Ever Thought of Creating Team Communication App like Slack or Quip? 4 Salient Features to Consider Whilst Creating Team Collaboration App


This blog includes information for tech startups & entrepreneurs. We’ve curated a few salient traits, which you can consider during team communication app development.

With the rapid advancement of technology, communication is no longer a barrier when it comes to collaborating. Talking about team collaboration, there are a number of apps, which claim to increase the productivity of teams in order to optimize the workflow.

According to the latest report from Sensor Tower, “There are top 10 team communication apps in the United States for 2018 by downloads.”


A Few Important Stats from the Report

Slack: Approximately 3 million new installs, Slack has become the most downloaded mobile team communication app in the United States during the previous year i.e. 2018. It has marked a growth of 21% from 2017.

Skype for Business: The second most downloaded team communication app in the United States was Skype with over 2 million installs. It represented the growth of 14% from 2017.

Microsoft Teams: The third most downloaded team communication app is Microsoft teams followed by Workplace Chat by Facebook and Quip.

Team Communication Apps

When it comes to teamwork, there are two crucial things i.e. communication & collaboration. The team chat application or we can say the team communication app does not only make communication seamless and clear, but it also makes collaboration seamless with the users’ coworkers, clients, stakeholders, and organizations.

An effective team communication app allows a user to seamlessly connect with his/her team members any time and anywhere.

Therefore, in order to provide effective communication, team communication apps like Slack and Quip have emerged. Let’s quickly know about these two applications.


Image Credits: the verge


The #1 team communication app in business app category, Slack, has already made top headlines. It has always been trending chat applications among users because of its simple and easy features to connect among diverse teams.

It provides an effective communication tool that allows the team and every size businesses to communicate and talk about work-related matters and means. According to the latest news from theverge.com, Slack rolls out a new update to test a dark mode for users, joining others, like the mail app for Windows 10 and Facebook Messenger. However, it is not available to everyone just yet, but it is rolling out to beta testers.



The team communication app, Quip, provides an online platform, which allows combining docs, spreadsheets, and communication to help teams get works done faster and smarter.


Image Credits: equip
Source: Google Play

According to the report from App Annie, “The download rank of Quip app is #513.” This is what you can see in this image.


Forging ahead and let’s check out a few salient features, which you can consider when developing a successful team communication app like Slack or Quip.

4 Salient Features to Consider Before Developing a Team Communication App like Slack or Quip

1. Allows to Share Documents & Task Lists to Collaborate

Whether it is a workplace or outside of it, team communication app like Slack allows users to access every single important document at one place. Team communication app users can access messages, files, and documents within the app. They can also preview images and read documents no matter where they are. If you want to create an app like Slack or Quip, this feature allows your users to connect with their team members at any place as per their convenience.


Image Credits: slack
Source: Google Play

If you want to create team collaboration apps like Slack or Quip, then you need to consider file sharing and tasks lists feature to provide an online platform for group or individual conversations for better collaboration.

2. Fully Searchable

To enhance your users’ productivity, fully searchable is one of the salient features, which is important to consider during team communication app development. This easy-to-use feature lets users search any documents, file, image or anything by just typing its initials. The best part to consider this feature is that your customers can concentrate on their work rather than wasting time on doing a search.


Image Credits: Slack
Source: Google Play

Being a tech startup, if you are planning to create a team communication app like Slack, then you need to opt in those useful features, which can cut searching time and increase productivity. If we’re taking an example of Slack, a popular team communication app, replaces browsers, operating systems, and different tools in order to effectively manage teams. Thus, you need to consider such a core feature whilst developing a successful team collaboration app like Slack.

3. Third Party Tools/Apps Integrations

The next important feature is to allow users to connect with other third-party tools integrations without leaving team communication app. To develop a successful team communication app like Slack or Quip, you need to consider this feature to allow your users to work faster.


With third party tools integration, allow your users to add meaningful context to conversations. And, they can be able to complete simple tasks right from the team communication app.


Image Credits: Slack
Source: Google Play

If you have ever thought of developing a successful team communication app like Slack, make sure to integrate such feature, which allows them to access other tools such as Google Drive, Salesforce, Dropbox, Asana, Zendesk, and Twitter.

4. Screen Sharing, Notifications & Search History

For a better collaboration, you can also go with a screen sharing app feature. To make people’s work lives easier, screen sharing is the core feature that allows members to share their screen with other members.


Image Credits: Flock
Source: Google Play

The next essential feature is a reminder or notification about important information regarding their projects. You can also allow your users to customize notifications in order to focus on what matters during working hours. Talking about the search history feature, this is another important feature, which is also responsible to enhance the work productivity.

Thus, such features are important to integrate whilst developing team communication apps like Slack and Quip in order to make things easier for the team during their work timings.

Concluding Remarks

With a team collaboration app, it does not only provide communication in real-time, but it also allows users to collaborate with its team members without hassle. According to the report from Google Trends, the keyword “team communication app” has been searching since 2011. And, the United States is one of the most interest regions if we’re talking about the searches.


Interest Over Time:


Interest Over Region:


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