Things to be pondered about for Enterprise Mobility Integration


Let us go straightaway to many aspects of enterprise mobility integration beginning with why it is so crucial to overall enterprise mobility solutions strategy.

The success of any enterprise mobility solution lies in its seamless integration with already established business system. The simple reason for this is that the apps have to be dependent on previous set-up to obtain the relevant information. Following are some examples/situations, wherein an enterprise mobility solution needs information from back-end systems, and which is why seamless integration secures its supreme importance in the entire ecosystem of enterprise mobility solutions.

  • When a sales person wants to quote a price or order on behalf of a client. This has to be done in real time, based on information obtained in real time.
  • When middle level employees are using enterprise mobility solutions to keep an eye out for performance indicators, it is important that back-end systems are perfectly integrated with enterprise mobility solutions
  • Many a times, a very crucial decision needs to be made based on input given by users and employees. This input is often unorganized and unconstructed. When there is proper and precise enterprise mobility integration with back-end system, this content becomes highly organized and decision making becomes quite easier

There are many ways now to make this enterprise mobility integration quite seamless. Enterprises integrate mobile apps through SharePoint or SAP to reap the highest benefits on investment. Social media too has been gaining popularity and enterprises are gearing up fast to make the most of it.

Major challenges for enterprise mobility integration that still remain to be met head-on in 2014 are:

  • To empower human resources in a way that they can access enterprise mobility solutions even while on the go. To make the back-end system compatible with the new updates and to achieve seamless enterprise mobility integration
  • Use of plug-in scripting and automatic data mapping in order to make the enterprise mobility integration seamless and easy to cope up with

Since, the challenges in the way of seamless enterprise mobility integration are enormous; enterprises need to partner with experienced and efficient technology partners such as Space-O. Such companies have innate ability to configure apps. Let us have a look at what these configure apps do to your overall enterprise mobility solutions strategy:

  • They pull multiple back-end systems to obtain business information that is crucial for business operations
  • Such apps are operated upon a single platform that responds to many types of interfaces or links

It is therefore not enough to have efficient enterprise mobility solutions, but it is equally important that you have them integrated flawlessly in your system.

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