Our Mobile Application Developers Developed 200+ Photo/Video Applications Using These 7 Important Libraries

With the increasing craze of photography, a lot of people are opting for the best photo editing apps that allow them to edit their pictures with different tools, frames, stickers, fonts, effects, etc.

With enormous photo editor apps like Snapseed, Aviary, and Filterstorm Neue, people are getting huge help in making their photos more attractive so that they can upload them to their social media networks.

Even image editing apps like Pixelmator are eliminating the need for free photo editing software as Pixelmator is one such image editor that packed with full of innovations and features.

Recently, the team of Pixelmator has released a brand-new app, called Pixelmator Pro. Now, it is a more powerful and refreshed version of the company’s original image-editing app. Moreover, Pixelmator Pro comes with all those tools that you expect from an image processor like retouching tools, painting tools, smart selecting tool, color adjustment, effects, etc.

Considering the huge demand for photo editing apps, a lot of people worldwide are looking forward to create a photo editing app of their own that grabs the maximum attention of users.

Make Your Own Photo and Video Editing App

If you have also decided to create your own photo editor like Snapseed or any other popular app, you can go through these photo editing libraries that can help you to develop a stunning image editing app.

Photo Editing Libraries to Create Better Apps

  1. CLImageEditor

    CLImageEditor is the best image editing library that can help iOS developers to develop top photo editing apps. The library provides various image editing tools for iPhone apps like filtering, cropping, rotation, etc.


    In the library, the ViewController is a lot simpler to use, and it is also possible to incorporate as part of the UIImagePickerController easily. One of the simplest ways to use this library is you just need to copy all the files in the ClImsgeEditor group into your application.

    All you can do is add the following given frameworks to your project:

    • Accelerate
    • CoreGraphics
    • CoreImage

    An excellent component you can drop in if you need the best image editor, and it is highly recommended by our iOS developers.

    GitHub – https://github.com/yackle/CLImageEditor

  2. Aviary SDK

    Aviary SDK is a perfect photo editing library for Android developers. It is specially designed to improve your development experience without putting you in a cage.

    Talking about the Aviary’s editor, it is extremely beautiful and full-featured that comes with everything that your users’ need to edit their photos. Moreover, the library tries to stitch preexisting clojure tools like http-kithawk, & figwheel) to deliver a cohesive development environment.

    Mainly, this library relies on Sturt Sierra’s component library to manage service lifecycle and it comes with enormous useful components to help kickstart initial setup. Some of the top features of Aviary library are:

    • Easily Configurable
    • Users Plain Components
    • Extremely Flexible
    • Uniform Log Messages
    • Pro Level Adjustments

    GitHub – https://github.com/wkf/aviary

  3. PhotoEditor SDK

    The PhotoEditor SDK is a perfect and multifaceted android library that allows you to develop an Android app with high-performant photo editing capabilities.

    Written in Java, the library can easily be customized to completely blend with your CI and deliver your users with the exact feature set that your use-case requires.


    One of the best features of the library is it ships with a range of filters, covering all state of the art style and mood settings, which can be previewed in real time.

    Even PhotoEditor library provides its users with a live preview when using high-resolution images, whereas other libraries only allow a live preview of filters. All the operations are non-destructive, enabling instant and uncomplicated revision of the creatives at any given time.

    GitHub – https://github.com/imgly/pesdk-android-demo

  4. CollageView

    If you are looking for creating a simple photo collage in your application, CollageView is a perfect library for Android developers, allowing them to develop multiple collage-view images.

    Comes with iconSelector() parameter to make it easy to add icons to the center of your collage images like a play button, etc., the library has made it easy to use icons only for specific positions.

    You can ensure that your class implement CollageView.IconSelector and Override method getIconResId(int pos) to get your icon id. So, developing collage image application with multiple images becomes easier for you.

    GitHub – https://github.com/lopei/collageview

  5. Photo Filter

    One of the widely used libraries Photo Filter is a simple yet easy to use a library that allows users to edit pictures on the fly with ease. The library allows developers to include a number of filters all while maintaining maximum image quality.


    Supports with Android 2.3 and higher, integrating it into your application is a lot simpler. Some of the changes in the building grade and your all ready to make use this library. You just need to do following changes:

    You just need to add the JitPack repository to your build file and then add it to your root build.gradle at the end of repositories. No matter whether you are a newbie android developer or have some experience, using this library is a perfect choice when developing best image editor app for Android.

    GitHub – https://github.com/mukeshsolanki/photofilter

  6. GPUImage

    GPUImage is a BSD-licensed iOS library, allowing users to apply GPU-accelerated filters and other effects to images, live camera video, and movies.


    When it compared to Core Image, GPUImage enables you to write your own custom filters, support deployment to iOS 4.0 and has a simpler interface.

    Using GPUImage library, iPhone developers can recreate almost all the effects that they can do in Photoshop. It is limited by your creativity, so you can try to be creative and create an exclusive photo editor with a maximum number of features.

    GitHub – https://github.com/BradLarson/GPUImage

  7. ImageMagick

    ImageMagick is a static library that can be used in any iOS project. No matter whether you are a newbie iOS developer or have some experience, you can use ImageMagick library to resize, flip, mirror, rotate, distort, shear and transform images, adjust image colors, apply different effects, polygons, ellipses and Bezier curves.

    Moreover, you can grab the latest compiled ImageMagick directly from their FTP or any mirror. Currently, there are mainly 2 packaged for the compiled ImageMagick, including:

    • iOSMagick-VERSION-libs.zip
    • iOSMagick-VERSION.zip

    When it comes to the first one, it comprises headers and compiled libraries that have been used to compile ImageMagick. It is the most required one for users.

    GitHub – https://github.com/marforic/imagemagick_lib_iphone


So, these are the top seven photo editing libraries that will help you to develop a feature-rich image editing app. Both Android and iOS developers can use these libraries and save hours of development time. Along with this, you can also have a look at the top 14 iOS libraries to know about app development.

Still, if you have any query related to any of these mentioned libraries or photo editing app development, you can get in touch with us as we are a leading iPhone app development company based in India. You can drop your query through below given form and we will get back to you asap.

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