This Amazing App is the Child of Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran’s Conversation

Meet Talkshow, the latest viral app the Internet is freaking out about

Do You know messaging apps are getting more traction?

Messaging apps offer a free alternative to the text messages. Works on Wi-Fi, it sends a message through an app with charging any cost. From LINE to WhatsApp, people love to communicate with their friends through apps and thus, more applications are introducing in the market.

Talkshow is a new messaging app in town that let users host message-based “Talkshows” related to different topics like sports, TV shows, politics, music, etc. Launched with the Concept of “texting in public”, Talkshow encourages everyone who is watching to send messengers, GIFs, post reactions or even join as the co-host.

The former Twitter executive and co-founder of Talkshow, Michael Sippey calling Talkshow a “messaging” app that has the thread for operating a chat room, which is viewable by anyone on Talkshow who follows you. However, it is limited to those people, whom you are invited to the show.

What’s the Difference Between Twitter and Talkshow?

The main difference is all the chats on Talkshow are publicly viewable, and people who are invited by the users can join the conversation. While on the Twitter, users can do all conversations take place in public and can hit the reply button to join.

Talkshow enables users to invite friends, however, they cannot randomly invite the people from the Internet. This application is also used for a closed and curated discussion. Random people from the internet can share, like or choose from the list of the preset reactions.

Another different is that the messages are organized into distinct sets in Talkshow that make them easy to follow. This application works really well when it takes place around the particular event that every person is experiencing at the same time. Just like watching the NBA competitions together with funny and knowledgeable people.

What’s the Specialty of Talkshow App?

Talkshow, a messaging application, supports multiple languages and have a collection of stickers that can be sent by using custom keyboards. Interestingly, users can embed Talkshow in web pages and social network feeds. The embedded Talkshows can display the texts in real-time or show a Talkshow in its entirety after the texting has ended. A permalink is also offered by this application on the website for every Talkshow hosted and thus, interested parties can follow the conversation anytime they want. This application allows users to add friends from their Contact list, Facebook, and Twitter.

How Does This Application Work?

Being the best messaging application, Talkshow enables people to have the conversation with their friends in public. When users download Talkshow and register, they can search friends on the application through Twitter, Facebook, and/or address book and start following them to searching when they are hosting shows. Even, users can also invite their friends to co-host shows with them.

Starting a show is as easier as sending a message, you just have to pick your co-host and choose a title for the show. They will get a push notification through which they have been knowing that they are invited. It’s very easy to share pics and GIFs in shows and use third party keyboards to post stickers.

The audience can also search shows from the app’s home screen. Even, they can like individual messages, share reactions and send a request to become a co-host. Users can also share the shows through email, SMS, Twitter or Facebook. For desktop, they can get an embed code and place it wherever they like to.

Talkshow is the funny messaging application that has some bugs, but soon it might be solved. Do you want to develop a bug-free messaging application?

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