Do You Know Which Sectors That Top Seed Investors’ Eyes On?


Talking about seed investors, they are the first ones to back startups and technologies, which go on to become the world-changing forces. Therefore, if they are mutually raising their bets about something, no matter whether it is social media in the early 2000s or autonomous vehicles in the last few years, it is a reasonable sign that thing is composed for volatile growth.

Considering this in mind, here you can see that which sectors and technology categories are topped for seed-stage investors. However, the below-mentioned areas or sectors have seen huge increases in investment dollars and deal count year-by-year. Moreover, the analysis and study make use of CrunchBase data to show the areas.

Here are some of the areas to watch:

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Do you know that seed investors are not essentially supporting various startups in the augmented & virtual reality space? However, they never miss investing in the augmented reality development and virtual reality development.

When it comes to talking about the virtual reality and augmented reality, both are two technologies that are rapidly transforming. Both these technologies have led the advancement of various industries from gaming enhancements to B2B tools. We can’t comment on the future of VR and AR; however, they will undoubtedly be an impacting business.

It also seems to be the takeaway from current year’s funding numbers, that displays 42 AR/VR companies have increased a combined $52 million in seed and angel rounds. Considering last year’s numbering, approximately 39 seed-stage startups have collectively raised $26 million.

In the recent time, both AR and VR have been sounded like a wild futuristic concept; however, the technology has been around for years. Both the technologies become more robust and seamless with each passing decade, delivering a wonderful means of overlaying computer-generated images atop a user’s view of reality. In the coming years, the impact of VR and AR will be doubled on the mobile apps industry.


In the auto industry, stories about disturbance mainly focus on big-name companies such as Tesla, Uber, and more along with late-stage deals and attainments. However, there is a huge happening at the very early stages also.

Approximately, 57+ companies have raised about $55 million this year in seed and angel funding rounds, up from $32 million in all of 2015. However, some of the startups are deep tech companies that are working on things like autonomous driving, a huge hunk is business model innovators, delivering new ways to purchase, sell, share, rent, park and repair vehicles.

Machine Learning

Last year, machine learning startups have also noticed a huge spike in seed funding and it continues this year as well. There are approximately 90 startups that have generated more than $125 million in 2016 so far.

Talking about the last year, there are approximately 80 rounds that together purchased in $82 million (which was more than double the previous year’s total). Now, funded companies also adding some of the fascinating projects, comprising building a smart baby monitor, salary maximization software and even a Fitbit for cows.

Agriculture Industry

Talking about the agriculture industry, this year, seed and angel investors have put $33 million into agriculture-related startups that have been increased from $18 million in all of 2015.

Moreover, they are also backing more companies – 25 compared to 18 last year. Some of the popular areas comprise pest control, pathogen detection, crop monitoring technologies and more.

You can also notice that mobile app developers and various mobile app development companies are also working hard to develop innovative solutions by leveraging technologies like the Internet of Thing, GPS, maps, beacons and other cloud technologies so that they can serve easily to execute solutions.

One of the best and smart use of beacon technology is to insert the sensors in farmlands to produce real-time and simple to interpret data on soil conditions like moisture level, the requirement for fertilizers, mineral levels, etc.

So, these are some of the major industries, where seed investors are scaling up and generating huge money. Mobile apps have also impacted a lot on these industries, as more and more businesses of these industries prefer a mobile application for easy exciting solutions.

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