The Secret of Uber’s Consistent Business Growth in a Short Time

“Uber”- the digital taxi service provider, has raised money again with its on-demand service that loved by people worldwide.

Looking at some past year’s valuation, it was a $1.2 billion deal that valued the company at $18.2 billion. That means the new valuation will probably be far higher.

What here specifies is Uber’s gross revenue is supposed to hit a run rate of around $10 billion. Even, Uber is also enjoying growing in business with 3X in San Francisco, 4X per year in New York and 5-6X in London.

Is the Profit a Primary Reason of Adding More Uber on-demand Service?

More than a catchy name, Uber has managed its services through mobile applications, social media marketing and of course, the best drivers. Its background technology is remarkable that connects drivers and riders with a smooth interface.

Not limited to rides, Uber has the potential to bring food on demand, puppies, helicopter service and a lot of more. But, Uber has also been disapproved for questionable strategies in trying to encourage drivers away from Lyft, a major competitor.

How Uber Works?

Uber is one of the most popular transportation network mobile applications to let customers to submit their trip request that routes a taxi driver their destination. The customers’ phone’s GPS is used by Uber to search the location of the customer and connects them to the nearest driver.

Moreover, the driver is also tracked by the application to the customer, so they can know how exactly driver will be reaching. Uber provides a fare estimate of the trip before the customer gets picked up. A variety of cabs offered by this application for customers to choose from. As of now, Uber is available in more than 53 countries and still, it is expanding.

Its expansion means Uber is getting success and continuing expanding through services and locations. Uber is definitely in the right direction with its on-demand services.


In recent times, Uber launched the on-demand food services, UberEATS works similarly to the Uber taxi service but with food. Customers have to send a request for the dish of the day and driver delivers the meal in less than 10 minutes.    

The best thing about Uber’s on-demand food service is it offers a variety of various dishes every day from the best restaurant in town. Customers could track driver’s location, so a customer can know how far they are from their home.


UberRush is an on-demand package delivery services, using the bike and on-foot messengers to get any stuff from destination to another. This service is especially for those people, who may have left important documents at home and want to get it to their current destination.

With UberRush, Uber is entering a very jam-packed market, where Google, Amazon and other delivery startups are all demanding to lock down big retailers. There are other businesses, who have planned on Uber Rush’s API to include in delivery startups like Google Express, Operator, Runway, Olo, SAP, etc.

Calvin Lee, product manager at Uber said,

We are taking a lot of large strides forward in terms of working with businesses and understanding what their needs are. Traditionally we’ve been a consumer-focused company… Here we are building a product specifically for businesses.

Uber Flies in Air Also with On-demand Helicopter Service

In the time of Sundance Film Festival, Blade, the “Uber for helicopters” startup is offering a special service for its users. The startup was flown users between Salt Lake City’s airports and Park City from January 21, through Monday, January 25 during Sundance.

On last Valentine’s day, Uber also offered on-demand UBERCHOPPER service and a delightful afternoon date. They had offered a chance of a helicopter ride in Delhi through an Uber application.

Not Just to Offer a Helicopter Ride, Uber now Offers On-demand UberPuppy Service for Pet Lovers.

Uber is launching UberPuppy in honor of this week’s puppy bowl the company has teamed up with some of the animal welfare societies to deliver on demand puppies to hang out with the users for a bit. The puppy packs will be available in an understandably limited supply.

According to the Uber, this year, around 70 puppies were drafted for pet lovers of United States. Uber and Animal Planet will donate around Thirty bucks that will provide you 15 minutes of playtime during the Uber promotion. The promotion is part of Uber’s larger, week-long Super Bowl offerings.

How does It work??

  •         Firstly, open your Uber application between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. In NYC or DC? Enter PUPPYNYC or PUPPIESDC to unlock the special puppies option!
  •         Now, request the ‘puppies’ option in your application.
  •         Once the puppy squad and their coaches attain, you and your friends will enjoy a 15-minute cuddle huddle.
  •         Search the Most Valuable Pup? In most cities, puppies are qualified for adoption.

On-Demand Service: Uber’s Specialty, Users Necessity

Entrepreneurs struggle and spend a lot of time to get ahead of what the consumer wants and how they can solve their problem by introducing new services. Uber delights their users with innovative, trends and ease. If you want to delight your users like Uber did, we have a solution for you.


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