Tesla Model ‘S’ Car & Volkswagen’s Driver Speed Control by Apple Watch Apps


Apple Watch makes all your ways you’re used to communicating more convenient.

From making the most of your workout to keeping track of your all the to-do list, this watch can truly enhance your life by helping you get things done on your wrist.

It is truly unbelievable when you get to know that Apple watch comes with Tesla model ‘S’ car controlled by an application. This pretty neat new and amazing thing which commands to the car, varying the options of rudimentary such as flashing the lights or honking the horn, to greatest setting like maintaining the charging port as well as state of car or full panoramic roof control.

Is it amazing?

You must be thinking, Apple Inc. and Tesla Motors Inc.?

Yes, both companies have the capability to take the technologies to the next level.

What else can you do with ‘Remote S’ watch application?

For the Tesla Model S, the barriers to remote’s application versus other models from other developer were lowered when Tesla model S disclosed its code to creators, permitting 3rd parties to execute the model ‘S’ systems either through the remote or onboard means.

The Tesla motors Apple watch app uses the company’s official iOS app as a base and replicates the features such as:

  • Modify the climate control settings
  • Lock as well as unlock the doors of car
  • Geo-location the car on a map
  • Change the charge limit of car

Through this amazing app, you can start the car with the use of Apple watch as a key. After moving your car, you can monitor your location as well as speed from your wrist.

What next from Tesla or Apple?

Well, Tesla Motors planning on adding the ability to ‘call’ your car while on private property or to make the car park itself in your garage. This features will make it onto Apple iPhone app, allowing replicate on Apple Watch App.

Now days, Companies improving the way people get benefited and creating experiences that other companies simply cannot provide. We Space-O Technologies received lots of ideas for Apple watch apps development and yes we are working on creating the experience where users get the touch on their wrist.

Even today, German car manufacturer Volkswagen announced to launch their Apple watch app to go along its broader mobile service. The Car-Net® app for Apple Watch will allow VW customers to control a host of features and functions that are available through the Car-Net mobile app and Customer Web Portal directly from their wrist.

VW’s Car Net service

Owners can keep an eye on their vehicle from afar, remotely locking* and unlocking doors and viewing the status of doors, windows and a sunroof (open or closed). Finding a parked vehicle is a snap, with a map of the current vehicle location, walking or driving directions to the vehicle and the ability to honk the horn and flash the lights remotely. Customers can also receive speed and boundary alert notifications to monitor certain drivers in their households.

We are exploring the capabilities of the next step in wearable devices. Together we will bring your idea to life and create an experience that take a place of all your expectations. Contact us today.


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