Important Note: If you want to convert your word form into a mobile app, then you must first understand that it is a customized process. We do not have any converter that directly converts your word form into an app. First, our iOS developers comprehend your document, its functionalities, and then create a totally customized app with the same functionalities. There is no automation involved in this process. Nor do we have any pre-build converter that automatically converts word form into the mobile app.

Microsoft Word is used every day by millions of people to create millions of documents. To be able to convert Word into an iPhone or Android app is something many businesses and individuals can benefit from. Converting your Word input form into an app allows you to have that competitive edge over those still treating their mobile devices as a simple means of communication and for snapping a few photos. Imagine…having your Word app available through the Apple AppStore or through Google Play!

At Space-O Technologies we can help you convert your Word input form into an app, save it as a template inside the app for reuse and give you the capability of input capturing and generating emails or different types of XML or PDF reports.

The advantages to converting Word input into an app are vast and varied. Think about it.

convert word form into mobile app


  • Mobile devices are easier to carry than a laptop
  • Data stored in the application can be stored locally on mobile device; meaning you might not need Internet connection while collecting the data
  • Data from a mobile device can be synced to a central server for the purposes of consolidation and viewing by multiple people
  • You can assign permission and rights as per user privileges and can still work simultaneously
  • The app can be branded to your business and coordinate with our website, etc.
  • Password secure login for security purposes
  • You can directly access your device’s contact list from the app for easy access to clients
  • You can create a Word document from the data collected via the application and email that document as an email attachment.

Putting Word Input Apps to Work for Your Business

Space-O has assisted a number of industries implement Word input apps into their systems for a variety of different reasons including:

General Use of Word Forms

Let’s say you have a Word Form that you are using to create an employment application and you have fields such as Last Name, First Name, Address, City, Zip, Highest Level of Education, and Previous Job Information and so on. We help you to convert such a form into an iPhone or Android App.

Event Management Industry

Event Management Industry

The user enters address and other important information that is needed to register for an event. Upon registration, the user is notified with the
registration success message and next steps that are necessary to follow.

Almost all users are using one or the other smartphones these days, and by enabling event registration via Android or iPhone Apps, Event Management Firms can increase the number of registrations as well as it can manage the data with ease, and thus, providing better services to their clients.

Marriage Bureaus

Marriage Bureaus

The user creates or import matrimonial profile and uploads it to a centralized web based system via Mobile Interface. Upon submission, the centralized system records the data and provides the matches.

Similar systems are available for web as a platform but enabling such a system over mobile, marriage bureaus can secure more registration and better customer service.

Field Investigation Data Forms

Field Investigation Data Forms

There are agencies that employ people who roam around different cities and gather information using Word forms. At the end of the day, they submit such forms to their head office where such forms are sorted, entered into a database system and sent to the financial organizations such as private banks or credit societies. Banks and credit societies make use of this data to validate an applicant’s profile.

Automating this process by converting such forms into a mobile app, this process can smoothen this process like never before.

In the world of web, it was difficult to carry laptop and have continuous access to Internet to upload the live form collection data, but in mobile world, it is not that difficult.

Not only it saves a lot of time, it can provide accuracy in the data as well. For example, data collector can just capture a picture of the applicant using his or her mobile and upload it via mobile application.

Thus, such mobile application can provide great control and automation to the entire field investigation industry.

Educational Institute Registration Form

Educational Institute Registration Form

Many educational institutes employ manual data entry system where they use Word Forms to be filled by an operator. By having a mobile app for such forms, a large part of registration data entry can be eliminated.

The students will enter their registration data which the administrator will just have to validate.

By enabling a mobile interface to such an application, the educational institute can not only save operational hours of the staff but also lead the youth by implementing latest, state of the art, technology.

So if you have word forms to be converted into an iPhone or iPad app, please contact us.

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