Want to Turn Book into App? Know Benefits + Top Features + Converting Cost

“The act of reading is a skill that can be cultivated.” – Lailah Gifty Akita

So true! Reading is a skill that any person, irrespective of age or gender, can culture.

According to the survey report from the Pew Research Center, about 74% of Americans have read a book in the past 12 months in any format, a figure that is unchanged since 2012. With these figures, we can say that people just love to spend their time reading different books whether it is fiction, non-fiction, philosophy, poetry or series.

percentage of print book readers

However, gradually, the one thing that is changing with time is the way people are reading books. No doubt, the classic paperback books always remain in demand from avid readers, but when it comes to a broader audience, the digital format of books are becoming the go-to option.

Today, people prefer book apps to read because it takes a whole lot of weight from their shoulders. Moreover, the ease of access and a range of features that any reader can use with book application has enhanced the reading experience. Eventually, book application leads to a greater number of people to install the app and read anytime and anywhere.

pie chart of american read books

This graph highlights the percentage of U.S. adults, who say they have read x number of books in the last 12 months. Roughly four-in-ten Americans only read print books and rest prefer digital books.

Therefore, everyone from first-time authors to the world’s most popular philosopher has realized the importance of the digital space and making efforts to convert a physical book into an app.

Why Turn Book Into a Mobile Application? (Benefits)

  1. Global Reach

    By turning a book into a mobile app, you can easily reach global readers, and it is amazingly exciting when you think that you can reach audience worldwide by seating in one country.

    Both app stores (Google Play Store and Apple App Store) are the biggest platforms in the world to publish your book through an app. Any reader can easily purchase (install) your book application in their smartphone or tablet and read it as per their convenience.

    Moreover, authors or writers, who write on any specific subject or write for a strict audience base, find it easier to reach their targeted audience even if they live thousands of kilometers away. Publishing booking through an app has made it easy to reach the vast market.

  2. Less Efforts than Paperback Books

    For any author or writer, new or old, it takes generally months or years to write the perfect and complete book, and when it comes to publishing, the entire process takes months or a year to publish and make it available for local and international readers.

    So, developing a mobile application for your book is a great option as it could only take approximately 6 months to make your book available to the worldwide audience. Once your book turned into an interactive application, it is ready to be published in the app store (Android & iOS), allowing readers to install it without any hassle.

  3. App Generates More Money

    If you have decided to turn physical book into ebook app, it is the best decision for any writer or author as it will open a new door to an entirely new and vast audience of readers worldwide. Authors can turn a book into app and make their book available on the app stores, allowing readers to install it in just a few seconds and start reading using a range of features like bookmarking, desired font size, day/night mode, font color, background color, and line spacing.

    Apart from this, you as an author can prefer to make your book app available for free or paid and earn more money than the paperback book. In case, if you prefer to make your own ebook app available for free, then you can earn money through in-app purchase, advertising, subscription, sponsorship, and referral marketing. So, having a mobile application of your book means generating more money in a shorter time.

  4. Editing and Re-editing Become Easier

    Imagine a situation when you find a typo error or any mistake in your recently published book. Generally, typo mistakes are common in any author’s life, and it doesn’t matter how much proofreading is done, there is always room for improvement to the existing version.

    With ebook mobile app, you can easily edit or re-edit your work and update the application with changes and new features. The application will give you editing freedom that is not possible with paperback versions of books.

5 Important Features to Turn Your Book into an App

1)  Audio & Video Support: Allow readers to listen to an audio version of your book and check the video to give a visual reading experience. With an audio support, readers can listen to the book while traveling and working as well.

2)  Search & Bookmarking: Search and bookmark feature is essential to convert book to ebook app as readers can search any topic or chapter of the book and bookmark it to read it later whenever they get time. Even, readers highlight any word or line if they find it interesting.

3)  Multi-language Support: Language plays a significant role, and it would be great if your app appends more languages so that you can support a wider audience. So, allow your readers to convert your book into any other language of their choice.

4)  Social Media Integration: By integrating different social media networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, Google+, you can allow your readers to share your book application with their friends and relatives with just one tap.

5)  Rating & Feedback System: Make your own book app and allow readers to give rating and feedback on your book, helping other readers to know about your book. Moreover, feedback feature helps to improve your application with readers’ consideration.

How much does it cost to convert your book into app?

The table highlights the approximate development hours of book application, considering important features that need to be included in the book app.

DeliverablesDescriptionEstimated Man Hours
DevelopmentUI DesigningQC/TestingProject ManagementTOTAL
(I) iOS Application1. Business Analysis & Communication40004
 2. Base Code & Architecture6000.66.6
 3. Front End Application Features:
 3.1 Splash Screen00000
 3.2 Home Screen (Front page of the book)
 3.3 Index Screen (chapters names and their links, that will redirect to chapter)
 3.4 Go to the specific page -with ‘Page title’ and ‘Page number’ (e.g. 10/200)
 3.5 Text highlighting (Add/ Remove)
 3.6 Search: Select/ enter any text and search in page/book71.
 3.7 Copy Text/ word20.
 3.8 Add Note: Select text and add the note40.
 3.9 Page Turn – effect of swiping page (left/right)
 3.10 Page Bookmarking (Add/ Remove Bookmark)
 3.11 Share (Share application Link on social media (e.g. WhatsApp, Instagram)
 3.12 Read aloud feature – to listen to a complete book story with ‘Text to Speech’ SDK integration101.51.5114
 3.13 Settings {Night mode Or Background (Light/ Dark)}91.351.350.912.6
 3.14 Ratings and review (give rate and review on application store)
 3.15 Other Static Content Screens – Terms of use/ Privacy Policy/ About Us/ FAQs/ Contact Us20.
 Revenue Generation Features (optional)
 1. Advertisements – Third Party Ads Integrations71.
 2. In-app Purchase (Premium version – to unlock specific advanced features, Remove Ads)
 Add-on features (optional)
 1. Text Formation (Text Size, Style and Alignment)
 2. Dictionary: Select any word and search meaning from the dictionary (Third party dictionary integration)
 3. Translate: Select any word and translate to any other language by using ‘Google Translation Tool’
 4. Explanatory videos with a book – along with separate video libarary121.
 5. Quiz: (On completion – Play quiz and test your Knowledge)101.51.5114
(II) Native Android ApplicationSubtotal:141182014192

However, these are just approximate hours of developing a book application. These development hours vary depending upon the mobile app developer that you hire.

Ready to Convert Your Book into a Mobile App

With the increasing number of book apps, if you as an author or writer have decided to convert book into Android app, but don’t know what are the necessary steps that you should take, you can get in touch with us as we are a leading custom mobile application development company and have already developed such book app features endless time.

However, we have just covered the basic features, and there are various other possibilities that we can provide to your readers by converting your physical book into audiobook or book application.

In case, if you still have any confusion or query like – why to turn book into ebook app for Android and how much does it cost to make a book app, just fill our contact us form and one of our sales representatives will get back to you in less than 48 hours. The consultation is free to all prospect.

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