Top Location Tracking Apps – How Location Tracking System Help Startups Establish Highly Productive Work System


We all are aware about present technology-based world. And, when we talk about tracking an individual through location tracking apps, it sounds unnerving most of the time.

But, if you use location tracking system correctly in your business, it can provide convenient ways to establish highly productive work system. Moreover, people from all industries now adopting the idea of location tracking feature implementation in different ways for their business expansion needs.

How Big Brands Leveraging Location Tracking System

By adopting location tracking system, businesses in industries like healthcare, goods transportation, employee tracking, etc. are establishing a good streamline operations.

Let’s understand real time location tracking with an example. Imagine you’ve to attend your best friend’s wedding, and you’re struggling to find a taxi. How frustrating it is?

But, with Uber you can book your cab within minutes. And, the app allows you track cab location, and gives the estimated time of cab to arrive at your location to pick you up.

Now, how great that sounds? Similarly, there are many other companies that have developed tracking apps for their businesses to provide better solution for common problems.

In fact, people use location tracking apps for various purposes and here, we’ll be sharing the top 3 phone tracking apps for your smartphone.

Top Location Tracking Apps For Everyone To Use

Find My Friends



The app has now become a default native best tracking app inside iOS that links with your Apple ID and enables to share your location with the people of your choice. Furthermore, it also gives an option to disable the location sharing at any time.

When a person accepts your invitation using Find My Friends app for tracking phone location, you can start following their location immediately and send quick request to follow your location.

Find My Friends allows user to set up location-based alerts that notify the user when a friend arrives at airport, kid leaves school, or a family member arrives home safely.




Not so long ago, there was a decent service of Google called Google Latitude. While it was shut down, but few of its features got folded into the Google+ app, including location tracking feature.

However, this feature is not the high priority feature for Google, and you’ll need to go to main Google app to configure location settings and set up who can see your location and who cannot.

Family Locator



Family Locator as the name suggests is phone tracking app to keep track of your dearest and nearest family members. This app allows you to plot the position of your kid or spouse on map with messaging feature and check-ins feature.

In this app, you can categorize your contacts into ‘circles’ and make sure your map isn’t overwhelmed with pins, and they also provide an option to receive push notifications whenever people arrive at a place.

All in all, it is a perfect tool to keep your family in touch. It is a child safety, emergency alert location tracking app awarded by the largest parent-testing community – Parent Tested Parent Approved.

Which Industries Are Benefiting From Location Tracking App

Food Delivery Tracking App

With the help of real-time location tracking feature, food delivery startups can track the real position of its employees delivery food to the consumers at their homes. This type of businesses have two scenarios. First is for the person who has ordered food from the food delivery app. The person can track the exact location of food. And, the other scenario is where the admin tracks the current location of the company’s delivery person.

With delivery driver tracking app, food delivery businesses can provide an efficient service for their consumers by allowing them to track their food when they order.

Vehicle Tracking Apps

Many startups and Entrepreneurs have launched geolocation tracking apps to help people track the exact location of their vehicles such as trucks, cars, etc. Additionally, the vehicle industry will have the benefit of getting all information about their vehicle when it’s moving from one place to another.

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For instance, a car renting company could develop their location tracking mobile app to track all their vehicles rented to clients all time. This will ultimately help to take some action in case of any risky or inefficient actions as soon as possible.

Employee Tracking Mobile Apps

Similar to startups, enterprises and organizations are also taking benefit of real-time location tracking system. The company, by adopting this system, can keep their employees up-to-date with the daily work. Track their daily activities and task which can result into work improvements.

The tracking system can help to track the whole work of employees and monitor it in the real-time. This could be highly beneficial for improving ROI and employees’ productivity.

Child Tracking App

When it’s the matter about your teenage kid, parents are always in tension when they go out for any purpose. But, since the introduction of location tracking apps specifically for child and family segment, it’s quite easy to track the current location of kids and family members in real time.

This helps parents to avoid the chances of having any accident as the parents will be updated whenever their kids leave school or arrive at any place with their current location through alerts.


Now that you know how the real-time location tracking apps helping businesses, startups, and Entrepreneurs to gain huge amount of profits in different ways, adopting tracking system in your business isn’t really a bad option. And, since we saw how every industry is adopting the tracking system and Entrepreneurs coming up with different startup idea for their Mobile app development projects, and started getting positive results in their particular businesses.

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