Uber for Taxis: Don’t Forget to Consider These 3 Simple Tactics Before Taxi Booking App


This blog is for taxi startups and entrepreneurs. If you have ever thought to build an app like Uber for taxis, then check out these simple tactics by Flywheel Taxi app, which you can consider during taxi booking app development.

When it comes to ride-sharing apps, the very first thing, which strikes in our mind is the “Uber” – the Goliath in the niche of ride-sharing. Well, there are many other Uber-like apps in taxi booking industry, which are performing well. There is an Uber-like app, Flywheel Taxi, which is commonly known as “Uber for taxis.”

According to the report from Crunchbase, “Flywheel taxi app secured a total of $38.9 million in funding over 7 rounds. The latest round came to Venture round on April 13, 2016.”


Flywheel App: The Uber for Taxis

Flywheel is a mobile app, which allows its app users to hail a cab, track a ride, and make online payments.

  • Founded in 2009, Flywheel taxi app is a Bay Area-based e-hail app company.
  • The on-demand taxi booking platform, Flywheel Taxi, provides rides safely and quickly and has created a compelling alternative to Uber in San Francisco.
  • Flywheel Taxi booking company offers two main services: an e-hail app for riders and a smartphone-based operating system for taxi drivers, which replaces the jumble of meters, dispatch, advertising, and navigation system.
  • According to the report from SimilarWeb, you can check the usage rank of Flywheel taxi app.
  • According to sensortower.com, Uber has secured the top place in the list of top ridesharing and taxi app worldwide for Q1 2019 by downloads with 40 million new installs.
  • When it comes to talking about the most popular taxi app, Uber has secured the first place in the list of the most downloaded ridesharing and taxi app worldwide for May 2019 with over 13 million installs. It represented a 9% increase from May 2018. 19% was accounted from Brazil while 15 percent were from the United States.


  • According to App Annie, you can see the download rank history in this image.


  • The taxi-hailing app, Flywheel, shares Uber-like business model, and it has been famous among users in searches for very long time. This is what you can see in the image.

Follow These 3 Simple Tactics While Developing Taxi Booking

Tactic #1: Find Out Solutions to Real-World Problems of Riders

The taxi booking app has changed the way people commute. However, Flywheel app has shared Uber-like business model, but the taxi booking company has already given solutions to the riders in different regions. Flywheel app allows riders to book taxis nearby with total security and affordability.

Being a startup, if you are planning to build taxi booking app like Uber or Flywheel Taxi, then you need to solve a problem of your customers in the region where you want to start the Uber-like business. The second thing is that you need to simplify the lives of your customers or riders by providing solutions, which add values to their lives.

taxi-booking-app-development-companyImage Source: Uber

Additionally, all you need to find out that what value you can offer to the targeted audience, which your rivals yet not be provided? Uber-like business model, Flywheel Taxi, has successfully solved the transportation problems during hiring taxis or looking for cabs quickly as per their needs.

The bottom line is that you just need to find out the problems in the region where you want to start your taxi business. And, you need to find solutions for the same where people can get the taxis to get around easily.

Tactic #2: Customer Satisfaction is the Foremost

Unlike taxi booking apps like Uber, Lyft and Flywheel Taxi, if you want that your business would remain successful constantly in the taxi industry, then you just need to focus on your customer’s’ satisfaction before anything else. And, it must be foremost. However, you might be thinking that how can you achieve it? The simple answer is that by providing the ride-hailing services at a cheaper rate along with high-level of services.

When it comes to achieving customers’ satisfaction in transportation, the thing is that it is all about getting the supply of services of what and when they want.

Uber-for-taxisImage Source: flywheel

So, being a taxi booking startups, all you just need to provide customer satisfaction at an affordable cost without compromising the quality of services. Once you have analyzed your customers’ problems, then you will easily provide solutions as what exactly suit their needs.

Tactic #3: Give Solutions for Taxi Community

The Uber-like app, Flywheel Taxi, does not only provide solutions to riders, but it is a game changer in the taxi industry. This is because the Flywheel Taxi app provides solutions to the taxi drivers also as taxis are already out there on the streets looking for riders or customers. In real, Flywheel Taxi app does help taxi drivers to find customers through the ride-sharing app. But, it has broken up the traditional booking services and provided them with the new ways to get customers through the taxi booking platform.

App-like-UberImage Source: Uber

Thus, being a taxi booking startup, you just need to provide solutions for taxi drivers and fleets to give a platform where they can easily manage fleets and get rides as per their preferences and convenience. Provide a smartphone-based app for taxi drivers, which actually replace the jumble of meters, navigation systems, dispatch and credit card readers. Through one Uber air taxi app or on-road taxi app, drivers can seamlessly get a ride without facing any hassles.

Wrapping Up

We have analyzed the powerful tactics, which are behind the success of taxi booking app, Flywheel. These tactics will be helpful for taxi startups and entrepreneurs during taxi booking app development or if you as a startup want to replicate the Uber business model for better.

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