Do I Need To Test My iPhone App Before Final Release?


The prerelease of an iPhone app is important before the actual release. The prerelease phase makes sure that there is no fault in to-be released app. In fact. It is the final check of the new iPhone app before you finally release the app. Here are few check list items that you must reevaluate in the prerelease phase of an app:

1. Attach your company logo with your iPhone app: Everybody understands the value of a company’s logo which is the identity of your company. Remember, your company logo must have a high resolution so that it may give clear image and everyone has an easy access to it through your website or another source. Technically, you company’s logo must consist of 300 dpi bitmap image and be saved in format like PNG, etc. Moreover, try to use your company logo everywhere in documents, press releases, contracts, and partnership agreements.

2. Get ready your iPhone app icon: You app icon is a face of your app and a “face”- a cliché, but it is so true-is the currency of advancement. It mirrors your app objective and conveys your message immediately. In a test of an app before launch of final release, your icon must be ready and has following properties:

  • App icon must have a high resolution.
  • Always use large 300 dpi bitmap files for the storage purpose. All the images should be saved in PNG or TIFF file types. PNG format goes good with transparent background while default background is fine for TIFF or JPG.

 3. Make Your App Logo creative: Your app logo must be ready before the final release of the app. App logo needs to be creative enough to stand out from the crowd and clearly convey its message. Put your extra effort to make your app logo unique and impressive.

4. Build a complete website of your iPhone app: Next, when your app has its own website, it gives the impression that app is serious and wants to reach everyone. This will provide detailed information about the app to the press and buyers. Following three factors are very important when you begin to build up a website for your iPhone or iPad application.

  • Buy a reliable, cheap, and efficient web hosting server. There is mushroom growth of web hosting companies around, but you’ll have to choose the one that offers round the clock support system and good record of hosting the websites.
  • Keep short URL of your website. Short and relevant URL of your website helps to avoid truncation and redirection of application’s URL to company website’ page. It is noteworthy that the terminology of URL of your app website should be based on accurate keywords so that it might be search engine optimized.
  • Develop a Search Engine Friendly Website for your app. Make sure in prerelease phase of your new app that all the content of the website should have optimized keywords, title tags, and meta tags. It is because they all determine the search engine ranking of your website. All the images should have captions based on the keywords. Lastly, make sure that all links are functioning properly because if they are not working thoroughly, it might affect the ranking of your website in most used search engines.

 5. Screenshots: Ensure during prerelease stage that your screenshots must show how interesting is your app. Another important thing is that screenshots must be realistic and true; they should not be exaggerating your app because your app users would expect the same what you are showing them through sample shots. But, keep the value and worth of your app at high and show that your app is highly recommended and worth purchasing.

6.  High quality Video Clips: Quality of video clips of your new app on iPhone / iPad matters a lot. An excellent video clip can escalate the market value of your app over night. So, recheck the following qualities in your app’s video trailers during prerelease stage and if you feel that there is need to edit something, edit that immediately.

  • Video clip must be engaging.
  • Screen capture software helps you record your new app in iOS Simulator that results in an awesome video clip with higher resolution.
  • Should you invest high on video clip of your new app? Yes, you can. It will helps you promote your app on a variety of platforms and describe your app appealing and worth purchasing.
  • Release the video clip before final release of your app is a wise step. It will create awareness among masses and you will remove the negative elements in advance.
  • Never miss the opportunity to upload your video on YouTube because it’ll give your video a boost.
  • Remember, video clip should be true presentation of your app that review team of Apple has approved.
  • Decorate video clip of your app with music, credits, and visual effects.

7. Pitch your iPhone app successfully: Last, but most important is to organize a perfect pitch for your new app. Successful pitch gives big opportunity to your app to get reviewed by press persons and targeted audience. Selection of the content and impressive App description that will describe your app accurately is not more than a trick, but following these tips will help you organize the nice terminology for your app and prevent you from spending too much time.

  • Make ready three versions of your app’s description with different lengths i.e. single sentence, short paragraph, and long paragraph.
  • Highlight the major selling features.
  • Use conversational writing style for it maintains the interest of the reader by the end. So, use easy and fluent language.
  • Impressive presentation of your app can make a blast in the market.

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