Taxi Booking App Development: You Can’t-Miss to Consider These 3 Solutions by Easy Taxi Before Developing an App like Uber for Ride Hailing Services


This blog includes information for ride-hailing startups & entrepreneurs who want to create taxi booking apps like Uber, DiDi Chuxing & Easy Taxi. Curated three solutions by Easy Taxi, which you can consider during taxi booking app development.

There are a number of ride-hailing companies emerging in the ride-hailing industry, however, the “Uber” is the name, which has disrupted the ride-hailing market. Undeniably, Uber is the victor, and every startup and entrepreneur try to replicate the Uber business model. Well, Uber’s rival, DiDi Chuxing is another name, which has surpassed Uber as the most valuable company in ride-hailing services. With total valuation of $20.6B, China’s DiDi Chuxing has become the Uber’s biggest rivals.

Uber and DiDi Chuxing have already set their positions as the top ride-hailing services in most countries of the world, however, there is another important and effective region of the world, which embraces huge opportunities for taxi booking alternatives, and that effective region is Latin America.

Latin America: The Emerging Region of Ride-hailing Services

According to the latest report from TechCrunch, “Latin America is the new emerging region in the U.S ride-hailing market.” This is due to the fact that the larger cities like São Paulo, Mexico City, and Bogota can’t support vehicles on the roads.

On the other hand, large metro areas have already at or above their maximum capacity during peak hours. Well, there are several commuters across Latin America, which are putting less importance on owning a vehicle. And, those people have relied on the on-demand taxi-hailing services for the simplified commute.


Apart from the rising demand for ride-hailing services in Latin America, it is worth noting that this is the world’s second-fastest growing market mobile market. Additionally, Latin America’s population has already adopted the global apps like Uber and Facebook.


However, tech companies truly believe the potential of this region. Moreover, being a taxi booking startup or prolific entrepreneur, if you are planning to create a cab booking app like Uber or DiDi Chuxing, then Latin America is one of the prominent regions with unlimited growth opportunities for your ride-hailing business.

Taxi Booking Players

Below is the list of the key players and smaller players in the taxi booking sector:


There is a ride-hailing app like Uber and DiDi Chuxing named as Easy Taxi, which has already become a dominant player in the ride-hailing market, Let’s know more about another key player of taxi app like Uber i.e. Easy Taxi.

Easy Taxi: The Ride-Hailing App like Uber

Easy Taxi, Uber Clone App, is Latin America’s largest urban mobility app, allowing app users or riders to book a ride or taxi through the ride-hailing app to make transportation from one place to another.

  • With a total funding amount of $77M, Easy Taxi started in Latin America in the year 2011.
  • Rocket Internet-backed taxi booking service, Easy Taxi is currently now presented in over 420 countries along with its main focus in Latin America markets including Brazil, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Panama, and Chile.
  • Since 2014, the Easy Taxi reported reaching $17 million users, plus over 400,000 taxi drivers.
  • According to the latest report from Similar Web, the Apple App Store rank is #181. This is what you can see in the image.


  • As per the report from App Annie, the graph of the download rank of Easy Taxi app, lies between 160 to 200.


  • To solidify its position in Latin America, Easy Taxi app merged with Colombian taxi booking app, Tappsi in 2015. The merger allowed Easy Taxi to pool more resources just like its other competitors like Uber.

Now, moving ahead and check out powerful solutions by Easy Taxi app, which are worth-including during cab booking app development.

3 Powerful Solutions by Easy Taxi, Which You Can Consider Before developing Taxi Booking App like Uber

1. Be Specific to Choosing The Battlefield

The cab app like Uber, Easy Taxi provides an easy way to app users or riders to book a taxi and track it in real-time. Easy Taxi provides ride-hailing services the same as Uber does.
However, the world-famous ride-hailing service provider, Easy Taxi is specific to choosing its battlefield or potential market in order to grow its business.


Image Source: Uber

Being a taxi booking startup, the first and foremost solution of Easy Taxi, which you can consider is to be more specific about choosing your battlefield. You might be wondering that how can you choose it? The solution is that you need to be aware of the following questionnaire as important factors before choosing the battlefield for your ride-hailing business:

  • How many customers are in the market that you want to target?
  • Can targeted customers pay for the service?
  • Do you know the pain points of your targeted customers for the specific region?
  • How many rivals are already in that region, where you want to target?

You just need to consider the above-mentioned questions with solutions before developing an on-demand cab booking app like Easy Taxi. In short, you as a ride-sharing service provider should always choose your battlefield in order to get the success like Uber has achieved.

2. Customer-Focused Solutions

All you just need to do is to provide your riders with solutions, which are directly mean to them. And, the solutions for your customers must overcome their challenges and real-world problems. Additionally, every business should provide solutions that simplify the users’ pain-points. The pain points could be the ‘safety concerns’. You just need to try the answer and provide feasible solutions to them, whether it is carpooling or ride-hailing services.


Image Source: easy taxi

‘Affordability’ is another important solution, which you can provide your users to add value to their lives. Furthermore, you also need to consider a slew of essential features, without which you can’t make an Uber business model during taxi booking app development, and these are:

  • A Simple User Registration
  • GPS Real-time Tracking
  • In-app payment
  • Push Notifications
  • Ride History
  • Online Support
  • Driver’s Reviews & Ratings

So, these are the handful of important features, which you can’t-miss to consider to build successful ride-hailing apps like Easy Taxi and Uber.

3. It’s always about Convenience

To save your customer or rider’s time and effort, the most important solution is to provide convenience to your app users. Alike successful ride-hailing app, Easy Taxi, which has already set standards in the ride-hailing market by providing convenience to its customers as it provides convenience in terms of app feature, which allows them to book a nearby parked cab.


Image Source: easy taxi

In the past times, people could not book nearby parked taxis through an app. However, Easy Taxi has realized the problem and provided with the solutions to those customers or riders, who are in rush. So, you can allow your app user to choose a nearby driver and book the cab for him/her. Also, you can provide solutions to the problems, which have not yet solved by your competitors. People usually choose the services, which provide convenience, affordability, and quality.

The Bottom Line

So, you have just gone through with the important solutions by the Easy Taxi app, which are behind the success of this ride-hailing company.

Being a ride-hailing startup or prolific entrepreneur, if you are having an idea on building an app like Uber business model, you can cross-verify it with us as we are a leading taxi booking app development company and have already developed over 50 on-demand taxi booking apps along with diverse features and unique functionalities like GPS real-time tracking, payment gateway integration, social media integration, cross-platform ability, online support, multi-lingual support, and visual calendar.

In case, if you still have any query like how much does it cost to make an app like Uber or Easy Taxi, or confusion regarding taxi app development, how long does it take to create taxi booking app like Uber, how long does it take to create an app like Uber, then you can get in touch with us through our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will revert to you as soon as possible. The consultation is absolutely free of cost.

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