Planning to Create an App Like Uber for Interior Design? 3 Key Points to Check Before Developing an On-demand App for Interior Design


This blog includes information for home decor startups & entrepreneurs. Read on a few key points, which you need to check out during Uber for interior design app development.

Whether it comes to seeking advice from interior design professionals or hiring interior pros, it may charge over $5,000. It not at all costs cheap. Well, there are interior design startups, which pair consumers or users with stylists offering virtual guidance. There is an app like Uber for interior design named Havenly, which is the Denver-based interior design startup, allowing its app users to design their home right from the on-demand app for interior design. According to the report from Crunchbase, “Havenly secured $12.5M in Series B round of funding, led by Foundry Group.”


The App like Uber for Interior Design

Interior design startups provide on-demand access to interior design professionals. With an app like Uber for interior design, app users can connect virtually to interior design experts who help in creating design themes, by building online visualizations, making shopping lists, and obtaining & ordering desired items.

An app like Uber for interior design matches users with interior designers as Uber, the ride-sharing app, matches the user with nearby drivers.


Users just need to fill out the style profile and find out interior design professionals, who are tailored to their requirements. It also allows users about layout recommendations such as 3D renderings.

Based on the same concept, there is a home design app like Uber for interior design, Havenly, which is an on-demand home service startup, provides users with the best way to design their homes. Talking about the performance of Havenly app, as per the latest report from App Annie, the graph of the download rank of the on-demand app for interior design is currently going upward. This is what you can see in this image.


3 Key Points to Check Before Developing an On-demand App for Interior Design

1. Analyze Needs of Your Customers & Provide Solutions for The Same

The core and foremost point, which interior design startups need to consider are to analyze the requirements of customers, who desperately looking for a change in the niche of home décor. An app like Uber for interior design, Havenly, has analyzed the various problems of customers, who look for guidance in home décor. Talking about providing solutions to customers through an interior decorating app, it is important to provide solutions in terms of on-demand access to interior design professionals.


Image Source: thezoereport

There are multiple ways, though you can help your customers in order to decor their homes. The user just fills up his/her profile and hire professionals, which is tailored their needs. You can also allow them to set their budget as per their convenience. You as a startup can also provide your customers with the budget calculator to better determine how much they will end up something.

2. Lets Users to Visualize Their Rooms

The concept of on-demand solutions for interior design has disrupted the home design space. To design a home as users’ imagine is still a new thing for many. However, this concept is new among people who have limited resource to fulfill their dream in terms of decorating their spaces. Whether your users want to know the tips to maximize the small space in their rooms or they are looking for home decor ideas, you can allow them to visualize their spaces along with the furniture and other home decor items, which can enhance the look of the space.


Image Source: havenly

App user just needs to create a visualization of his/her room through an app like Uber for interior design, and a floor plan recommendation so that he/she can envision the final result.

The best thing is to provide such solution that you can make your users spend so much on the items of furniture and other home decor items. This is due to the fact that by visualizing their rooms, they can save a lot of money.

Interested in Uber for Interior Design App development?

3. Allows to Chat With Professional Designers

Coming to the next key point, which is a handy feature that allows users to chat with professional designers in real-time. Well, such feature is important to consider in order to provide convenience to your users. For any guidance or tips, you can allow your users to chat for professional guidance to pro home designers.


Image Source: havenly

Based on the style quiz and tell professional designers about the user’s taste, upload a few pictures, which user wants to renovate or anything. After this, users do not do anything, now, the user will wait for pro advice in order to know the home decor. This kind of feature also helps users to make more purchase for the furniture items as per professionals’ bits of advice. An app like Uber for interior design, Havenly, also allows users to make purchases within the app.

Being a decor startup, if you would like to create an app like Uber for interior design, considering this feature can help you to make big revenues from your business.

One of Our Client’s Review

In this image, you can see one of our client’s review, which is based on our performance.



Being a home decor startup, if you belong to the home decor niche, then it is worth to check out the following data:

  • According to the report from Allied Market Research, “It forecasts that the global market is expected to grow $664.0 billion by 2020.”
  • Furthermore, home decor products have generated substantial demand among customers owing to the growing consumers’ interests in the concept of home decor.
  • In the home decor, Asia-Pacific is the leading market followed by Europe.

To conclude, we can say that this niche is going to flourish in the upcoming years. As a home decor tech startup, if you’re having an app idea or feedback, then you can cross-verify it with us as we’re a leading app development company and having expertise in designing and building custom mobile apps for iOS and Android platform. And, we’ve already developed over 60 Uber-like applications and 50 apps for on-demand solutions along with unique features and functionalities. In case, if you still have any query or confusion like:

  • What is the average cost of developing an app like Uber for interior design?
  • How to make money with an app idea based on interior design?
  • Interior design app development cost India

Then, you can get in touch with us through our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will revert to you as soon as possible with optimal interior design apps solution to develop the best free home design app. 99% of our projects have been completed on time, on budget and issue-free.

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