How Favor, an On-demand Delivery Startup, Got Huge Success in Just 3 Years?


In the recent time, the on-demand economy has revolutionized the commercial behavior in cities across the world. Day-by-day, the online delivery field is getting crowded, and companies are striving hard to create a reliable, faster, and all-inclusive online delivery service.

What are you doing with your on-demand service? How are you going to differentiate your on-demand startup from rest of the startups? Now, there is one of the most popular startups Favor, which delivers anything its customers want to purchase from the city, just within an hour to their doorstep.

No matter whether they are ordering for food, groceries, shoes or any other item, Favor is the easiest way for them to get it. Favor has managed to do just that in the easiest way. There are lots of other on-demand service providers that offer food delivery services, but Favor considers itself as unique.

Founded in 2013 in Austin, Texas, Favor has expanded to Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Denver, Houston, and San Antonio. Recently, the company has raised $13 million in Series A funding to expand its service countrywide

It will deliver just about anything, anywhere, anytime in designated neighborhoods via its app. Favor has risen to popularity by differentiating itself from its competitors in Austin in a few key ways. Moreover, the startup claims a 4.5-star rating on Yelp and has completed 1.5+ million deliveries since its launch in 2013.


With 10,000+ Runners, who dressed in light blue, tuxedo t-shirts, Favor has made its unique position in the Austin market. Being a simple way to get anything you want, the application allows users to order any product, from any store within the delivery area or users can also choose one of the featured items from the app.

Your runner is your personal assistant, whom you can tell what you are looking for. Just review your receipt, select your tip, and confirm it. However, the payment is cashless that can be done through the app in the simplest way.

What Makes Favor Different from Other Startups?

Your Runner is Your Personal Assistant

There are lots of startups across the globe that offer food delivery and other on-demand services, but Favor has gained much popularity because of its personal assistant feature. It doesn’t limit itself from just delivering food.

However, GrubHub, BiteSquad, and others are also placing orders, but only at certain restaurants that already have delivery services. So, Favor is one such app that offers personal assistant service, allowing you to order from anywhere to pick up anything in its targeted region.

Talking about it’s personal assistant feature, the co-founder of the company Ben Doherty said, “Favor, at its core, is a team of personal assistants.”

The company’s team of personal assistants is delivering all types of products, including latest video games to grocery items to Christmas trees to gift articles. The runners can go to any store or restaurant to pick up the parcel and deliver it to you and this is what that makes the service more attractive.

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Instant Order & Speedy Delivery

Favor has differentiated itself through its instant order and speedy delivery. In the Central Austin area, it will deliver anything you want within a few second except alcohol. When asked to the co-founder of the company about its instant order and delivery service, he said, “We can make just about any restaurant in the city into a Jimmy John’s.”

Moreover, the whole experience of Favor application is wrapped around their mobile apps that make the ordering of products easy. The best thing about it is that it allows users to rate their experience of food quality and service.

Super-friendly Customer Service


When it comes super-friendly customer service, Favor is the only name that comes to the Austin-based people’s mind. It is the refreshing experience for delivery services. However, the CEO of the company was also a user before becoming involved with the company.

He experienced a wonderful customer service with the company, when he ordered his first product. So, you can also unleash the magic of anything button that you can find in the application and your runner will pick up your product to deliver it in your hands.

This is How Favor Works in Just Simple Steps

  • Once, you download the application on your smartphone, you need to register your email address, credit card information and address.
  • You can log-in through Facebook that makes it a lot simpler.
  • After logging in the app, you can browse through curated lists, featuring menus from different restaurants in your area or you can also hit the “order anything” and place the order about anything.
  • In addition to this, the app has status bar option that shows you at what part of the process the runner is. This way you will come to know where your product is and if you want to change anything about your placed order, you can just call or send a text to a runner directly.
  • Once, you get your product delivered, you can easily pay through the app. You will be charged a delivery and service fee, and there will be an option to tip your runner, who will keep 100% of the tip and gets a share of the delivery charge.

Favor application has revolutionized the on-demand economy in Austin, Texas by delivering an incredible on-demand service that users would never forget. This is how on-demand startups are getting more success.

Do you also have such on-demand food delivery app idea that can get huge success and bring storm in the market? Do share your idea with us. We are an experienced app development company, who have already developed such apps.

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