How Appreneurs Overcome The Startup Challenges to Build a Mobile App That People Actually Use

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The world is full of technology startups, and majority of these startups are based on mobile apps.

The success of startup apps like Instagram, Uber, Whatsapp, Snapchat, and even games like Flappybird, Angry birds and many others often fool the first-time Appreneurs into thinking that building a startup app is easier than it actually is.

Due to this, many Appreneurs think that if their idea is great, users will automatically come to use their app. But, the truth is, there are so many hurdles to cross before even getting to the App Store.

Since we started, we’ve worked with numerous startups, which is why we’re aware about every startup challenges Appreneurs usually face. Moreover, we often help Appreneurs to overcome those challenges during different phases of their mobile app development.

Since we’ve developed mobile apps in almost all categories (check below graphic for details), we often answer questions like:

How should we build this?

How much time required to build a mobile app?

How should we design it’s User Interface?


While working on all these projects, we’ve seen where most Appreneurs fall short and make no mistake, because these challenges can cause your app to fail entirely.

Fortunately, many of these challenges can be handled with proper planning, approach, and research. And, this article will help to recognize these startup challenges early, how to prepare for them, and ultimately build a mobile app successfully.

Technical Decisions! They’re Crucial

Many first-time Appreneurs do not realize how crucial the planning of mobile app development can be.

Now, there is not one way to build a mobile app, there are in fact hundreds. There is not only one language or one platform or technology that mobile app developers utilize.

Thousands of combinations need to take place in order to build a mobile app for a startup idea.

However, are you aware why is this so important?

Why it is difficult to choose a development approach?

This includes whether to go with iPhone app development, Android app development, or Hybrid app development. Each of these platforms has several frameworks and technologies which can be used.

But, making an incorrect decision leads to scalability, maintainability, and performance issues later. This is why, it’s important to consult with top mobile app development company to make sure you’re not leading on your way to failure.

Another area that Appreneurs need to remember is that different app development agencies have different beliefs towards each platform. And, the skills required to develop a mobile app varies significantly.

The successful Appreneurs learn what their options are, find out an app agency’s past projects, their client testimonials to make sure they approaching the right agency for their project. Bottom line is, appreneurs need to do a background check of development company and understand whether it is capable of using any approach.

Know When To Rely On Others

While establishing a startup, every cent is precious and it should be. But, we’ve also seen many startups handle logo design, interface design on their own.

Appreneurs need to understand that it’s important to know their strengths and be humble on their weaknesses.

Successful appreneurs are quick to realize when they might need help and when to rely on others.

In fact, it’s vital to remember that professionals are used to working on several apps a year, and have an extensive portfolio, where this might be your first app.

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The Launching Dilemma

Once the mobile app is built and ready, deciding when to launch is a real challenge.

Launching too early means you could get negative reviews because your app is not fully-featured, and waiting too long means spending more money before receiving the market feedback.

Furthermore, it’s also difficult not to fall under “one-more feature” mindset. But, to overcome this challenge, consider alpha and beta testing.

Here, new users are constantly added. Ask these new users how they feel about your mobile app, but also find out whether new features reducing the returns of existing users.

The point to remember is that users are much less likely to feel that something is missing than you are. This is why, best advice is to analyze, research, test, then update.

Concluding Thoughts…

For any startup, developing a mobile app can be both, fantastic and challenging undertaking. So, appreneurs also need to take a hard look at market and discover opportunities.

Having a top mobile app development company that you can trust can go a long way in the app development process, particularly for the appreneurs.

Lastly, we’d like to share last bit of advice that we always do to each client who comes to us

First, thoroughly research apps that are similar to your mobile app idea that failed and succeeded. Obtain information about them as much as you can. Try to get a clear idea how you want your app to help your target audience.

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