then you can cross-verify it with us as we’re a leading Android and iOS app development company. And, we’ve already developed over 50 Uber-like applications and 40 on-demand app solutions.

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