Types of Social Media Applications and How they Make Huge Money?

Types of Social Media Applications and How they Make Huge Money?

, Types of Social Media Applications and How they Make Huge Money?

“Approximate 93% of marketers use social media for their business.”

Mark Zuckerberg and Brad Fitzpatrick have used the term social graph to distinguish between the underlying social relations between people and the services, called social networks.

It’s no surprise that social apps are so popular, as it lets you do all things on the go, from connecting to the people to promoting business. A bunch of different types of social networking apps are available to use.

What value can social networking apps offer?

Social networking application is useful for business and personal purpose. However, you have to recognize information collected through app and type of data that solves your business and customer problems.

Social applications offer excellent ways to identify user behavior and outcomes through rewards, gamification, and incentives. ‘Croak.it!’ app, for example, conveys users’ thoughts and expressions through their voice with just one click. It enables iOS and Android users to record songs or poem in their own voice and share it among other users.

We also have another innovative social application, Skycheckin, connects and creates social networks by “checking in” into upcoming flights they will be taking. This application is all about airlines, people, and real connections. Get it on your iOS and Android device.

How Social Networking earns profit from you?

Social mobile applications are one of the best marketing tools for boosting sales for those brands, who want to advertise their business socially. For example, some applications are available with basic features only in the free version, admin can unlock rest of the app’s features in their pro version.

Types of Social Media Applications

Dating Applications

Dating has gone digital and people, especially youngster are searching for love online. Uncountable applications like Tinder or Tinder clone available online and you will be surprised to know that dating industry generates more than $1.7 billion (£1.17bn) annually.

Online dating is nothing new, but it has shifted to mobile with dating app development. There are some people might hesitate to post their personals on the internet, however, now apps become secured and easy to use.

Chatting Application

Chatting applications are the popular platform for sending free messages. Whether it is WhatsApp, Tango, skout and other apps, most of the users are using applications for voice, file-sharing or video to other users.

Chat Applications has shifted SIM based messaging to the internet messaging with many remarkable features. One of the best social networking application like Tuloko is useful for searching, reviewing and rating businesses and events that targeted to the black community. Being a chatting application, it connects black community at one app.

Location Sharing Social Application

Social networking can originate from the locations as it is directly related to the business and people. Thus, location-based social applications are important and bring local scale networking. There is not much of difference on the basis or the way of communication has done within location sharing application.

Take an example of Schmoozer app, it searches for the people around you with specific interests. It discovers some interesting places to meetup and create group, 1-2-1 and public meet ups at real locations.

Recommending Social Application

Social applications that deal with recommendations are important, as users share commonly things and interests with each other. Blinked, for example, has developed for people, who love to recommend sites, celebrities visit, events and so on. Through this application, people would decide which place and events they can visit on the basis of the recommendation. It gives a stage for everyone to blink information, so others could advantage out of it.

Why had Sometimes Social Media Failed?

Let’s see the story of Gowalla, a location-based social network, has continued to grow. However, the course was not what it required. Launched in 2007, Gowalla was also predestined by launching ahead of its time.

At that time, we hadn’t advanced smartphone technology and thus, Gowalla was only accessible through mobile web app that created problems with user experience. After raising $8.3 million in a venture capital round, Gowalla launched and ultimately purchased by Facebook for $3 million.

Even, when it was funded and purchased by one of the largest social media sites, it failed. What we learned is don’t compete against a giant company unless your technology delivers more than that to the users.


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, Types of Social Media Applications and How they Make Huge Money? , Types of Social Media Applications and How they Make Huge Money?
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