TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2015: Startups Battlefield Winner Is Agrilyst


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After two days of presentations and inspirational speeches, 6 finalists were chosen to be given a chance to present again on Day 3 of TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2015. These six finalists were,

  1. Agrilyst
  2. Green Bits
  3. Leap Financial
  4. Preemadonna
  5. Scrumpt
  6. Stitch

And The Winner is…

After a day full of presentations and question-answer round, TechCrunch Disrupt finally found its victor in Agrilyst. Agrilyst is an application for indoor farming that is meant to basically help you in monitoring the growth of plants in Greenhouses by also monitoring the amount of sunlight, water, Carbon di-oxide and others reach the plants.
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The three founding members of Agrilyst are:

  • Allison Kopf, the Founder & CEO
  • Jason Camp, the co-founder & CTO
  • Nick Kopf, Business Development

The thought of Agrilyst had occurred in the mind of the much talented Allison Kopf, who truly had never been interested in Botany, in fact, she was a Physics major. However when she came across the world of planting and greenhouses, she fell in love with it because of the potential it held and the ground for improvement it had.

The Story Behind…

Along with the two co-founders, she created a technology that truly helps the greenhouses in making everything count. As Allison says, there were very less people who were ready to do anything in this field and most of the people who were a part of this were basically established and did not want to try and innovate.

Also, the greenhouses managers did not truly worry about the resources spent and whether there was a way of utilizing it in a much cost-friendly manner. Their ROI will be energy saving, time-saving and hence cost-saving; because many things get automated.

Therefore, Allison Kopf along with Jason Camp and Nick Kopf, started building a web application and a software tool that would assist the greenhouses in keeping a check on the usage of the resources provided.

As TechCrunch says, “Agrilyst is Google Analytics for greenhouses.

The Process…

As a process set by this company, all the hardware used in greenhouses will be connected to their software using their APIs, and all the data will be fetched and collected in there, ready to be acted upon. This process will allow the greenhouses to know about the amount of energy used and thereby when should they turn the greenhouse lights on and off in the process of providing light to the plants.

Agrilyst syncs with the hardware installed in greenhouses, can upload documents and can enter the data manually. The dashboard provided tracks performance by crop and everything on harvest yield.

This application focuses on the following.

  • Data Integration from anywhere
  • Easy farm management to keep track of your tasks
  • Realtime analytics
  • Recommendations to cut costs and improve yield

The Future Plan…

At $1000, per month, Agrilyst is associating the beta version of its technologies with the greenhouses. Until now, Agrilyst has already associated with the 6 greenhouses. While others were inspiring the trio to target in-house fields of marijuana, they have stuck to their original plan of initially targeting greenhouses of 3-7 acres.

They have also planned on making their own hardware machines for the same, but that is a phase 2 plan that may take some time in realizing.

This is a startup that has got the future covered as much as the present and with the 50000$ and the TechCrunch trophy there is nothing to bind them. What the future will bring for Allison, Jason, Nick and their indoor farming platform or application, Agrilyst will be worth watching.


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