Top Features of Bike-Sharing App Like Ofo & Mobike [+Development Cost]

This blog is for those entrepreneurs and startup owners, who run a bike sharing company and want to develop a bike-sharing app. In this blog, we have covered common features of top bike sharing app and its app development cost.”

Those days are back when people were riding a bike to go on short city trips. After taxi-hailing and car-sharing, it’s high time for bike-sharing service that allows people to rent a bike as their general means of transportation. On the other hand, bicycle-sharing system have already gained momentum.

Today, a lot of companies, that promise to go green, are providing various promotional schemes, encouraging people to ride a bike for their nearby work and short city trips. Riding in this way has become highly popular that goes from the big cities to smaller ones.

Fortunately, with the ubiquity of smartphones and advancements in bike technology, the last one or two years have observed a strong rise in the use of bike sharing apps and services across the world.

Jump Bikes, a NewYork based e-bikes maker, has recently got a huge $10 Million Series A funding by Menlo Ventures along with a partnership from Sinewave Ventures and Esther Dyson. Jump, which makes Pedelec e-bikes, plans to utilize this funding to get into emerging markets, make further hiring and upgrade its existing hardware and software products.

Since launched in the year 2013, Jump had raised a $1.1M seed round funding in the same year. Jump has already started its e-bike services in Washington D.C. and now plans to launch its services in San Francisco, Sacramento, and Providence, later this year.

Just before after few days, when Jump became the first stationless bicycle service provider to get a permit to launch its e-bikes rental in San Francisco, now Uber is planning to launch bike-sharing service in the upcoming weeks.

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According to resources, Uber has partnered with JUMP to start an electric bike-share business known as Uber Bike, which will let Uber customers book JUMP bikes using the Uber app. However, to avail of its bike sharing service, Uber customers will have to go to the bike location in order to start the ride.

Similar to Jump, Spin, one of several dockless bike-sharing companies in the U.S., has added a station-less electric bike to its addition of station-less bicycles for bike sharing app Android. The all-new electric bike can travel up to 50 miles with a full charge, and Spin’s operations team can swap the batteries easily. Moreover, these newly added e-bikes are pedal-assist bikes, so the rider can spin up to 15 miles-per-hour with engine assisting pedal-power.

Furthermore, “Beijing-based, bike-sharing app, Ofo has secured $866M in new financing led by Alibaba Group to fuel its expensive rival with Mobike (Beijing-based stationless bike-sharing system), which is backed by Tencent, one of Alibaba’s biggest competitors”, according to the report from TechCrunch. Additionally, Ofo claims that this is the largest amount raised in a round by a bike-sharing company so far. However, Ofo and Mobike apps are the two largest bike-sharing companies in China.

Apart from Spin, there are many other best bikes sharing apps like Ofo, Mobike, LimeBike, Zagster, and some other well-known apps across the world. But do you know which of these bike apps serving its customers with exceptional services? Let’s have a look at the comparison of these top bike apps to know which one is widely used by people worldwide.

Top Bike Sharing Apps and Comparison Between Them

The competition between bike sharing rivals has been cut-throat, and each bike sharing service provider has been producing more bikes in order to increase the upper hand in a battle for market share.

In the month of July, Crunchbase News discovered about the increasing bike-sharing industry and it found that Ofo and Mobike are the leading players in the market, with a Bluegogo as a third competitor that is trailing far behind the pack.

Talking about the bike sharing growth, there are top two bicycle-rental apps, both have added more than 9m monthly active users in the four months alone in 2016. In the below-given graph, you can see how both apps:


Image Source: Trustdata

Well, the Ofo market share is increasing rapidly. The local and foreign investors are highly preferring to invest in the booming bike-sharing market; and today, Ofo become the world’s first bike-rental unicorn after reaching a $1bn valuation from its fundraising round earlier this month.

A Booming Example in the Bike Share Market

As the innovator in the dockless bike sharing platform, ofo is one of the multi-billion dollar-worth bike share companies in the market. And, it is the first company that expanded the dockless bike-sharing business from China to Europe.

It is a standalone bike share app has connected more than 6.5 million shared bicycles since 2015 and approximately 2 billion rides have been booked with its app in the year 2017.


Furthermore, the ofo app has declared that recently it raised a $700 million Series E funding round that led by eCommerce giant Alibaba, Hony Capital and CITIC Private Equity. However, some of the existing backers, including ride-sharing firm Didi and DST Global also took part in it.

According to the latest news, the scooter-sharing platform Bounce takes over assets of Chinese bike sharing unicorn Ofo in India and aiming to continue solving commute problems ad scale. Bounce that earlier known as Metro Bikes declared that it has acquired the India part of Chinese-bike sharing giant Ofo.

