Did You Taste The Shared Photo Streams In iOS 6?

Shared photo streams is an amazing and new feature in iOS 6 that allows you to share your photo album with the selected people you want. Apple has introduced a very useful and powerful alternative “shared photo streams” to emailing or manually uploading photos to other websites. Now you can share your selected photos with messages to your loved ones and business colleagues for personal or professional purposes. Apple’s photo stream service will let you select people who will receive a shared photo invitation to accept whenever you plan to post a new image.

Recently it was officially reported with the release of iOS 6 Beta 3 version that shared photo streams would be compatible with iPhone 3GS with iOS 6 updates. Otherwise, it supported only on the iPhone 4 and later. Moreover, iPod touch 4G with iOS 6 Beta 3 is also going to support the important feature of shared photo stream. It is heartening that stunning feature of shared photo streams will be available on older iPhones, iPads, and iPods as well.

Shared photo stream feature in iOS 6 cares for your privacy therefore, it helps to personalize your photos and share them with your family and friends quickly and super easy way. iCloud and photo and camera features have made the photo sharing quick and effortless. You just have to select the person who you want to share, tap it, and selected photo goes to his or her Apple’s device for acceptance. Now in fractions of seconds, you can create a variety of photo albums.

Shared photo streams on Apple TV:

You can also enjoy your trip photos, your convocation photos, your pets’ playing pictures, your kids’ naughty photos, and more on Apple TV and share with the people and let allow them to come into your world and enjoy your sweet moments that you have captured through camera and shared through Apple’s revolutionary devices.

Shared photo streams and iCloud:

You can instantly share bundles of photos with your loved ones who have been using iCloud on iOS 6 devices or a Mac running Mountain Lion. The speed of sharing photo streams through this way can take away your breath. It is super fast and you will get instant message alerts as responses from recipients. It becomes interesting when each photo stream shared carries driving options of message icons such as smiley, like, and comment.

With the help of Apple’s shared photo stream, you can also publish your photo albums to online gallery and enjoy with your family, friends, colleagues, and public without having any gadget by Apple.

Does Photo Sharing use iCloud storage?

No, your shared photo streams do not use iCloud volume; they function with the help of Wi-Fi and cellular networks. You are absolutely free in number of shared photo streams in
iOS6. Share and enjoy every moment of your life!

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