Uber for House Cleaning: Here’s How Miso (South Korean Home Cleaning App) Has Raised $8 Million With These 3 Unique Features


This blog includes information for house cleaning startups & entrepreneurs. Herein we’ve rounded up three unique features by Miso app, which you can consider during Uber for house cleaning app development.

It seems entrepreneurs try to apply the “Uber for X” business model for every customer vertical. And, when it comes to home improvements like cleaning, interior designing, lawn care, laundry, renovation services, then we can say that the on-demand home services marketplace is booming.

According to the report from CB Insights, there are dozens of startups, who are aiming to offer convenient on-demand options for everything from plumbing to lawn mowing services. In this image, you can see that top on-demand home services startups, which have been flourishing from last few years.


Moreover, these startups raised roughly $1.5B in late 2016 in order to provide on-demand house cleaning, storage, lawn care, and home repairs. And, in short, these startups share Uber for X business or Uber-like business model.

More specific, if we’re talking about the cleaning services, as per the report from Allied Market Research, the global cleaning services market is expected to garner $74,299 million by 2022, and growing at a CAGR of 6.2%.

The Asia-Pacific is expected to be progressive over the next few years. And, Asia-Pacific is expected to grow at the fastest pace in the future and account for around 30% of the overall cleaning services market revenue by 2022.

Meanwhile, we came across the latest news about house cleaning startup, Miso, which is Asia-Pacific-based, sharing Uber-like business model. According to the latest report from TechCrunch, “South Korean home cleaning startup company, Miso, has raised $8 Million in Series A round of funding.” The funding round led by AddVentures with participation from returning investors Y Combinator, FundersClub, and Strong Ventures.”

Image Source: techcrunch

Miso: The Uber for House Cleaning

Launched back in 2015, South Korea-based home cleaning startup company, Miso, provides an app to book a wide range of cleaning services along with house cleaning, including bedding arrangement and laundry.

The on-demand house cleaning startup, Miso, has already matured due to rapid growth and raising funds. It became the third startup from South Korea to participate in the accelerator program in June 2016 after raising $2.7 million in Seed round of funding led by Y Combinator.

In the year 2016, the housekeeping app startup company claimed to about 5,000 bookings in a month. And, currently, according to the co-founder and CEO Victor Ching, it has raised booking about 50,000 to 60,000 cleanings per month. Well, the company has already got mature.

3 Unique Features That Home Cleaning Startups Need to Consider Before Developing an App like Uber for Cleaning

1. Allows Users to One-Tap Booking for Cleaning Service

This feature provides seamless user experience without doing extra effort to book a cleaning service for themselves. So, if you are ready to build an app like Uber for cleaning, then you can provide your app users with one-tap booking for cleaning within the app.


The user can easily book a cleaning service right from his/her app for house cleaning, therefore, such a feature is useful to consider while developing an app like Uber for house cleaning. It is also recommended to consider an “advanced search” feature to get one of the best cleaners nearby.

2. Choose From a Wide Range of Cleaning Services

If you would like to create an app like Uber for cleaning, then you need to allow your users to choose from a wide range of cleaning services for booking. The cleaning services can be anything like housework assistance, and they can choose cleaning services for their separate living rooms, kitchen, toilet, bedding arrangement, laundry, and clean the porch.


By providing such feature, you can provide a seamless user experience to them to quickly order on-demand cleaning services as per their convenience and choices. It is also recommended that you provide a feature of “favorite cleaner”. In this way, your app users can book the same cleaner whenever they want to book the cleaning services for themselves. It is worth to include such feature, which you can consider during on-demand home cleaning app development.

3. View Past Booking History, Check Availability of Cleaner, and Reviews & Ratings

The next important feature is to allow your app users to view past booking history for their future information. As it includes the receipt of their cleaning service with name, contact details of the cleaner, you can also consider the cancellation of the cleaning service feature while developing an app like Uber for house cleaning. Plus, there is a highly recommended feature, where your users can check the availability of cleaners without any hassle at any time and anywhere.


Furthermore, there is another pivotal feature, which you need to consider is to allow your app users or customers to give a review and rating option for cleaning experience. However, such feature comes with a number of advantages for other app users while choosing the right and professional cleaner for their homes.

Thus, this feature seems first basic ones, but you as a startup can’t afford to include such basic yet important features while developing an app like Uber for house cleaning.

Have You Ever Thought to Create an App like Uber for House Cleaning?

Being a house cleaning startup, if you would like to create an app like Uber for cleaning or Uber for house cleaning, then it would be better to have a look into an ongoing trend of the keywords – “Uber for house cleaning” and “Uber for cleaning”.


Interest Over Time:


Interest Over Region: The hot region is the United States.


Well, it is safe to say that these keywords have always been in searches as you can see that the graph is going upward. So, we can say that the on-demand cleaning service is a hot business, where you can dive into.

On a Concluding Note,

You have just gone through with the important features as a core area, which you need to consider during Uber for house cleaning apps development. If you want to stand out from your rivals, then it is a high time to create an app for on-demand solutions for cleaning business.

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