How Rappi, Uber for Delivery App, Raised $1bn Funding by These 4 Salient Features


Looking for a business opportunity in the delivery service business? Want to create Uber for delivery app? This blog will give you insights on some essential features of Rappi, uber for delivery app, development, which secured $1bn Funding.

The delivery apps have changed the food industry, courier industry as well as the grocery industry. At first, people were not ready to trust on Uber for delivery app services. They thought of such apps as a fluke. The on-demand apps like Uber have proved to be effectively practicing “Maslow’s Need Hierarchy.” The mobile app development has not left any stone unturned in engaging and making utmost revenue, by efficiently providing service and user experience.

The delivery business has seen tremendous growth in the form of Rappi App, last-minute online delivery app. The 4-year-old startup with a motto of “Anything. Anytime” has made on-demand delivery attractive and significantly affordable from customer’s point of view. Till date, it has efficiently delivered more than 10 million orders.

Recently, stated in the news report, Colombian on-demand delivery app, Rappi, has successfully raised $1bn in capital supercharging its offerings. This piece of information was led by Silicon Valley investor Soft Bank.

You can have a look at its current ranking in overall downloads. It has made its position in the worldwide food and drink apps download.


Pro Tip: Delivery app startups should keenly observe the needs of their target audience and should study salient features from the trending Uber for delivery app market to identify their business opportunity.

Wondering how to analyze the right features for your Uber for Delivery App Development? We have listed some of them for you.

4 Salient Features That Every Uber For Delivery Startup Should Consider To Create Better Business Opportunity During Uber for Delivery App Development

1. Available Services at One Place

What if your customer runs in a sudden emergency of ordering and buying food and grocery both at the same time? Rappi app is all about providing on-demand services. Being a startup, you need to consider the smallest need, even the one coming in “the might need” list of your customers.


Rappi app is a one-stop solution for every need. It includes a range of services from personal training to healthcare. The delivery app also facilitates withdrawal of cash from ATM and delivering the same at a preferred location. Such a collection in one feature of services makes it a more viable option than other delivery app development.

Pro Tip: With the inclusion of more services, a dynamic mobile experience also matters. Engaging user experience will give your delivery app an extra mileage. Easy searching and smooth interface make a strong brand recall and image among your targeted audience.

2. Send Financial Requirements Free of Charge

How to successfully make an Uber for delivery app development? By an emotional connect. Rappi app has a very sane feature of payment sharing. This particular grocery and food delivery app approached its target audience emotionally by making the financial transaction free through mobile app development.


During the time of the financial crisis, the app becomes supportive for its users. For startups and entrepreneurs, such feature can be goodwill. For the last minute, it is a sure escape option to transfer funds at the very last moment.  

Pro Tip: With the free money transfer option, you can also facilitate some extra perks (grocery coupon, food delivery discount, coin collection through online transfer of money) of transferring funds from your app. Such perks make the users visit the delivery app development again and again.

3. Everyone Has a Personal Assistant

24/7, 365 days a year, an efficient personal assistant. Who does not like a helping hand to complete their daily chores? Rappi, Uber for delivery app development or we can say on-demand delivery app, has made sure of pampering their audience through this feature. From picking up medicines to bringing forgotten keys and paying an invoice, any work that seems errand to the users is being fulfilled by the Rappi assistants.


Image Credit:  Rappi App

All the worries of the users are eliminated by the Rappi app. Delivery apps are trendsetters, for example, a user can order a specific cheese from the desired store and it is made available by the Rappi assistants.

Pro Tip: How should be an Uber for Delivery app features? Trendsetting. Break the old ones by setting new ones through your delivery startup. Through your delivery app development, you can have features like an assistant tracker, testimonies about the assistant from past users, theft complaining. These features are trustworthy for online users.

4. Order Food From Anywhere

A Rappi app user is never bound to 10-15 restaurants to order food online. This food delivery app feature gives liberty to order from any food joint. They rapidly pick the order from the non-online delivery outlets. Such effective moves in the Uber for delivery apps make it outshine from the competition. It is recommended for delivery app startups to analyze technology and manpower both.


The first thing that is taken care by the Rappi app is traffic. The logistics of the on-demand Uber-like delivery app allows it to reach on time with the customer’s respective order. A user can eat with full satisfaction without getting stuck in the traffic to reach the restaurant.

Pro Tip: Strengthen your back-end system and operations. Take full advantage of emerging technology and changing nature of work to create a delivery app like Rappi.

Wrapping Up

From a laptop to Starbucks latte to cash, everything is taken care of by Rappi app. The app is an amalgamation of unique financial services and logistics. This app solves some very basic problems of consumers like getting to their consumers whenever they need, offering over 50,000 products with seamless UX, getting food from any food joint even if it is not offering online delivery.

As a startup or an entrepreneur, looking for a business opportunity in the grocery and food delivery app segment, consideration of these 4 features will definitely give you some idea. More ideas or features popping up on on-demand delivery app like Rappi? Want to discuss your delivery app development idea with experienced Android and iOS developers? Space-O Technologies is at your rescue.  We are leading app development company, specialized in Uber clone script and other on-demand app development. Take a look at one of our clientele reviews.


Moreover, we have already made an effective on-demand delivery app named Jabrool, so you can also cross verify your ideas with us as we have contributed efficiently by creating over 3500 native mobile apps. There are many features that you can include in your startup apps, but all of it cannot be discussed here. Let us chat over a call, fill our simple contact us form and one of our sales representative will get in touch with you in a short time and give Uber for delivery app development solution. The consultation is absolutely free of cost.

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