How Taxi App Like Uber App Can Leverage Advantages of iMessage App Integration


On-demand Uber app has a huge opportunity with iOS10, Uber iMessage App integration a must needed upgrade to messaging to be with current technology trends. Interestingly, the upgraded Apple Maps app has now support for third-party apps extensions that is Uber.

Many competitors have spread their wings for innovative features, from stickers to ride-sharing, and even develop in games and mini-apps.

Billions of user have been utilizing the apps such as WhatsApp, Line, Facebook Messenger, Telegram since years, and finally, Apple has reacted in the most Apple way possible by developing a full iMessage apps platform.

The Chance of Competing Against Uber App

Recently, St. Louis City Taxi companies are teaming to build a unified app similar to Uber and trying to make it easier than ever to hail a taxi from any taxi company in St. Louis with the touch of a button.

While Uber got extensions with updated Apple Maps app that adds quick access to traffic conditions, destinations, notifies road hazard and a feature that zooms in or out the map view based on location, speed, and route.

From the latest updates of iOS 10, iPhone users can use both Apple Maps and Siri to hail an Uber car. Back in June Uber declared that these integrations would be available to customers soon, and now here they are.


The Verge reports claim that iPhones running with updated software can now call an Uber by just looking for the option on the Ride tab of the app. The second option is simply to ask Siri to hail an Uber via the Uber app.

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However, unlike Uber, all the drivers have licensed cabs but they can leverage the advantages of iOS 10 users with their simple iMessage app development. Wherein people can get booked their ride through iMessage app and make their app more popular and later on, plan the whole app for all the platform.

iMessage apps will support in making the service more than just a messaging service. For example, as with WeChat, iMessage in iOS 10 will enable to make a booking for the taxi, restaurant reservations, send money to their dear and near ones, and many such features.

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Hence, Uber is still managing its place in taxi app world as it not running with the updated technology. If you are planning for any Taxi App like Uber or want to compete Uber, we can assist you.

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