Best Event Apps of 2017 for Conferences and Corporate Events

Best event apps

This blog is for those startups and entrepreneurs, who are looking for mobile apps for event planning conferences 2017 to make planning an event or conference easier. Herein we have listed top event planning and conference apps to make everything easier. 

Gone are the days when you were organizing any event by writing a list of things in the paper. Today, mobile event applications or say free event apps have changed their entire picture of organizing any event. It becomes a lot easier and smoother to arrange meetings, conferences, and corporate events.

So, why you should make your event mobile?

Mobile event apps are delivering seamless interactions, allowing businesses of varied industries to concentrate on things that really matter when arranging any meeting or business event. With the rise of mobiles, event planning apps have become a key component for companies to consider when planning to arrange any event or meeting.

No matter whether you are planning a 2000-person conference or a 20000-attendee tradeshow, there are a lot of mobile event applications that will help you to manage the challenging task of organizing successful conferences or corporate meet-ups.

What Problems Can Event Planning Mobile Apps Solve?

As we all know that engaging attendee across the event is not as easy as it sounds when it comes to managing an event or conference.

You need to deliver a wonderful experience when they are onsite at the event, not to make it a memorable event, but it is key to keeping them coming back every year.

But how you will engage your members before, during and after the event or meet-ups? Yes, a mobile event application is the one that will solve all your problems. If you are thinking that how a mobile event app can help, you can read below-mentioned problems that event mobile apps can solve:

  • Having an event application for any of your event is the best thing as you can reduce your expenses as there will be no need of booklet print. So, you can save printing costs and realize ROI faster.
  • It would be a lot easier for your attendees or members to use your event app because they are already mobile. So, you can use it as a starting point, and if it is performing well for your member, you can try other apps.
  • A feature-rich mobile event app will deliver better value to the conference attendee because he/she will get most of your event with a huge information about the event at their fingertips.
  • A better event experience means a better member experience.

Comprehending your pain points and importance of corporate events for your business, we have compiled the best event management apps of 2017 for your business meet-ups and conferences.

Have a Quick Glance on Top Event planning Apps That Have Rich Features & Userbase


Eventbase is the most powerful event application for everyone, who are organizing any type of event like enterprise conference, a trade show, conference, music & film festivals, communication events, and other global and local events.

It is one such app that can make a big impact on your event as it will give a complete, up-to-date mobile app for conferences. Being an award-winning application, it has powered the mobile presence of enormous events like Montana Folk Festival SXSW and much more.

A Range of Features of the App:

  • Allows getting latest updates to the schedule from event organizers.
  • Check Session Details with Rich Media.
  • Check out Maps with Venue Locations
  • Allows to Build Your Own Personalized Schedule


One of the easiest mobile apps for conference,Eventmobi is excellent to help you create custom conference or event app. Allowing you to update offline, it delivers a customizable content manager, prime real estate for sponsors and customized branding options.

With this application, you will surely astonish to know how easy yet simple to manage and organize an event. From scheduling to speaker bios, networking to notifications, Eventmobi delivers all the features that you are looking for to make your event’s mobile strategy effective.

Top Features of the App:

  • It offers support for 17 languages, allowing you to communicate with all your attendees.
  • The best feature of it is that it allows you to secure your event app with login credentials so that only approved attendees can access it.
  • Easy to access information and data about an event from any database and registration system.
  • Make Every Attendee Feel like the Event was Designed for Them


It doesn’t matter whether you are planning to organize a conference, corporate event or any other type of event, your main aim is to drive ROI and make attendees of events content.

Whova is the best platform for event organizers to use as it mainly aims to revolutionize event engagement and networking. This high-end solution will take care of all your attendees and those tedious event logistics, so you can finally take a break.

Key Features of the App:

  • It gives revolutionary event engagement and networking experience.
  • Attendees of the event or conferences can maximize their opportunities in the right sessions and panels.
  • The built-in system of it delivers an overview of key attendees’ social profiles.
  • It offers customer support help customers whenever they have any questions.

Download Link – iOS | Android


QuickMobile is known for delivering the analytical data for all your events, comprising conferences, corporate meetings, and other events. This wonderful solution is helpful for you to maximize your ROI, delivering enormous benefits like content management, core training, project management, analytics reporting and more.

Moreover, it will allow you to easily create an engaging conference, event or meet-up that delivers a more meaningful and valuable event experience for users. Validate ROI with the event app analytics and you can get visions into attendee behavior and sentiment.

