Startup Advices You Must Never Listen To


Startups have failed again and again, and only one question remain in their ashes, “Why?” The reason behind that is the array of advices, that crush startups under the weight of presumptions.

A couple of articles ago, we told you about the startup myths that are eating away the success of many deserving startups. In lieu with that, here is what people advice, that you must never listen to, the bad startup advices.


Do What Your Heart Asks You To

As a startup, if you start doing what your heart asks you to, you will end up being bankrupt, with no money or business left over. It is important that you do what the market requires you to do. The most essential work to be done is to first research the market and its needs. See if your product fits in. Once you are sure it does, only then move ahead with the plan. Being inventive is not going to pay off, especially not in the early years. It is being innovative that will make your company run.

Never Change

This advice is definitely going to take you down as you move on. Change is basically the law of life and if you cannot change, then change changes you. Owning a startup, you need to be agile, and flexible. If one idea is not working, research the market and twist or change the idea. Don’t get stuck to one idea as that may cause your downfall. Keep experimenting, keep changing, keep studying and that is the way to be successful.

Failure means you are not fit

Nope it isn’t! Failures are a part and parcel of your startup life. As it is, failures may be the stepping stones you need to climb the ladder of success.Failures do not mean saying goodbye to businesses, it means you have had one experience already, now it is time for you to have one more. After learning from the mistakes made the first time, a second chance may prove to be a blessing in disguise. You may try and implement the same idea with a difference or change it completely.

If your product is good, consumers will come

For the second time over, they won’t. It all depends on the product, its quality and quantity but most importantly, its marketing. The product or services that you have to offer may not even reach your customer, if you do not have the talent to make sure it reaches your audiences, then consider it lost. Again, it is not necessary that marketing has to cost a lot. there is a concept called Guerilla marketing, wherein using very less money a hell lot of awareness about your product can be created. Here is an example of Guerilla marketing as done by McDonald’s.

Being Secretive is the best

No! It is not beneficial for your and your product’s health. Being afraid of someone stealing your idea is not going to work. Google or any other search engine is not there to steal your idea and use it for their own end. Neither are experts. If you do not take second opinion from experts in the field then there is a problem. These opinions are almost like whispers from God himself, during times like these.

Secondly, your idea may not be that new anyway. It might be inspired from some firm or other. In that case an idea like that already exists, and there is no fear of it being stolen. Another possibility might be, as we mentioned above, your idea may change based on the market experience of the first few months. So spending on patents is useless.

This is a few of the startup advices need to be beware of. Growing is your right and guiding you is our duty. As most people say, listen to all the advice people give you but apply only those that actually make sense to you.


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