SQL, or NoSQL? Which Database Fits Best for Your Business? [Quick Guide]

SQL vs NoSQL - Which one to choose for your business

No matter, whether it is servers, computers or mobile devices, it is impossible to think of any application including games, mobile apps or websites without the use of the ability of machines.

Over time, SQL and NoSQL have been an excellent invention in the area of data management. They have been used to store data or big data and retrieval smooth and optimized. Moreover, it is also difficult to choose one and completely go with other alternative.

How SQL Differently Manage Database from NoSQL?

  • SQL databases are table based that represent data in form of tables and contains a number of rows of data while NoSQL databases are document based, graph databases, key-value pairs, or wide- column stores that do not have standard schema definitions which it requires to observed to.  
  • SQL databases have predefined schema for unstructured data. On other side, NoSQL databases have dynamic schema.
  • Structured Query Language is used by SQL databases for defining and manipulating the powerful data. Queries are focused on collection of documents in NoSQL database. It is better known as UnQL (Unstructured Query Language).
  • SQL databases are excellent for the complex query intensive environment while NoSQL databases are not good for complex queries. NoSQL doesn’t have standard interfaces to act on complex queries and the queries itself is not powerful in NoSQL like SQL query language.
  • SQL databases are not appropriate for hierarchical data storage while NoSQL database is best for the hierarchical data storage, as it follows the key-value pair way of storing data like JSON data. NoSQL database is the most preferred database for the large data set.
  • SQL databases are best for heavy-duty transactional type applications due to its stability and integrity of data. NoSQL can be used for transactions purpose; it is not comparable for complex transactional applications.

Apart from these differences, Subham Abrol wrote this most up-voted answer on Stackoverflow.

SQL vs NoSQL - Most up voted answer from stackoverflow

Credit: Stack Overflow

Why SQL is the First and Last Choice of Businesses?

Structured data plays an important for the business, as they will always have to store customer and financial information. Over the last few years, companies have started to maintain more unstructured data that generally they are deploying and scaling applications.

Moreover, they have more content like podcasts, PDFs, videos, and images that they are using on their website, for social media and emails. SQL is a better option for low-complexity applications that raised over time.

There is some complex application that used SQL technologies for their applications such as Real-time big data analytics, Mobile Transactions, E-auctions, E-Commerce, Online Retailers, Dynamic pricing, Group buying offerings, Automated online assistants, and so on.

Why SQL is better for Mobile App’s Backend?

If you want real-time analytics (and ability to tweak it with new stats time by time) – SQL will definitely work better for you than MongoDB.

SQL database for business is better option for data reliability and safe guarantee of performed transactions.

Relational database management systems are very popular and it is very easy to get free as well as paid support from such systems. In case, any issue arises, it becomes much easier to solve than recently-popular NoSQL databases – especially when solution is bit difficult in nature.

Complex querying and data keeping requirements provide solution on the go with relational databases. They are much more best and well-organized in this domain.

Areas which prefer NoSQL

Undoubtedly, NoSQL delivers advantages to business, especially startups and small business that can advantages from leveraging free open source software. However, NoSQL has limits, it may struggle to maintain ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation and durability) compliance that prime of problems such as inventory information not being simplified in real time on an eCommerce website.

Reasons for using NoSQL:

  • Bigness

NoSQL is an important part of the new data stack supporting, i.e. big number of users, data, supply chains and so on. NoSQL is there when something becomes so big that it must become largely distributed. The bigness can be across to many different dimensions; it is not just limited to huge disk space.

  • Fast key-value access

In the general mind-set, it is the second most cited virtue of NoSQL. It is a bit difficult to exhausted hashing on a key and reading the value from the memory directly when invisibility is essential.

  •  Flexible schema and flexible datatypes

The whole range of new data types is supported by NoSQL and this is a main area of innovation in NoSQL. We have graph, advanced data structures, key-value, column-oriented, and document-oriented. One can easily store complex objects without a lot of mapping.

  • Schema migration

With Schemalessness, one can easily deal with schema migrations without any worry. Schemas are in a sense dynamic, as they are imposed by the application at run-time, so various parts of an application, can have a diverse view of the schema.

SQL vs. NoSQL – Which & When to Choose?

SQL and NoSQL databases perform the same thing but in different manners. It is possible to select one for your business and move to another later, however, it could cost much time and money later. SQL database seems to be more practical alternative – when the project introduces eCommerce facilities that need for robust transaction support.

Choose SQL When

  • Data integrity is essential
  • Standards-based proven technology with expert developer experience and support
  • Logical related discrete data requirements which can be known up-front

Choose NoSQL When

  • Simpler or looser project objectives, able to start coding immediately
  • Speed and scalability are imperative
  • Unrelated, indeterminate or evolving data requirements

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