5 Steps to Ensure Success of BDaaS

Big Data as a Service

BDaaS or Big Data as a Service has immense potential to benefit industries all across the world. Contrary to what the name suggests, Big Data is a lot more than just a huge amount of Data. It is the combination of data management and bringing together different sets of Data. A good data management can not only offer perceptible insight but also enhance an organization’s financial standing.

Big Data is mostly measured in Volume, Velocity and Variety, and basically speaks for a disruption in data management and business intelligence, and can have drastic impact on governance. To understand the impact of big data and how a well thought data strategy works it is essential that the three Vs: Velocity, Volume and Variety, are in-sync.

  • Velocity: It is the Big Data era, as today data is created in almost real time. The speed or Velocity in which data received is almost unbelievable. Organizations struggle with the in-flux of data at the enormous speed.
  • Variety: Unlike the previous times, data that is generate is mostly unstructured or uncategorized. There is a different approach and different techniques are used to streamline the data clutter.
  • Volume: Date to be created now on will be doubled. It is said to increase 50 times by the time it is 2020. The sheer enormity of the volume of data that is generated is overwhelming.

Steps to ensure BDaaS Success:

With a lot going on where data is concerned there is a necessity to plan, present and package it well without having to waste time on systematizing it. It becomes necessary to engineer a design that exploits the potential of data and at the same time retains security and flawless management. To ensure a well performing BDaaS, here are a few steps:

  1. A well-planned data management system: It is an intensely competitive market and a superior data management system & a sophisticated data analysis solution are a must for enterprises to function seamlessly.
  2. Data Security:Data security cannot be neglected at any cost. Ignoring it can cause gargantuan losses, slowing down of work processes, damaging reputation, and affecting efficiency.
  3. Opt for a tier based date design: For Data flow it is advised that breaking the operational tiers into more logical sets like analysis tier, acquisition tier, consumption tier ad organization tier, allows agility.
  4. Each Data at a time: All data is not needed at the same time. It can create a mess when all data is presented at the same time. From acquisition of the data to extraction of what is important and necessary, the course of action should be immaculate.
  5. Success of BDaaS is a combined effort:When enterprise planners, data designers, database management people, SOA experts, BI and DW SMEs, business strategists, and InfoSec representatives come together with the right knowledge and intentions, the success of a BDaaS can be assured.

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