Start Up India, Stand Up India – Google’s Launchpad Accelerator Program for Startups


launchpadNever thought event. Start Up India, Stand Up India starts with a mission to reveal technology business incubators and research parks. The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, will address entrepreneurs at Vigyan Bhawan and launch an action plan for ‘Start Up India, Stand Up India’.

StartUp India, Stand Up India solves problems in India across different industries, including sports, education, environment, medicine and so on. The search engine giants, Google will launch a live contest, Google’s Launchpad Accelerator Program, with five pre-screened startups, who present their business cases to a panel of the top VCs and representatives from Google.

What are the five shortlisted startups? And, their Ideas?

Reap Benefit

Solves local environment and civic issues like sanitation, energy waste and air quality. They have already developed various solutions like an organic enzyme to convert food waste into compost, water-less urinals, weather stations, etc.

Cardiac Design Labs

Provides comprehensive, real-time analysis with MIRCaM that includes Patient’s Bedside Unit, Bodyworn unit, MIRCaM Doctor’s Terminal and MIRCaM Doctor’s Mobile App. It generates instant alarms on episode detection, resulting into more patient care and safety.


Empowering teachers with adaptive teaching packs that include in-class guidance about topics and familiarizes teachers with their past behavior, student moods, etc.


Using wearable technology to release sporting potential. They have used smartwatches and smartbands to develop applications for wearable devices.


Cleaning the environment by repurposes carbon in the air pollution to create industrial grade raw material for printing industry like paints, inks, pigments, etc.

How will these startups receive an invitation at Google Launchpad Week?

Google had invited users to vote for their favorite startup on its startup page. Based on the highest votes, top three startups will get an invitation to join the Google’s Launchpad Week 5 Day mentorship event.

People’s Choice Award: Guru-G won people’s choice award and get direct entry to Google Launchpad week.

The prize money: The winner will get $100,000 (approximately Rs. 66 lacs) worth of Cloud Credit by the company and will be eligible for consideration to the Launchpad Accelerator Program in July 2016.

Words from VP & Managing Director of Google South East Asia & India, Rajan Anandan
“We’re delighted to carry forward the vision and align with ‘Start-up India Stand Up India’ efforts, with a special session focusing on early stage startups by providing them a platform to present their ideas to the world under our Launchpad Program.”

Right now, India ranks third with 4,200 start-ups after US at first and UK at second. It is expected that a number to rise further in coming years. With an increase in a number of startup in India, the competitor becomes tougher and harder. No startup idea works successfully if it is not implemented properly. Here, we become your startup partner to convert your mobile app idea into a successful application.


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