Top Tools to Track App Downloads & Revenue of Your App & Competitors

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Tracking & analyzing your application is necessary to develop, optimize and market your application in the best possible manner. So that, you can increase your app’s users, reach, and boost the return on investment.

Do you know that the best and most downloaded apps are constantly tracked and analyzed by mobile app development company? Various companies depend on different tools like App Annie, AppFigures, and Sensor Tower.

But how are you going to track your application? How will you measure the downloads and revenue of your app? It doesn’t matter what your plans are for your application, but you need the data and metrics to evaluate what your competitors are doing and how your app is performing.

You can track app downloads, revenue, ranks, and reviews so that you can improve it and give strong competition to your competitors. There are a lot of tools that let you track app downloads and revenue of your app and competitors.

But how will you choose the most useful tools that can easily track your app’s downloads and your competitor’s growth? Below, we have provided a list of top tools that can help you to improve your app by providing a complete analytics report.

Tools to Track App Downloads, Revenue & Rankings of Your App & Competitors

App Annie


App Annie is the most powerful tool that not only does market research and validates your application idea, but the tool is also helpful to track your app’s downloads, revenue analytics, and usage. You can track your application completely and know the performance of your ad campaigns.

Using this tool, you can get data and insights about your application. Thus, you can build better app businesses. It also provides analytics services and market intelligence, so that app developers can target on developing apps, not on reports.

Exclusive Features of the Tool

  • Track app revenue, app store downloads, and usage of the application for the date range of your choice
  • Get Daily App Ranks in Tables
  • History Charts of App’s Rank
  • Ad Monetization
  • It automates painful manual data tasks
  • Daily Email Reports
  • It delivers data and insights to succeed in the app economy

Another most useful feature of this tool is the ability to add events – a review of your application on the blog and an app update. It has made it easy to gauge the impact of your marketing efforts.

Sensor Tower

Talking about the Sensor Tower, it is the most well-known ASO platform, but it also has solid Store Intelligence products too. The tool equips you with the data and insights that required to master the mobile app ecosystem.

Sensor Tower is trusted by various financial analysts, VCs, and publishers, who are leveraging the data & analysis to identify the fastest growing apps and emerging markets. This tool delivers three different products, including app intelligence, store intelligence, ad intelligence and daily ranking chart and stats.

Features of Sensor Tower Tool

  • The tool helps to drive organic growth with the leading App Store Optimization platform.
  • Get the most accurate estimates about your app and make strategic decisions.
  • Track Your Competitors’ Growth and Make Powerful Strategies
  • Get a real-time leaderboard of the top mobile advertisers each week.
  • Get Custom Alerts when a Competitor Soft-launches or Makes a new Strategic Move.

App Figures

AppFigures is a complete mobile application tracking platform that is specially made for app developers, publishers, and the Enterprise. This tool connects to everything, which is important for your top apps and turns your app data into powerful, easy to understand reports for the whole app portfolio.

The tool starts with a free version and then has two tiers more, though a lot of features are given in the free version. From downloads to sales, ranking, and views, it combines a wide range of data.

App Figures Tool Features

  • Flexible Reports: Conquer Your Data with Reports that Simply Make Sense
  • Alerts + Email Reports: The tool allows you to get data directly into your inbox or slack in real time.
  • Hourly Ranks & Top Apps: You can see how any Android, iOS or Windows app is doing across the globe.
  • Smart Reviews: You can track reviews for all your apps from any country in the language of your choice.

ASO Dragon

ASO Dragon is the most advanced app store optimization tool. It offers free sign-up and a 14-days free trial. The tool helps app owners and developers to promote their application in the app stores by offering various features.

This high-end platform offers mobile marketers with everything they require to strategize their app store analytics. From competitive analysis to in-depth keyword research, this tool helps you in:

  • Beating Your Competitors
  • Increase App Installs Instantly
  • Monitor Your Competitors’ activity
  • Easy-to-use Platform


AppRankCorner is a completely free tool that helps you to optimize keywords for your application and tracking user reviews & app store downloads. Comes with a lot of impressive features, AppRankCorner allows users to keep track of their app rankings, user reviews and give suggestions as well.

This tool is easy-to-use for tracking keywords & optimization, and users can check their app’s downloads, rank in the top charts. Developers can search their app now and start to improve their ranking with AppRankCorner tool.

Exclusive Features of AppRankCorner

  • It is a powerful suggestion tool
  • Keep constant track of your app rankings
  • User Reviews
  • The tool available for all countries
  • Keywords Tracking & Optimization

Mobile Action


Mobile Action is an advanced mobile app tracking tool that allows app developers to enjoy a lot of features. Just like Sensor Tower, you can easily see app store downloads and revenue data for your apps, right on your dashboard.

By using this tool, you can get reports as email for your apps and able to integrate third-party analytics solutions. For developers, it is considered as a good solution with a tight budget. It delivers free features on the tracking and ASO side of things. You can easily integrate your in-app analytics platform.

Features of Mobile Action Tool

  • It helps to discover keywords to get your app more downloads.
  • Get download estimates to comprehend what it requires to get top rankings.
  • The free app tracking tool gives you an easy way to track your app and competing apps.
  • Recommended Actions gives you customized strategies and suggestions for your app.


Above-mentioned tools can help you to track your app store downloads, rankings, reviews, and app revenue. You can use any of the given tools and track your app’s growth.

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