Committed to delivering its global users with a convenient, efficient, green and healthy way of travel, ofo is a widely used and best bike sharing app that comes with an exclusive range of features. Let’s check out the top features of Ofo bike sharing application.

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Top Common Features of Ofo Bike Sharing Application

  1. Allows People to Find Nearby Bike

    One of the major features of Ofo bike service app is that it allows people to find and look for the nearby bikes. Using Ofo application, people can find nearby bikes of their current location so that they do not have to go far at the station and rent a bike.


    Ofo tracks the bikes through the rider’s GPS location through its application, allowing other people to find bike easily. So, considering this highly essential feature in bike sharing app plays an important role if you want to attract a number of people to adopt your bike sharing service.

  2. Getting Lock Code Through Bike Number

    Once people find a nearby bike from their current location, they can get a lock code using bike number in the application. Then they can tap the “unlock” button and scan the QR code to automatically unlock the bike.


    Unlocking ofo bike is a lot easier yet simpler as compared to other bike sharing apps. With just a simple tap and scan, people can unlock the bike and explore the city or arrive at their destination safely. So, make sure to make it easy for people to unlock the bike with the smart bike sharing app solution without any hassle.

  3. Make Payment for the Trip

    The third most essential feature that ofo offers to its app users is paying for the trip as easy as it possible. After finding a nearby bike and unlocking it, bike rider needs to make payment for their trip directly from the application. They can also scratch a coupon if they have any and get discount on the payments.


    No matter for which city or state you are developing your own bike sharing app, making payments must be a lot easier for your customers as it will give them a user-friendly experience while riding with you.

  4. Enabling to Check-out Trip Details

    One of the most useful features in ofo application is allowing riders to check out the details of the trip that they have travelled through the bike.


    They can have a detail look at the trip in the map view and know from where they started their riding journey, travelling through different areas. For riders, it is widely used the feature as they can know and track their journey that they have travelled.

  5. Locking Bike Using Bike Number

    Once, you have finished your ride and check the details of it, it’s time to lock the bike and park it in the safe place and secure place where it is allowed. To lock the bike manually and end the trip, you need to use bike number in the application. Locking bike is a lot easier, so riders of the bike will not face any problem while parking and locking it.

    The GIF highlights important bike-sharing app features that startups must consider during bike-sharing app development.


Some of the Recommended Features to Include in the Best Bike Apps

  1. Reserving A Bike in Advance

    The most recommended feature that any bike sharing service provider can include in its bike-sharing app is allowing riders to reserve a bike in advance. Using a bike app, riders can book a bike in advance when they are going office, classes or college so that they don’t get late to their destination.

    However, you might think that there are enormous bikes on the street, but in many areas, a bike sharing system is highly popular that the bikes disappear instantly. So, it would be better to include this feature, enabling riders to book the bike in advance.

  2. Customer Support Service

    Another important feature that one can include in the bike sharing app is customer support service, allowing riders to directly get in touch with supporters when they are facing any problem or challenge while renting a bike through an application. You can include a chat option in the app so that they can directly get in touch with the helper and get guidance to rent a bike.

    So, these are the two highly recommended features that any bike sharing company or startup can include in their dockless bike sharing app and make their app apart from other bike-sharing apps.

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How Much Does It Cost to Make a Bike Sharing App Like Ofo?

Now, you might have one of the major questions in your mind – how much does it cost to make an app like Mobike and Ofo including these essential features. Let’s check out.

To give estimated hours and cost, we contacted one of our full-stack mobile app developers, who have experience in developing on-demand mobile solutions. He provided us with the basic hours and price idea about bike sharing app development:

Sr. No.Major Features
To Include
Approx. Dev. HoursApprox. API Dev. Hours
1Register & Login20 hrs8 hrs
2Finding Nearby Bike26 hrs8 hrs
3Scan QR code to Unlock Bike35 hrs8 hrs
4Payment Gateway to Pay for Bike16 to 20 hrs8 hrs
5Check-out Trip Details10 to 12 hrs4 hrs
6Locking Bike using QR code8 hrs6 hrs
7Reserving Bike in Advance14 hrs8 hrs
8Customer Support Service60 hrs20 hrs
Approximate Hours190 hrs70 hrs
Total260 hrs

However, these are the approximate hours of developing a dockless bike sharing app similar to Ofo or Mobike. These app development hours vary depending upon the developer you hire and android apps development company that you hire. 

You have just gone through with the Ofo growth and app development hours, in case, if you still have any query or confusion related to bike sharing app development or you want to get an exact cost of developing best bike sharing app including features like locating bike (GPS), database management, and payment gateway integration to auto payment to parties like owner and investor, you can get in touch with us through below-given form and our mobile app consultant will get back to you with the exact cost for developing a custom app for small to medium enterprises. 

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