Uber for Food Delivery: Food Delivery Startups Need to Consider These 4 Essential Features Before Developing On-Demand Food Delivery App like Seamless


This blog is for food delivery startups and entrepreneurs. Herein we have compiled four essential features by Seamless, which you can consider while developing Uber for food delivery app.

The business of on-demand fast food delivery app is undergoing the rapid change for the betterment. The on-demand food delivery services provide convenience and choices and allow consumers to order food from a wide variety of restaurants with just a single click via the app.

In 2017, the National Restaurant Association reported that the annual sales of the restaurant industry were $799B, closed to 48% of the total amount that Americans spent on food. This is what you can see in the image.


Furthermore, according to the report from Technavio on the global online on-demand food delivery service market forecasts a CAGR of close to 32% during the period 2017-2021.

Food Delivery Startups

In this image, you can see the top food delivery startups, which are in existence from 2012 to 2017 and onwards.


Uber for Food Delivery

Interest over time: This graph is by Google Trends, where you can see that the keyword “Uber for food delivery” has been in-demand for last few years.


Interest by Region: This graph shows the interest by the region for the keyword “Uber for food delivery”. And, the most interested regions are Florida, California, Texas, and New York.


Now, heading to know more about the most popular on-demand local food delivery app named Seamless.


Seamless: An App like Uber for Food Delivery

  • Founded in 1999, the U.S.- based on-demand food delivery app, Seamless, allows users to order food from preferred and nearby restaurants.
  • According to SimilarWeb, the usage rank of the food ordering app, Seamless, is #12 and Google Play Rank is #55.Seamless-Food-Delivery-App-Google-Trends
  • Talking about the Seamless app competitor, UberEats, it has secured the top position in the most downloaded Food and Drink category app worldwide for April 2019. The app is close to eight million installs that represented a more than 2x year-over-year increase.
  • According to the report from Rakuten Intelligence, the on-demand food delivery app, Seamless, has more loyal users comparatively to other on-demand food delivery platforms. This is what you can see in the image.


4 Essential Features by Seamless That Food Delivery Companies Can Consider While Developing an app like Uber for Food Delivery

1. Allows Users to Easily Find Nearby Food Restaurants

The food delivery market has become more competitive. Talking about the first essential feature of an on-demand app like Uber for food delivery is to allow your app users to find out nearby food restaurants without any hassle. In this way, users can easily make their food orders from local food restaurants. However, such feature is quite common in food delivery app, but it is an essential one to provide your app users a user-friendly experience while ordering food.

Seamless-Food-Delivery-Takeout-Apps-on-Google-PlayImage Source: Seamless

Well, ordering online has become customized and the easiest platform for consumers. So, being a food delivery startup, if you are planning to create an app for on-demand solutions, then you need to include this must-have feature. All you need to create a user-friendly platform for your users where they can easily login and search for their favorite dishes and order it seamlessly.

2. Enable Users to Pre Order & Re-order The Favorites

The next important feature is to enable app users to pre-order and reorder their favorites meals by displaying top five favorites and giving users the options to reorder items on their order history. Being a food delivery startup, you need to make sure to include such useful features like pre-order and reorder the favorites by a few taps away.

Undeniably, the growth of on-demand food delivery startups is dominating in the landscape of the food delivery. So, it is pivotal to stay at the top of your rivals by offering such advanced features, which are different and can add value into their busy lives.

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Moreover, app users can pre-order 2 hours and four days before. You can provide such a feature, which makes them order in advance in order to get a peace of mind. However, the next important thing is to consider the feature like reorder their favorite meals quickly. In addition, to retain your app users with your on-demand food delivery app, it is important to include this feature while developing a food ordering app like Seamless.

3. Push Notifications

To create an app like Uber for food delivery, the most pivotal feature is – push notifications. As this feature does not only provide the easiest way of user communication, but it is a way to earn your users’ loyalty. When it comes to creating an on-demand food delivery app like Seamless, then considering ‘push notifications’ feature is important due to the fact —

(1) Instant Updates: These updates of ordered meals can easily up-to-date users with their orders when they are in hurry.


Image Source: gloriafood

(2) Improve App Engagement & Retention Rates: In addition, this useful feature ‘push notifications’ is important more than we think as your app is seen by many users. Well, push notifications feature has a higher view and click-through ratios. It is also responsible to improve app engagement and retention rates. App with push notifications has 92% higher retention rates and 26% higher open rate.

4. Ratings and Reviews

The next important and common feature is – ratings and reviews. This feature will allow your app users to rate and review those restaurants from where they receive food orders. Well, this feature provides transparency between your users and restaurants. Plus, you give a chance to improve their services. This feature simply impacts your users as you can only provide them with a list of high-rating restaurants to deliver high-quality service in terms of an on-demand food ordering and delivering platform.

Being a food delivery startup, if you have ever thought of creating an on-demand food ordering app like Seamless, then these features are worth including.

The Food Delivery is Rapidly Changing Market. What’s Your Thought on Building a Food Ordering App?

There are huge opportunities in the food delivery market. And, you as a food startup have gone through with the essential features of on-demand food delivery apps, which you can consider before developing an app like Uber for food delivery.

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