3 Powerful Solutions Airport Shuttle Startups Need to Consider While Developing App Like Uber for Airport

Uber for airport app

Are you running or managing an airport shuttle service, but still don’t have a mobile app solution for it? Herein we have curated 3 solutions your airport logistics business can provide through an Uber for airport app solution. So, startups can check out these solutions to invest in the customized native app development world.

Who does not like a ready-to-go chauffeur and a car or a bus waiting for them outside the airport to take them to their designated location? Just like other on demand services like food delivery, your shuttle service can also be at the user’s disposal for an easy commute from the airport. 

With the advent of Uber and Uber like service genres, you can provide consumers with beforehand ‘airport shuttle service.’ Such an online transport service is a perk for frequent flyers and business professionals, as they can provide such exclusive shuttle service to their business associates. 

Being in the native app development world from over a decade, we at Space-O Technologies, saw a constant interest for “airport shuttle service” over time. If you are having an Uber for airport app idea, you should consider it and become the best logistics platform for the customers.

Uber for airport app solution

Countries like New Zealand, the U.S., Canada, South Africa, Australia, are the most interested,  regions worldwide. People are engaging more in such a logistics facility. So, you should study the target audience and plan an airport shuttle app for these busy places.

Uber for airport app solution

There are some factors like rapid urbanization and high population density, which makes apps like Uber for airport economically viable options, especially when it comes to hassle-free traveling. According to a Business Insider report, the adults in the US spend as $2,000 or as much as $5,000 annually on transportation.

Now, let’s look at the solutions an online airport shuttle app for your airport logistics business. Through app development, you will provide a super shuttle service and generate online revenue with seamless customer satisfaction.

3 Powerful Soultion to Develop Uber for Airport App Solution

#1 Provide hassle-free transport to the customers without dealing with the local commute

Who will not like a filtered option for transport that is just made for airport pickups? No one wants to wait in a long queue, take taxi or bus tickets from the nearby commute station. 

Now, with your online airport transport, a user can conveniently reach his destination from the airport. They can flexibly book their mean of transport as soon as they land or in advance as per their requirements. 

With your Uber for airport app solution, you can provide users with the following features and functionalities, just a finger touch away:

  • Book a ride: On the spot booking for customers when they land at the airport
  • Schedule a ride: Allow them to schedule in advance, so that they can avoid their last-minute transport stress.
  • List of drivers: Provide them with an in-app gender preference facility along with the driver’s profile. 
  • Geolocation tracking: Allow users to track your drivers through GPS map integration. Provide them with a ‘share’ option so that they can update their close ones with their location.
  • Online payment: Through payment gateway integration, allow users to make the payment in advance, so that they can confirm their arrival to the drivers. On the other hand, drivers can enjoy their income generation beforehand. 
  • Mean of transport: Provide them with a choice of transport from bus to car to minivans. Such options will engage more audience to your online logistics app development.
  • Reviews & ratings: This is a report card for your business. Users can rate and write reviews on your service. They can also opt for an Uber for airport shuttle by reading the positive response of the past clients. 
  • Notifications: Keep your users updated with the driver’s name, vehicle number, meeting location. You can also notify with their current ride status so that they can track themselves during the ride.

Your app will be a bliss for your users, as they would be able to schedule as well as track their real-time location, which means no security issues for your online brand.

#2 Economically convenient for both – business and the users

Being in this competitive world of app like Uber, a mobile app is an economically apt option for your business. With the growing population, there is always going to be a constant transport need. 

Three main reasons why will your Uber for airport app solution get more engagement.

  1. With the growing economy, there are many expenses that are to be fulfilled by the people to maintain their lifestyle or complete their daily routine chores. Now, everyone cannot afford to invest in a vehicle for a daily commute. Thus, your app will become their mean of transport, whenever they travel back and forth to their native lands or business trips.
  2. The parking fees is a lot more expensive than the commuting facility. For instance, if a user parks his car for more than a day at the airport, thinking of a hassle-free commute once he is back from the trip. But he has to pay the parking charges which are way too high than the transport service. Thus, your app will be an economical option for them.
  3. The fuel cost can be easily be taken care of if they travel through your on demand airport shuttle service. And also hygiene wise, your airport shuttles will be cleaner than the other cab or bus services. Thus, they will opt for your Uber clone app.

If you have made up your mind, to develop Uber for airport app solution, and thinking about Uber app development cost or the app development timeline, then you can discuss it with us. We have developed over 50  Uber like application, it really takes us a little time to deliver the best result. Communicate with us and get more clarity on your app idea before making the actual investment in the digital world.

#3 Better travel experience for families

No one wants to travel with luggage into a crowded bus or wait for a cab with the luggage. When people travel in groups like a family, it can be an even more headache to organize seamless travel. Especially with little ones, thus, your Uber for airport app solution can be a last-minute transport for such gatherings.

If you are still finding reasons to build airport shuttle app then herein we have mentioned some of them. You can easily increase booking frequency, offer quality service, keep track of your fleet, manage payments, and driver records. 

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Over the past few years, the mobile app industry has developed largely. If you still do not have a mobile app for your airport shuttle services, then it is high time to develop an app like Uber.

To get success, you just need to analyze the market and construct a business plan or a model accordingly to make sure that it will work. Also, you need to cross-verify your app idea with the trusted mobile app development company, for better development idea for the airport shuttle app.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion regarding Uber for airport app solution or taxi app development, you can get in touch with us through contact us form. Our sales representative will get back to you within 48hrs. Consultation is absolutely free.

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