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Taxis work so much better nowadays. Thanks to smartphones, the overall user experience has been improved a lot in recent years.

For example, back then we either had to go to a taxi stand or needed to have some taxi providers’ number to call a taxi. And at the end of each ride, there was the hassle of drivers not having the change. As a result, it used to be a huge waste of time for both passengers and drivers.

But now, due to the competition from successful taxi booking apps like Uber, Ola, and Lyft, the taxi businesses are now forced to create taxi apps for their brands.

All these taxi apps allows us to call a taxi at our location, get an estimate when the ride will arrive, and pay for the ride within the app.

While these improvements seems fascinating compared to what we had maybe a decade ago, but despite these improvements, there is still one big issue remains – Traffic Jam.

Traffic Jam is something that almost every city face nowadays. The feeling of being stuck in a cab and getting late to either pick up kids from school or to reach the office is something nobody likes. We don’t even need to remind you those painful rides to the airports, they’re the worst of all. For instance, the New York’s JFK airport is only 20 km away from Midtown Manhattan, but it still takes an hour or more to get there.

What if you could fly there?

What if you can call a helicopter as a taxi?

And what if this would be of almost same cost as of taxi rides?

Uptill now, helicopter taxi was used by VIPs and wealthy people, but it’s going to change soon.

Now, you can expand your taxi business by providing Uber for helicopters as a taxi to your customers. We can develop a heli taxi app personalized for your brand, with all the right features and help you expand your taxi service offerings.

Key Features That Make a Heli Taxi App Successful

To expand your taxi business with helicopter booking services, build your heli taxi app with following key features.

1. Real-Time Location Tracking

You all know what is Uber, right? Uber was one of the pioneers of the on-demand economy.

However, what many of us don’t know is that Uber tracks our location all the time, even when we’re not using the app. This basically helps Uber to find the nearest driver within seconds. And once a customer orders a taxi, the Uber app displays estimated time it’ll take the driver to arrive at your location.

This is the typical scenario of almost all taxi booking apps.

But, is it possible to integrate the real-time location tracking feature in Uber air taxi app?

It definitely is!

At Space-O, we can integrate the location tracking functionality even in the heli taxi app using GPS system of helicopters and connecting it to your helicopter taxi app. This will allow your customers to track the real-time location of a helicopter taxi, exactly the way it tracks the taxi cabs.

2 – Pick Up Location

Usually, in taxi apps like Uber and Ola, a rider’s exact location automatically gets detected using smartphone’s GPS, and drivers arrive at the exact location to pick up the passenger.

However, the situation is bit different in helicopter taxi apps. Since helicopter cannot really pick up passengers from door to door, the taxi businesses need to pre-define pick up locations in their city so that customers can check these pick up locations and reach there to take their rides.

Our taxi app developers can take care of this situation and provide a way to define helicopter pick up locations during the mobile app development process (as well as after).

In simple words, we can integrate an option to add, modify, and delete the pickup locations in your city and update the list whenever needed.

3. Drop-off Location

Similar to pickup locations, the drop-off location feature works pretty much the same way.

In your heli taxi app, the user will need to define his drop-off location during the booking process. The users can choose the nearest pickup location available next to his current location, and choose a drop-off location near to his desired location.

4. Payments

Inbuilt payments let the user pay for the trip right from the app. It’s a great feature that saves time and delivers your application to a brand new level of usability.

To store and process all credit card data, our taxi app developers integrate payment gateways such as Stripe or Braintree that helps to set a safe and convenient payment environment.

Additionally, we can also add the feature of “get fare estimate” so that your users can decide whether they want to take a ride or not prior to booking.

How Are Heli Taxi Startups Making Profits?


Other than Uber and Ola, Blade is another heli taxi startup currently providing helicopter taxi services in the U.S.

Blade works similar to Uber. You download its mobile app, and when you find yourself needing a chopper, you press a button to book a helicopter, splitting the fare with other passengers.

Blade charges around $35 dollar to $600 for a one-way trip to or from East Hampton.

But do people really use it?

You bet they’re!

Blade’s mobile app has already been downloaded by twenty-thousand users, and it advertises with slogans like “beat your boss to work!”

But how these heli taxi startups are making profits?

Generally, users hop onto their website or mobile app, look for an available trip, and book.

Although, at least 3 other people will have to book the same trip to make it a go. The shared helicopter taxis travel with at least four and up to six passengers, which is why, even though you can book that hour, there will be plenty of incentives to book in advance.


The Gotham Air, another heli taxi startup based in New York, for example, shows flights in green which are confirmed. That means you could literally jump on it ten minutes before. And alternatively, the app also shows blue-coloured flights which means seats are available but more people are still needed to book before it’s a sure bet.

How Space-O Helps in Building Heli Taxi App

Space-O Technologies can help you following two things.

  • Upgrade Your Existing Taxi Booking App by Incorporating Heli Taxi Booking Service Features.

If you’ve already built a taxi app for your business and wants to expand your offerings with helicopter taxis, we can easily incorporate all the required features for heli taxi services in your existing mobile app.

In your taxi app, we can incorporate the feature to check the availability of helicopters, along with taxi cabs, so that your users can make the decision based on their preferences. This way, you can keep running your taxi business while we upgrade your app. And at the same time, you can also promote your helicopter taxi services before the launch and find out how many of your existing users are interested in using heli taxi services.

  • Create a Heli Taxi Booking App From Scratch as an Independent Helicopter Booking Service.

If you’re planning to establish a brand new heli taxi startup like Gotham-Air or Blade, we can help to develop a custom heli taxi booking app tailored to your brand.

From user-profiles to payments, we can integrate all the essential features in the right order so that your users can book a helicopter with minimum efforts. In fact, we’ve already developed such on-demand apps called Ninja, Glovo, and 2Placez in the past where we already implemented the same features. If you’d like to see more of our work, you can check our portfolio from here.

Through our expertise and our highly competent mobile app developers, we can create taxi app that is similar to Uber and Ola in terms of both, performance and functionalities.

So, if you want to create a heli taxi app, we’re the one-stop destination for you.

How to Get an Accurate Cost For Your Heli Taxi App Development?

As always, giving an exact cost without knowing all the specifications is quite challenging. It’s not that we keep numbers hush-hush on purpose. Believe us, we’re all hands up for transparency and do our best to give you the most accurate estimate based on your given data.

Therefore, if you’re really interested in heli taxi app development, you can reach us by filling out the below form. Space-O Team will be glad to provide you with an accurate project estimate based on your specifications and requirements, with a detailed app development roadmap.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion regarding the cost of developing an app like Uber helicopter, how long does it take to make an app like Uber for helicopter or iOS/Android app developers in India, then you can get in touch with us through our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will revert to you as soon as possible. The consultation is absolutely free of cost.

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