3 Lessons of Muzmatch ‘Muslim Tinder’ | Tinder Alternative

Are you running a matchmaking startup that you want to take online and give a platform to users to connect? Want to make a mobile app for couples or for any community? Why don’t you develop matchmaking apps like Muzmatch and Tinder? As various investors are showing interest in dating and matchmaking apps, you can also develop your own app and double the revenue of your business. Herein you can find 3 lessons to learn from Muzmatch, Tinder alternative, that recently secured $7M in funding. These lessons are written under the guidance of our dating app consultant, so don’t worry and take off with your app idea.

Online dating apps are transforming and expanding in cultural or religious affinity.

At first with apps like Tinder, Bumble, Coffee meets Bagel, Happn, Grinder, the world got used to the “casual hookup culture.” But, what about those who believe in culture and online dating? We went straight to our full-stack developers with the question, and there we learned about apps like Tinder that are specifically made keeping in mind the community and its norms.

There are special matchmaking apps like Muzmatch (U.K.), Veil (UAE), Minder (Canada), Eshq an app like Bumble for women (South Asia, North Africa & the Middle East) which are designed for Muslim matchmaking. These are the best dating apps serving as an alternative method to the traditional matchmaking that takes place between families.

According to the latest news by Techcrunch, Muzmatch, Muslim dating app, has raised $7M Series A led by the U.S hedge fund Luxor Capital and Silicon Valley accelerator Y combinator- which has previously selected Muzmatch for its summer 2017 batch of startups. 

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If you are having dating app ideas and want to make a mobile app for Android or iOS, or do you want to make an app like one of the top dating apps have a look at the Muzmatch app which is melding Western Social norms with cultural expectations found in the homelands.

Muzmatch: Muslim Tinder Alternative

Tinder alternative

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  • The Tinder-like app for Muslims was founded by Shahzad Younas in Oct 2014. It now has more than 1.5million users across 210 countries.
  • The Tinder alternative is a success for the Muslim singles throughout England and is aiming to become an international majority market, including the U.K. and the U.S. with Muslim-minority population. 
  • It is a fully localized app which is available in 14 languages, including the right to left languages like Arabic. With halal dating (permissible within Islam), it is known as one of the best Muslim dating apps.
  • For extra peace of mind, among all the Tinder-like apps, this one allows to include a Wali or Chaperon in the chats. Such a feature is leveraging the matchmaking app development from other competitors.

Now, after considering the Muzmatch app as an example for your dating app development, let’s have a quick look at the 3 lessons that you can learn from Muzmatch app and consider those lessons while developing dating clone app like Tinder.

3 Lessons of Muzmatch ‘Muslim Tinder Alternative’ That Startups Need to Consider During Dating App Development

  1. Users get real-time ‘right swipe’ notification

    The Muzmatch app is designed for people who are more serious about finding a partner. Being a dating startup, the most important lesson to learn from this app is the “swiping functionalities.” To become among the top dating apps, your app should have a cherry on the cake. Allow your users to get a notification if someone swipes right and shows interest in them. Apps like Hinge also has such feature, there are other apps (like Minder) that notifies its users ‘whose liked you’ through a paid subscription.

    Such feature integration will give your users a better online dating experience. They will feel informed which in return is goodwill for your online brand. It will also increase the credibility of your dating app and will avoid nuisance in the online dating platform.

  2. Invite a family member or friend to follow the chat

    “Chaperon monitoring” gives users a secured chatting experience. Users who are introverts or uncomfortable having one-on-one conversations with random people can invite a family member or friend to follow the chat. This makes a dating platform far more accessible than before, as everyone in the conversation is aware, another person can read the messages. 

    It can sound a little awkward at first, but it helps ease someone onto the platform if they follow more conservative guidelines about who they can talk to. Being in the mobile app industry since 2010, we have seen the evolution and adaptation ratio of the users and app go hand-in-hand. By including such concepts to your mobile dating app, you are authenticating it for your users.

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  3. Filtered profiles by different categories

    If someone is finding their respective spouse with a check-list, such filters curate their search results easily. The Muzmatch, Tinder alternative, also asks its users questions like when you want to get married, whether you drink or smoke, also how often you pray. 

    Thus, you can give a unique sign-up process to your users, and most important attributes of the perfect match. So, consider such basic and small things while developing a matching app for any community. 


So after reading all 3 lessons of Muzmatch, Tinder alternative app, you must have got a rough idea of what solutions to provide your dating app users and how to create an app like Tinder that can engage more lovers. The dating app is a very vast genre, with multiple user engagement, herein we have researched some stats for you that gives a clear idea about the scope of your dating app development. 

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So before searching for Tinder cost or how to make an app like Tinder, check out these stats.

  • The dating segment generated a revenue of US $555million in 2018. It is expected to reach the US $649million in 2023.
  •  In 2018, approximately 33.9 million U.S. users accessed online dating services, which will increase steadily to 37.5 million in 2023. It clearly states a win-win situation for online dating startup businesses like you and the users.

Tinder alternative

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Thus if you have any query or confusion regarding dating app development timeline, how to hire a mobile app developer, how does Tinder location work, Tinder alternative development, fill up our contact us form and our sales representative will get back to you shortly. The consultation is absolutely free.

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