An Exclusive Range of Features:

  • Allow attendee networking and content sharing like pictures, chat, notes and one-on-one meetings.
  • Decrease your carbon footprint and save on printing costs.
  • Ensure the latest and updated events, news and interactions stay on top with a dynamic activity feed.


CrowdCompass is a widely used event application that gives your attendees a unique experience with its smart content features such as personalized bookmarks, quick photo sharing, and individual notifications.

Stuffed with a range of features like advanced push messages, social sharing, interactive polling and more, this solution helps boost engagement and make sure year-round ROI. In addition to this, it makes events more interactive, so you can see more, do more and experience more.

Top Features of CrowdCompass App:

  • It sends reminders, updates and survey links to attendees as push notifications
  • All the attendees of the app can access your events from a single app.
  • You can project your event’s Instagram and Twitter posts onto the SocialWall.
  • It delivers various theme and icon options to create a branded experience.

Download Link – iOS | Android


Eventdex is considered as a leading revolution to bring the event world into the 21st century. It delivers a fully-functional, multi-event application for free, so as your needs evolve, you can choose to add premium features to take your event to the next level. There has never been a better time to deliver your attendees the experience they want and features they are looking for.

This is not a single app, but it is a complete suite of mobile apps for events, which includes various features like event registration, lead retrieval, event ticketing, mobile check-in, lead scanning and more.

Top Features of Eventdex App:

  • It is a user-friendly and dynamic event app that allows to schedule, location map, address list of exhibitors, keynote, seminars and more.
  • Ability to view images, social profiles, attachments, descriptions, documents, exhibitors, etc.
  • Allows to animatedly view the Agenda, Seminars, Schedule and more. You can add seminars to my schedule as well.
  • Store leads from events in your mobile and sync to web portal instantly.

Download Link – iOS


Bizzabo is a widely used mobile event application that mainly aims to improve the business discovery and networking experience at different events and conferences. This application allows you to connect with fellow attendees, sponsors, speakers, exhibitors before, during or after the events.

By using this high-end solution, you can transform an ineffective and irritating experience into a seamless and efficient process in which you no longer stumble upon opportunities. The solution will make it easy for attendees to reach out to speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors, straight from the app.

An array of Features of Bizzabo:

  • You can see future relevant events and search out who else will attend.
  • Mark interesting attendees as leads and figure out, who you want to meet.
  • Easy ticketing and registration, offering fast and flexible experience.
  • Interactive as allows attendees to communicate before, during and after the event.

Download Link – iOS

How We Participated in the Event Management Industry?

To make it easy yet smooth for you to organize any event or conference, we have also contributed in the event management industry. Our enthusiastic team come-up with the two exceptional event applications, allowing people to participate in different events around them and get complete information about it.


As discussed with our client and comprehending his requirements, we, as an android application development company, build Join, an event application, for like-minded people to hang out with or meets people in their local area. This app allows users to create on-the-fly events for people to see and join each other. In this app, there is no invite required and no commitment to attend even needed.

View the map and see the location of all the events and choose the one, which is right to attend. The main screen of the app is personalized to your location, meaning events will be listed by distance from you, making it easier to search something close and to your liking.

Top Features of Join App:

  • Allows to browse public events and people out in your area, who are waiting for you to join them.
  • View the map and see the location of all events and choose the one that is right for you
  • Create on-the-fly events for other users to see and join you
  • It supported with 5 different languages


Our contribution does not stop here, one of our intelligent clients had an excellent event app idea that is named as Tuloko. It is the best event planning mobile app that connects different people to their local community through messenger service and crowdsourced information on business, events, and news targeted to the black community.

Users of this application will get the inside story wherever they go as tap into local intelligence about places, events, and news-making it simpler to look for new people, places and things to do.

A wide range of features:

  • You can find upcoming events of this week and weekend
  • Check event details like maps, videos, and directions
  • You can also see who is going to an event and message people before or after the event.
  • Discover popular events happing across you.

What’s Next Possible with Mobile Event Apps?

Still, we believe that these are not the applications that have the most challenging features; however, there is much that can be done with an event application. To make the event app development more user-friendly, we can include an event map feature, showing directions of different stalls in and around the event.

Along with the direction to the event, we can give a notification about different stores that are nearby the event. Sharing real-time alerts in case if there are any changes in the event like room changes or conference updates. We can also include social sharing buttons in the apps so they can directly share any update about the event to their friends and circles.

So, what do you think? Do you have such best event app idea that can be in the top list of the app store? Let’s discuss it and see what’s new can be done with it.

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