Facebook’s ‘Star Wars’ Movie Promotion Through Changeable Profile Picture, Why Not Snapchat like App – Slingshot?

Have you watched the official trailer of Star Wars: The Force Awakens! If not! Watch it here…

But, do you know how Facebook introduces a new way of movie promotion to their 1.49 billion monthly audiences?

Facebook initiates a new feature called ‘Lightsaber’, with that Facebook notify you with the message “Awaken the Force within by adding Finn’s lightsaber to your profile picture”. And, Facebook adds a benevolent blue or a red Dark Side cross-guard lightsaber over one of your photos.
facebook-star-wars-profile-pictureThis isn’t the first time Facebook has allowed its user to edit their profile picture as per the recent trend. However, this is the first time when any movie is promoted by changing profile picture. You can make it profile pic and also able to set an expiration date of when you want to go back to your normal profile.

Isn’t it interesting? Users can also find the option in the Star Wars Facebook Page’s timeline.

But How Facebook missed their Snapchat like App Slingshot’s creative idea, let us elaborate:

Like profile pic, users can also integrate their account with a Snapchat-like app called “Slingshot”, allowing people to deal with ephemeral photo and video based messages. It is an excellent way to have a chat about ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ with your followers.

The best thing about this interesting application is users cannot view an incoming message until receiver doesn’t respond with their photos or videos.

Do you want to know more that “How does Snapchat like App, Slingshot work”?

It’s easy to start with Slingshot. Just Click photo or video, add some text and colors and sling it to your followers. Once your followers get your shot, they can reply with a reaction or swipe your shot away. Sling a shot whenever you want to share something.

  • Sling a shot whenever you want to share something.
  • Respond any shot with your reactions.
  • Swipe a shot and forget to view again
  • Share your thoughts with captions, drawing and filters
  • You have only 24-hours to see any shot

One of the excellent social media site’s strength is to enable groups of people to communicate across time and geographical boundaries. Facebook’s Snapchat clone script app, Slingshot enables users to exchange video clips and photos like the school kids exchange snacks and/or stickers. You don’t find inactive users on Slingshot.

Facebook, one of the most loved social networking sites, had been jealous of watching Snapchat attracts a huge sharing of the photos and thus, it’s cloned is its rivals. Sometimes, users may find this thing irritating as users can’t immediately view the pictures.

Slingshot messages disappeared once the users respond to the message. It wouldn’t be saved. However, there are other best things you must know about Snapchat Clone Script App like:

  • Follow people who have same interest like you or you find them interesting
  • Add Captions and Texts
  • Tap to Add Emoji
  • Draw a shot and share among your followers
  • Record your shots and Filter It with ease
  • Instant notification option to respond immediately.
  • Push notification

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