Taxi App Development to Spruce up Your Taxi Business



Are you a taxi services company boggled by the success of the likes of Uber or Lyft?

Uber and similar others have simply adopted technology to provide better services to people looking for a ride. It’s beyond my understanding that instead of competing them taxi service owners are fighting against them. And for what? For being progressive?!

In any case, there is always a solution to this conundrum. You can always come up with your own taxi app and take the control of your business back in your own hands. Just like what Yo-Taxi did!

Yo-Taxi is an enterprise solution for taxi business owners who had been losing out to competitors like Uber and Lyft. It is an ingenious way for cab businesses to grow faster as it enables drivers to find passengers without losing any time.

Taxi App Development

Good news is that you can always build your own taxi enterprise solution. How? Let’s take a look before starting to develop taxi apps like Uber.

In case you are wondering how you would gather the mass of taxis to begin with, then let me tell you that it’s no rocket science. Aggregation is the answer to this critical question. A third party API is generally used as one-stop inventory on multiple platforms for all implementations to take place. This API could be your own Taxi app taking inventories from cab businesses instead of directly from drivers.

How would it work?

It would be a mobile app for Android or iOS devices, free for your customers to download. Upon registration and signing in the riders would be able to hire cabs by viewing their locations via and interactive map-view. Multiple bookings could be made, SMS service could be used for booking confirmations, and making payments could also be only a matter a touch of a button. This way precious time could be saved and your customers would be assured of a reliable pick-up ride.

It benefits the drivers as well!

Drivers who spend their time idle on streets waiting for a customer can save time and earn more by downloading the app and receiving multiple booking requests. Based on their availability, they can accept or postpone pre-bookings too.

With Taxi apps you can bid ‘good-bye’ to tedious manual booking systems!

A taxi app solution is intrinsically an intuitive software product that streamlines everyday processes. From managing booking requests, tracking driver routes and recruiting new drivers to handling online payment gateways, the app handles it all and hence proves to be more efficient, secure and productive than manual work.


Your App, Your Design!

Your taxi app development can be engineered and tailor-made for your unique brand needs. You can add features like multiple languages, real time communication with the drivers, chat options, and more. Whatever it requires you to stay ahead in the competition!

It’s time your taxi business takes the mobile way of running things. At Space-O, we specialize in Taxi booking app development, we would be more than glad to discuss your ideas and help your business flourish seamlessly. For now, get started by taking a look at our portfolio to understand what you can convert your business into.

In case, if you have any query or confusion regarding the cost of Uber-like taxi app development, then you can get in touch with us through contact us form. Our sales of representatives will revert to you within 48 hours. The consultation is absolutely free of cost.


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