Want To Create An App Like Tinder For Teenagers? Don’t Miss To Integrate These 4 Features

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Want to create an app like Tinder for Teenagers? In this blog, we have discussed some interesting features that can give your dating app for teens hike as well as a security to the teens who love online dating.

“Every beauty needs a beast”

Dating apps are trending with the “Hookup Culture” vibe among teenagers. According to statista.com, online dating segment amounts to US$1,667m in 2019 and by 2023, revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2019-2023) of 4.2%, resulting in a market volume of US$1,968m.

These statistics prove the actual demand of online dating apps in the digital dating world. People want to have fun, go out on dates with a perfect match, and date on a secured platform. We have made over 50 Dating apps which include dating apps like Tinder, Tinder for teenagers and dating app clone for many of our clients.

Recently, we made a free dating app for Android and iOS platform for people of Ghana, Africa to meet the urging need for online dating. With some salient and security features, we have developed the Swype Dating App. It has filtering options, swiping right or left, in-app purchase, photo upload, connect via photo, super like a photo to show potential match interest, and text chatting.

According to the latest news from TechCrunch, Tinder has declared the launch of a new feature that is known as Festival Mode. This feature is mainly designed to connect singles attending the same music festival. Similar to Spring Break Mode, this mode will also involve the use of badges on user profiles to indicate an upcoming destination.

Recently, we came across one another news from TechCrunch that says that Tinder is preparing to launch a version of its popular dating app. The planned dating app is aimed at users in emerging market and will be called as “Tinder Lite”. The company is planning to provide a smaller, more lightweight version of the current flagship app.


After successfully developing the Swype dating app, here is what our satisfied client has to say about us.


After the influenced mobile dating apps like Bumble and Tinder, the trend of casual dating has flourished. Apps for teenagers is a completely new genre which has a great business opportunity. Teens are often attracted to new mobile apps in the market. In the growing age, there is always an urge of feeling special through someone special. Thinking on how to create an app like Tinder? We have curated some effective features to consider during tinder for teenagers app development.

4 Unique Features Startups Can Consider During Tinder for Teenagers App Development

#1 Censor Alert for Nudes

Teens is a very vulnerable phase of every child’s life. With today’s kids, there is an utmost sense of experiencing adulthood before reaching the correct age. The ideal dating app for teens should recognize the nude pictures before it reaches the potential user.


Such security measures will stop the nudity act of kids. The nude photo censoring is an apt move for an online dating app. By such a feature, the Tinder for teenagers app development would be supported by parents and it will create a credit for your dating app.

#2 Testimonies from Other People

Testimonies do a great job if included on an app for teenagers. They work as a “character certificate” for online dating. Why would a user waste time know a stranger who is worth blocking? Free dating apps must have some notification for a person who is blocked several times.


Review or testimony plays a role similar to a word-of-mouth marketing tactic. By reading another person’s experience with that match, a user can easily come to know about his/her personality. So, if you want to create an app like Tinder for Teenagers, keep in mind these specific features for teen dating app development that can make your app stand-out.

#3 Undo Accidental Swipe and Sent Messages

Without thinking much on, what will be the cost to make an app like Tinder? Think about some sensible features that can make the users’ life easy and allow them to date online peacefully. We as humans tend to do silly mistakes and God knows why we are always in a hurry. If you have developed an idea to create a teen dating app, then the “undo” feature is a must.

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Tinder for teens app must have a feature of undoing the swipe. Sometimes accidental swipe causes unwanted hindrance in the user’s online dating experience. To avoid such a mistake, a “swipe undo” feature should be kept in a dating app.


Moreover, “undo a sent message”  is another useful feature for dating apps like Tinder teens. The message sent by a user may seem a little inappropriate or may cause a future disruption for them. There should be an undo or edit the message feature, which can be a sigh of relief for users.

#4 Keep Track on The Match

A unique feature in the form of “track your match” can do wonders for your dating app development. What if a user finds the “one” on your online dating but what if he is cheating? With such a feature, the user can get to know about how many others are the potential match chatting at the same time.


To increase the goodwill of your app and to create a sane brand image, these features will help retain your audiences and create a good revenue for your app like Tinder.

Have an idea to create an app like Tinder for teenagers?

You have just checked the new features to create a secured dating app like Tinder. On top of it, these features can actually provide safety and value the life of users. The ruckus created on social media is by humans, so why not help in cleaning the mess and earn some integrity for the business with revenue. 

So, if you have any query or confusion about how to create an app like tinder, Tnder for teens, what will be the cost of making an app like Tinder for teenagers, how much does it cost to develop native Android and iOS apps like Tinder, then get in touch with us and hire iPhone developers or Android developers from us for developing an online dating app for teens.

Still puzzled? and want some solutions to develop successful dating apps like Hinge and Bumble, just fill our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will revert you as soon as possible with the best Tinder for teenagers app development solution. The consultation is absolutely free of cost.

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