Things to Look for in an Offshore Mobile Application Development Company


In a laissez-faire economy where economic boundaries are almost non-existent, the growing interest in offshore mobile app development is a natural choice given its cost-effectiveness. It is understood that when you want to hire an offshore mobile application development company for your mobile application development, you need a company that is second to none.

Though economic boundaries are not much of a concern, things that should be the matter of concern need to be sorted out before sealing the final deal. Let us have a rundown of such basic things that matter in the process of hiring an efficient offshore mobile app development company in India or anywhere else in the world.

Technical Efficiency
You cannot compromise on that, can you? Your prospective offshore mobile application development company needs to be able to provide you with the developers who are well-educated in computer science both academically and practically. A project that requires 15 days to get through, should not take one month – that is the criterion to check the technical efficiency of the company. Be very cautious and vigilant about this factor or else you stand a chance of losing your precious money and time.

High Speed Internet Connectivity
This is the only tool that can partially overcome the geographical constraints while doing business. Offshore mobile application development company needs to have the highest internet connectivity with tools such as Skype, iChat or TeamViewer. A constant check over inflow of work is necessary when the work is taking place at a place other than your own sight. If a company is not able to keep up with this basic expectation of higher internet speed, it is better to consider other options.

Impressive Portfolio
It is important that you find at least one application of your offshore mobile application development company in the App store. So often, the company is good at either iOS or Android, mobile application development or server scripting. It is a phenomenon if you find a company which is an all-rounder. You may want to check out the impressive portfolio of Space-O here.

It is not necessary that your preferred offshore mobile application development company has to have developed top 100 apps on App store. However, at least one or so, and the other applications described on the portfolio should help you decide whether you are dealing with the competent partner.

Communication Skills
Communication or lack of it for that matter is considered to be the root of many misunderstandings and failures that take place in the world. You cannot afford to have an offshore mobile application development company that falls short of this essential tool of modern business.

Since, offshore mobile application development deals with the issues of different culture, different language and its different nuances, being able to understand and agree on these differences and come to a common platform of communication is a key.

Degree of Commitment / Integrity
Having been satisfied with all these basic parameters of a reliable offshore mobile application development company, the last but not the least thing to check for is how committed and integrated are the developers in terms of delivering the projects. Many a times efficiency and talent do not translate into timely delivery and that ruins investment on the project.

At a time, when technology changes every day, if the company is not keeping with the stipulated deadlines, loss would be immeasurable.

Should you need more information or quotes for offshore mobile application development, get in touch with Space-O.


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