4 Important Features to Look Into While Developing an App like Uber for Kids


This post includes information for ride-sharing startups & entrepreneurs. Herein curated four important features, which you need to look into during taxi booking app development for Uber for kids.

Working parents usually get overwhelmed when they do not get anything in order to lessen up the burdens as a responsible parent. Dropping kids to kindies, schools, and activity classes like music or swimming, it is hard to manage everything in align, especially for those parents who are working. In fact, we developed a school bus tracking app for one of our USA based clients.

Here are a few important stats, which are based in the back-to-school ritual in America.

A Few Important Stats

  • According to the latest report from PR Web, “Based on Google Survey, among 1,004 adults and children between the age of 6 and 17, many parents struggle to manage their child’s transportation logistics and coordination time alone and they feel equivalent to a part-time job.”
  • From the same report, “For working parents, it is hard to manage family transportation logistics, and consumes a great deal of time and creates tremendous stress for families.”
  • In the United States, around 34 million families across the country gear up for a busy back-to-school ritual, as per the report from Zūm, the ride-sharing app for kids.

Well, one of the hardest challenges for parents is transportation, which has been sorted out already. This is because that there are a few successful taxi booking apps which exactly share Uber-like business model. And those names are HopSkipDrive and Zūm.


Based in Los Angeles, HopSkipDrive was founded in 2014. HopSkipDrive is an on-demand ride-sharing app, which provides solutions for busy parents. It helps to get their kids safely where they need to go dependably with highly vetted care drivers. And, it also offers services for single-family rides and carpooling services with their friends.


Image Credits: HopSkipDrive
Source: Google Play

Talking about the performance of the app like Uber for kids, then it currently ranked #385 in the Google Play Store, and the usage rank is #172 in travel & local app category.


Zūm is a San Francisco based company that was launched in 2015. This ride-sharing app for kids enables parents or app users to schedule their rides from fully-vetted drivers.

One thing that makes Zūm different from other ride-sharing apps is that it gives scheduling power to adults or app users for planned pickups with one time or consistent rides.


Image Credits: zum
Source: Google Play

Talking about the latest funding of Zūm, which is better known as the “Uber for kids”, this ride-sharing app has raised $40 million in Series C round of funding, led by BMW i Ventures, according to the report from Crunchbase.

As a ride-sharing mobility startup or entrepreneur, if you are having an idea based on the taxi booking app for kids, which you want to prove in the unending opportunities of the market, then you need to check the following important features, which are hard to neglect while developing an app like Uber for kids.

4 Important Features to Consider While Developing an App like Uber for Kids

1. Allows to Book Rides & Carpooling Services

To create an on-demand transportation platform for kids, one of the important features is to allow your users to book rides within the app. So, one thing is cleared that the feature for booking rides is must and it must be quick and easy-to-use. Also, you need to enable users to browse local nearby drivers. To provide a safe ride-sharing platform to kids, you need to be very particular about choosing the drivers. Parents or app users can view the profile of the driver with complete information along with his/her associated license.


Image Credits: kargo
Source: Google Play

When it comes to carpooling services, then you can allow parents (app users) to choose their children’s friends as other riders. So, such feature must be easy-to-use in order to book services for their kids as per their requirements.


Image Credits: kargo
Source: Google Play

If you are planning to create an on-demand app like Uber for kids HopSkipDrive, then you need to provide a safe transportation solution for parents. On account of this, you need to provide verified drivers to provide that platform on which they can rely on.

2. Real-Time Tracking for Kids

When it comes to gaining trust from your customers, you need to consider such features on which they can depend for the sake of their kids. The real-time tracking feature ensures parents or app users have clear visibility on the trips of their children.


Image Credits: hopskipdrive
Source: Google Play

The parents or app users can also share the live-tracking with other users through a link. This feature must be designed in a way that the app users can track their child’s real-time location at any time and anywhere.

On top of it, safety is essential aspect on which you as a startup need to focus. On the account of this, real-time tracking feature is must to include during on-demand taxi booking app development.

3. Scheduling a Ride in Advance

If you are ready to provide the technology-enabled solution in terms of the mobile app, then the next must-have feature is to allow your users to schedule the rides in advance. Enabling users to schedule the rides is the heart of among all features. This is because such feature comes with convenience. In addition, your users can easily book the rides for upcoming days as per their time of convenience.


Image Credits: hopskipdrive
Source: Google Play

Furthermore, you can also make things easier for your parents. You can provide them with three options such as on-demand, schedule the ride, and repeat schedule for a week. Well, by providing this, you can provide them with convenient services. As a tech startup, if you are providing a reliable package of taxi booking app, then don’t forget to integrate a feature like schedule rides in advance.

Interested in Uber for Kids app development?

4. In-App Payments & Push Notifications

Providing solutions that exactly meet the dynamic transportation needs of parents, in-app payment feature is all-essential to consider while creating an app like Uber for kids. Talking about the convenience, in-app payment feature is also an essential feature, which is important to embrace while creating an app for on-demand solutions for taxi booking.


Image Credits:Uber
Source: Google Play

Talking about the Goliath such as Uber, it is based on the cashless system. It is all important to consider in-app payments feature, which enables users to pay through credit/debit cards, net banking, through e-wallets or promo codes. Well, the popular taxi booking app, Ube, has completely removed the cash-to-cash method in payments. By considering this feature, it will beneficial for both parents (app users) and drivers.

Push Notifications

Once the ride is booked, the ride-sharing apps like HopSkipDrive or Zūm sent the notifications like finding the ride, the driver is on the way, or information about the cancellation the ride by the driver.


Image Credits: zum
Source: Google Play

Apart from this, there are a few other important features, which are highly recommended.

Other Recommended Features

5. Invoice & Ratings

Once the trip is ended, which you need to provide the complete invoice of the trip, it is important to let your users know about the breakdown of their trips.


Image Credits: rideordriveuber


After using the service, it is important to let your users share their feedbacks. They can share their feedback through ratings and by writing their reviews based on the experience.

6. Trusted Driver Profiles

The all-essential feature is to trusted driver profiles. By checking the profile of drivers, parents can trust the drivers for the rides of their kids.


Image Credits: zum

Along with safe and reliable taxi booking service, integrating powerful features can help your app to stand out.

One of Our Client’s Review

Here, you can see the review, which is based on our performance.


Are You Ready With Your Ride-Sharing App Idea That Stands Out?

You might be aware of the fact that parents spend enough time figuring out the logistics and doing the driving.

  • In America, 38% of parents spend over 5 hours a week driving their kids.
  • Child transportation logistics is a daily topic for 37% of families, who have these conversations several times a week.

Well, for the busiest parents, an app like Uber for kids make their lives easier. And, it provides solutions for their lives and they can also get space from their part-time jobs.

So, if you are having an idea based on the Uber-like taxi booking app, then you can cross-verify it with us as we’re a leading taxi booking app development company. And, we’ve already developed over 54 Uber-like applications along with unique features and functionalities like GPS real-time tracking, payment gateway integration, online support, multi-lingual support, social media integration, in-app payments & visual calendar.

In case, if you still have any query regarding how much does it cost to create taxi apps like Uber, how long does it take to create Uber clone, mobile app development timeline to develop app like Uber or Indian app developers cost, then, you can get in touch with us through our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will revert to you as soon as possible. The consultation is absolutely free of cost.

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