Todoist App Is Rolling Out A Major Update: 5 Features To Consider For Your Task Manager App

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No matter the size and type of your business, if you are running a business with a big team and a number of employees and facing problems in managing them, this blog is for you. With task manager apps, you can save time and energy, motivate your team to work more and increase their productivity. The market of task manager apps is congested with many new apps but they lack good features. According to recent news from TechCrunch, one to-do list app named Todoist has launched a new version of their app with ultimate features for their users. So, it’s high time for you to develop a to-do list app like Todoist. In this blog, we have curated 5 features of the best to-do list app that you need to consider for your task manager app development.

Work, work, work. Lately, all of us have been feeling like we have no time for anything but work. But what makes it easy to manage the work in such a way that you can get more time for yourself?  

Small steps can help you manage things better and lead to bigger achievements. 

Earlier people used to make checklists on paper and now there are many mobile apps for to-do lists. With a variety of mobile apps, it becomes difficult to understand which could be the best to do list or task manager mobile app that has all the optimal features and functionalities in it. Todoist is one of the iPhone task manager app development, that takes care to add the best features and understand what their users want from them. 

With a minimalistic design and easy to use user interface, Todoist has been winning the hearts of many users. Are you looking to develop a to-do list app like Todoist? Here are 5 features inspired by Todoist that you should integrate into your app to transform it into one of the best task manager apps.

5 Features You Should Consider For a Successful Task Manager App Development

#1 Quick add 

We have downloaded to-do list apps and then abandoned them. Why? Because it is too cumbersome to add new tasks or create a new checklist in most of these task manager apps.

That’s why adding a feature that allows users to quickly add tasks or create a checklist will be appreciated by your users. By adding this feature to your to-do list app, you can make it quick and easy to add new tasks. This will help them remember important things without much hassle. You can also make this feature intuitive for the users. For instance, if you make a new task of “Doctor’s appointment at 8” then your to-do app will set a reminder for the same day at 8 to help the user. 

#2 Recurring due dates

Is there something you do every day, week or month? Many of us have tasks that we do on a daily basis. The tasks that we do on a daily basis, we might remember them and won’t need to add a task for the same. However, there will be some tasks like paying the rent or getting medicines that we have to do but not every day. There is a possibility that people can forget about these tasks and need reminders.

But it could be tedious to create a new task for such work over and over again, right? Hence, you can add the option to set the same task to repeat after a set time. This will help users save time and avoid having to input the same thing repeatedly. It will divert many users to your task manager app and increase the app retention percentage too. 

#3 Setting priorities

A long list of tasks or many tasks under one section could get a little confusing. Users may tend to get confused about which of their tasks should they focus on first and which should be given the least amount of importance. This can lead to mismanagement and people might forget to complete important tasks on time. 

Hence, you can add a way to help users prioritize their tasks. It could be done by adding labels, different colors or by asking the importance of a task and then sorting them according to the same. This feature will help users manage their list better and make better use of your task management app.

#4 Delegate tasks

There are many task manager apps that also work as a team collaboration tool in the workplace. Some of the more popular ones are Asana and Trello. If you want to make a similar to-do list app, you can add the option to delegate tasks for the users.

For this feature, both the users will need to be connected in some way and only then can they delegate tasks to each other. Next, one of them can create a task and simply assign it to someone from their contacts. This will make team collaboration more efficient and simple. It also becomes easy to keep track of tasks that are assigned to other people. The group communication tool will also ensure that none of the team members forget any of their pending tasks. 

#5 Track the progress via in-app productivity meter

You can add a feature in your to-do list app that helps users see their progress and track their productivity. With this feature, it becomes a sort of challenging game for the users to complete their tasks on time. This enables them to be more productive and active. 

You can show them a productivity meter or a color-coded graph that shows the progress of daily or weekly productivity. Teams at the workplace or groups of friends can also use this to challenge each other. It can show an increase in productivity and help people get more work done on time. Even if they are not competing with anyone else, they will be motivated when they see their own graph go up after each task that they complete. 

Want to invest in your own task manager app development?

Task management is a complicated task and Todoist is making it easier for people to achieve more and complete their task more easily. According to TechCrunch, Todoist is rolling out a new major update that will help people complete their work in a more efficient and better way.

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