How Important Is It to Build a Taxi Dispatch App For Your Taxi Business? (What Will Happen If You Don’t)

taxi dispatch app

Losing customers due to inefficient booking process?

If you’re still using the old-age method where your customers need to call for pick up, you confirm the booking and send your taxi, then you might have already started losing customers.

In this modern age, competition from ridesharing and taxi booking apps like Uber and Lyft have created difficult challenges for the traditional taxi companies. While the advent of technology has opened up many new opportunities for taxi businesses, but it has also changed customers’ opinions and their preferences.

We live in the era of speed. Customers today expect efficiency and mobility. Your taxi booking and confirmation process, therefore, must not take more than a minute.

In short, ‘Call a taxi’ in the 21st century has turned into ‘Taxi Apps’.

Uber was the first to grab this opportunity and disrupted the entire taxi industry. After Uber, the traditional taxi businesses are hence facing the harsh brunt as the passengers are shifting towards these app-based services which offer a much better taxi booking experience.

In fact, Uber completed 2 Billion rides in last year, which generated $20 Billion in revenue. This has made many Entrepreneurs to enter this on-demand economy and establish on-demand taxi booking apps.

And this is why it has become necessary for taxi businesses to embrace latest technologies to stay competitive and grow their business at the same time.

You, as a taxi business, can build your own Uber like taxi app with the added benefit of branding and customization by partnering with an experienced taxi app development company.

We, being a reliable app development company, also have developed apps like Uber for our previous clients. 2Placez is one of the Uber-like apps developed by us. We developed 2Placez tailored according to our client’s idea with custom features and integrations.

Moreover, investing in a taxi booking mobile app would take your customers’ experience to the next level. It can help your passengers in numerous ways.

Let’s move forward and take a closer look at the benefits of a taxi dispatch app.

Business Benefits of Taxi Dispatch App

1 – Real-Time Tracking

As you probably know, your drivers due for pickup must be aware of their passenger’s exact location such as railway station, airport, etc. With real-time tracking in your taxi dispatch application, your drivers and passengers both can be aware of each other’s exact location and make the pickup seamless.

Moreover, how would you know whether your driver has picked up the passenger or not? You can track all your drivers and monitor whether they’re reaching to the given pick up location or not. This could help you to better your services than your competitors. In fact, Uber has received many complaints regarding driver not coming to pick up.


With real-time tracking app feature, you can always track where your drivers are, and also make sure that they’re reaching to passengers’ pickup locations.

The old-age method does not allow room for this feature, which means you cannot monitor your drivers’ performance.

2 – Increase in Drivers’ Efficiency

Driver’s efficiency and productivity must be measured and managed. If a passenger had a bad ride or if there was some fare issue, then there is no way you could detect the same. With a taxi dispatch app for your business, you can monitor driver’s performance, productivity, and also allow passengers to leave a feedback on the ride. This could help you in identifying the actual problem and to better your driver’s efficiency.

3 – Feedback System

The feedback system is the best thing in a taxi dispatch app. In case of the old-age method, there is absolutely no room for feedback. Hence, no matter how great your taxi services are, your potential customers cannot know about it since it’s not possible in the old-age method. Moreover, a small discomfort given by one driver can put your entire taxi company’s reputation at stake. Taxi dispatch app, however, leaves no room for such issues. Your passengers can report a problem they faced during the ride which could help you in identifying where to take the action. And mind you, resolving customers’ issues and making sure it doesn’t happen again goes a long way in contributing towards the growth of your taxi business.

In a nutshell, a taxi dispatch app can:

  • Enhance passenger experience
  • Streamline your business operations
  • Increase your drivers’ efficiency and productivity

So, now that you’re aware of all the advantages that you get in a taxi dispatch app, let’s go ahead and see what would happen if you still don’t build the app.

What Will Happen If You Don’t Build a Taxi Dispatch App?

1 – Less Visibility

As we saw that the old-age method does not allow passengers to give feedback, the potential customers cannot know about your business. In taxi dispatch app, however, your business can get a broad visibility and an automatic boost. For instance, tourists usually take out their smartphone for finding taxis whenever on vacation. And the taxi businesses that haven’t build their own taxi dispatch app can lose all these audiences.

2 – Unorganized Business Operations

We know how complex business operations can get while running a taxi company. Factors like assigning drivers to each passenger, keeping the record of which taxis are available, and their whereabouts, all these things need to be done manually in a manual dispatch software.

Moreover, your employee also needs to change the status of every driver by communication through Radio and store those data to keep track. This usually becomes difficult for taxi businesses as a growing enterpriser in the industry.

3 – Longer Booking Process

Imagine this – a potential customer calls you for pickup, you check if there is any driver available in the customer’s area, once you confirm that a driver is available, you contact him through radio and give him passenger information and location, the driver notes it all down on some paper or a diary and then goes to pick up the passenger.

This whole process would take at least fifteen minutes.

An app, however, can totally remove this intermediator.

Moreover, no one waits that long in the current times of Internet and mobility.

The interaction between drivers and passengers have become virtual and everyone is looking for fast mobility solutions. This is why having a taxi dispatch app has become mandatory for the augmentation of your taxi business. Even if you have a small feel for 15-20 cars, an online taxi booking app development can take your business beyond conventional.

So, if you’re a taxi business who wants to grab more passengers, increase drivers’ efficiency, and get feedback from your passengers, get in touch with us by filling out the below form. We can help you in building a fully branded and customized custom taxi dispatch app to seamlessly manage your day-to-day operations and grow your business.

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