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‘I am an accountant. I know my commerce well, but when it comes to putting all kinds of confusing formula, in the excel sheet, I make many mistakes. I need to make my impression on the staff of this company and my boss. But how?’

‘I am the owner of a large business. I have many mathematical data to store. I know that excel is my best choice. But I can’t remember all the formulae and neither can I spend all day googling them. Isn’t there an easier way to do the same?’

We all know that most of us, who work in any corporate industry/ company, face this issue. And yet, where would we go without excel?

Excuse me! This is where you need to shift your attention to apps and the power they have. Excel is the most widely (750M users worldwide) used business software in the enterprise. There is a solution to all of your excel related problems right here!

We, at Space-O have been converting and syncing your sales excel sheet data into an app, for sometime now. This idea has caught fire for reasons mentioned below.

Here are some reasons why, an Excel App is a smart idea, for your Company!

Smartphones’ Accessibility: It is hard to find a businessman, an employee or a self-employed person without a smartphone. If you have a smartphone where is the need to carry a laptop only to do a few calculations.

Also if any urgent figures or Quotes are to be given to anyone, on phone, while you are out of the office or when you are travelling, then you do not want to wait till you reach the office or google important formulas on your laptop. you would just want to open your smartphone app to do the math for you.

No Memory Test Everyday: Whenever, you may have to calculate, in the excel sheet, using any formula, it turns out to be a daily memory examination. Based on your need, different methods and equations may have to be used. You definitely do not want added pressure like this. Use an app that already has these calculations stored in. All you have to do is to choose from the given lot and carry on.

Consolidated Data: One of the features of these apps is to be able to connect, not only yours, but all your employees’ excel app data, into a consolidated sheet. This is a process so easy and valuable that it takes no efforts at all.

Privacy Secured: If you operate your excel sheet using laptop or computer, then it is open for all to view and while you may be away, anyone can take a sneak peek at your data. While using the excel app, you can update privacy settings and only the people who have been given the password, by you, can check the sheet.

Earn Money: Once you make this app for your company and start using it with full force, you can also put it on sale in Appstore, in Google play or in iTunes. With the amount of downloads this app can get, you will get an added earning too.

With a genuinely good idea, you can make your life trouble free. Make a smart and intelligent excel app for your company, business, firm or partnership. Not just that, using this app you can earn some side money too. So many benefits with one app! Wouldn’t it be stupidity to let this opportunity go by?

Believe in Space-O to provide you with Excel App related solutions. Upload your Spread Sheet or Contact us and let us help your company to walk the path of success.


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