Uber for Beauty: 4 Strategies for On-Demand Beauty Startups, Willing to Start Home Service App for Beauty

This blog is for beauty startups and entrepreneurs, it contains information for skincare startups, massage therapists, beauty experts. Home service apps are burning trend of the mobile app industry and have a huge profit for the beauty sector. We have curated 4 strategies that you should consider while developing an “Uber for beauty app development.”

The beauty industry is growing at a furious speed. With the development of “on-demand services” by the very famous Uber for X category. Uber has driven the world crazy with Uber for taxi app development, Uber for beauty, Uber for cleaning & is still discovering new genres.

The app world has limitless offerings for beauty startups and entrepreneurs. We have studied some actual piece of information for you to rely on us for an on demand beauty service. Growth of on demand home service market is close to 52% CAGR over the forecast period.

A beauty app development is an easy connection with your customers & employees. It can help in managing appointments, feedback, visit history, billing, reminders, loyalty points, client database.  Key benefits of on-demand mobile app development:

  • No user restriction
  • Connect endless devices at a time
  • No lock-in period
  • Free upgrades
  • Inventory management

Before digging in the Uber for beauty app development statistics let’s have a look at the on-demand app development industry.

How are the coming years for on-demand app development industry?

The mobile app market captured by on-demand industry is growing progressively. The investors who couldn’t be a part of the trend when Uber economy was incepted, are now eagerly prepared to book their share for Uber alternatives.

  • According to the latest PwC report, the market for on-demand mobile apps and websites will reach a significant value of $335billion by 2025.
  • In the same category, users are also ready to spend on such app developments. Approximately $57.6B annually is said to be spent by US consumers.

Uber for beauty

Image Credit: appinventive.com

  • According to marketingprofs.com, 60% of the US users are ready to pay extra to get materials and services at their doorsteps, as a same-day delivery mode.
  • As per HBR, a major fraction of users are embracing on-demand services, wherein, 40% are millennials, whereas 30% of the rest are between 35 and 54.

Now from the above stats, we came to know the actual requirement and spendings of the mass at large. It is quite an astonishing idea for you to create a beauty service app with unique features to compete as an Uber for Beauty app development, among other big players like Glamsquad app, Priv app, The Glam Up app, StyleBee app.

Let’s have a look at the strategies to follow at the time of creating home service app development “Uber for beauty.”

4 Strategies to Consider for Successful “Uber for Beauty App Development”

  1. Offering from a pool of professional services

    When you are opening a flower shop, you are aught to have all kinds of flowers. By default, we humans tend to have this notion of getting everything everywhere. To match this requirement make sure your app is able to provide all beauty on-demand services.

    Uber for Beauty

    Image Credit: The Glam Up

    As a beauty startup or entrepreneur, your app has to have a professional user-interface for a trustworthy bond between the business and users. Make sure you curate beauty services as per the professional skills your experts tend to have.

    A home service app development will get the app goodwill only from the service experience that your employees will give to the online users. We always choose a supermall that has all the services from home appliances to clothing, from groceries to toilet papers, same is with your app. One-stop for all their beauty needs.

  2. Appointments at the user disposal

    The main purpose of an on-demand haircut app development is the flexibility of date & time. Being an Uber for beauty app development, home service app startup, consider the “appointment flexibility” as a golden snitch from Harry Potter. It will take you ahead of other competitors. Don’t forget to add advantages like:

    • Scheduling and re-scheduling appointments
    • No cancellation charges within 24 hours of the appointment
    • Varied time slot availability
    • Happy hour facility

    Uber for beauty

    Image Credit: Priv

    The best beauty apps like Priv are setting examples for startups like you, by providing hourly flexibility. The app has changed its strategy by allowing users to choose an in-app menu service for more than four hours of beauty treatment. A home service app development must have such in-app perks that give indirect hype to the app in the beauty industry.

  3. Expert consultation facility

    We all have a family doctor whom we can call or message on an emergency basis. Same goes with a beauty emergency. We all have some or the other skin worry, instead of thinking and assuming possibilities a beauty app with proper consultation can be a life savior.

    Being a beauty startup or entrepreneur, you can have your experts online for consulting regarding any beauty treatment query or to answer any skin related problems. Such consultations can be conducted through a phone call, video call, or messaging.

  4. Freelancing platform for beauticians

    As an “Uber for Beauty” startup, your beautician app can be someone’s freelancing platform. In this ever-increasing economy, people are in a monetary race. Thus, your app can be an extra source of income for many of the certified beauty experts.

    By following this strategy your home service app will directly get two kinds of traffic:

    1. The freelance beauty experts will bring their set clientele for booking a systematic appointment through your Uber for beauty app development.
    2. Organic traffic through your home service app development features, navigation, and UI/UX.

    Thus, according to us, a beauty app development is a raging need of today’s time. Popular audience to use your mobile app development includes parents unable to get childcare for a salon appointment, travelers, time-strapped professionals, brides, and bridal parties. On-demand beauty and wellness market has a lot to unveil with time.

Wrapping Up

Being a beauty startup, your Uber for Beauty, home service app, can become the first to unveil the benefits for unemployment and online users. We have some stats to prove our point.

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, there are nearly one million people employed in the primary service segment of the market with a strong growth expectation. Clearly, beauty genre is on fire!

  • Barbers, hairdressers, and cosmetologists were 656,000 in 2014, which is expected at 10% growth by 2024.
  • Manicurists and pedicurists were 113,600 in 2014, 10% expected growth by 2024.
  • Skincare specialists were 55,000 in 2014 are expected to grow at 12% by 2024.

With the growing employment and interest of people to opt for professional beauty services, your employment problem is well-taken care off. The question is how much does it cost to build an Uber for Beauty app development? This completely depends on the features you include in your beauty app. There are some features integrated into a  beauty service app to make business flawless.

  • Beautician availability toggle
  • Scheduling appointment
  • Push notifications and reminders
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Search by specialist
  • Bill estimation
  • Live tracking using GPS
  • Review and Ratings

For more such information related to app like Uber developments, Uber app clone, on-demand app solutions, or want to build a salon management software, you can contact us by filling a contact us form. Our sales representatives will get back to you with an opt solution for the stated requirements. Consultation is free.

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