TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2015: Startups Battlefield Day 1

TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2015

The much awaited event from TechCrunch, Disrupt SF 2015 has flared the bugle as the 1st day passed by, with great startups taking the Disrupt stage on the roll. The 3 day event (from 21st September to 23rd September) has its 2nd day on going, which is already proving to be surprising with startups showing their flair at what they are the best in. The TechCrunch #HackDisrupt has already declared its winner “QuickActions.”

Talking about the techy startups that burnt the stage red and blue on 21st, here is a list that may change the way in which you use your smartphone.


Bravo Bravo is an app that helps people in making digital monetary transaction, even when a tip is to be made to a service provider like a guide, a waiter or others. This app is there to aid those people who generally do not have the money to pay the tip with bills, which is a common situation nowadays as tools like Paypal have made it easy to pay the bills.

Bravo is currently available for download on both iOS and Android devices.


UnlimitedHandA new discovery in the world of the wearables and gaming, the UnlimitedHand basically tries to make sure that you get to enjoy the gaming world as if it is really happening in front of your eyes. The device in question is to be worn near your wrist. It is said that using this device a gamer can feel the strings of a guitar or the trigger of a gun. This device is all about making the virtual world, real.


ArtomatixArtomatix is an artificial game designing app. The gaming industry is walking on and on with pride, due to its vast and fast growth. At a time like this, Artomatix, helps these game creating personnels by making their job easy. Whether it be creating 1000 zombies of a patch of land, all there is to do is to use the trick that Artomatix provides and get it going.


CatFiA cat lover’s company named CatFi, designed and presented the product ‘CatFi Box,’ which is a simply designed cardboard box that uses a spare Android Smartphone and a “3D facial recognition to track how much your cats are eating.” You can keep checking the app to know which cat of yours needs more nutrition and note the observations down to help the vet in case of a problem.

Cohero Health

coheroCohero Health is a medical attempt at helping the patients that suffer from Asthama, in as many ways as possible. While the app (also available as Watch App) is helpful in keeping a track of your Asthematic situation, the Cohero Health also provides a wearable jacket, HeroTracker, that needs to be pulled up the Inhaler, which helps in keeping a track of the condition and communicates the situation to the app.

Robo Wunderkind

Robo WunderkindRobo Wunderkind is basically programmable bricks and the Lego of future. This is a cube that will allow the kids to learn how to code or how algorithms work; easily. These cubes can work like the Lego pieces, that will be easy to use and which will also encourage creativity in the minds of children. The Robo Wunderkind got launched on 21st on Disrupt as well as on Kickstarter.


AircallAn attempt at making communication through calling easy, Aircall helps the users in redirecting calls with a professional welcome, allowing the team in question to pick the call up on devices like smartphones, PCs; to be more productive in the work they do.

There were other products that also took the stage on 21st September like; Agrilyst, EasyPaint, Discover Labs, Humon, Scrumpt, Stitch, Staffly, Leap Financial, Felix and Paul Studious and more. This definitely marks a beginning that shows the variety of startups that will be making an entry on the platform of TechCrunch Disrupt SF, 2015.


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