Space-O’s First Windows Mobile App Development Experience


First ever Windows Mobile App from an organization known as a Leading Mobile Apps Development Company in India?

Yes. Recently we at Space-O developed our first Windows Phone 8 Application for Megaplex Theatres, a USA based world leader organization in Movie Industry.

This experience takes us back when we developed our first ever iPhone App at Space-O. While the technologies were different, the experience of starting something for the first time is almost similarly thrilling.

Here’s the brief of what application does:

Megaplex Theatres App Screen 2

The app shows the list of nearest theatres, guides the users through map and navigation path to the theatre, allows users to book the tickets through their mobile devices and share with their friends and family.

There are times when you want to watch a movie but cannot decide upon which one to watch and where.

That’s no longer a challenge now. Use this Windows 8 App that we have developed and make your life easier.

Did we mention that we have developed iPhone and Android version of the same app as well?

Megaplex Theatres, for whom we developed the app, did not want to miss on the 3rd largest mobile apps marketplace: Windows Phone App Store.

Sure, Megaplex Theatres is a world leader in the movie industry and operates the largest movie theatre chain in Utah with more than 193 screens across 18 locations but the point is not just that they are big.

The point is: they consider mobile as a key success driver to their business and did not want to keep a stone unturned to serve their customers who would be using Windows Phones.

Now, it makes good sense for the businesses to consider Windows Mobile 8 Apps if majority of their user base is going to access their services through mobile devices.

Megaplex Theatres just did that. We call it wise move for the business.

So how did we develop our first Windows Mobile 8 App?
One of the developers who had been working with us primarily to create Web Services for different front-end technologies had prior experience of working on Microsoft .NET framework. He took up the challenge, and educated himself about developing Windows Mobile Apps.

Then came designing the front-end part. Here, our learning curve was not that steep as our designers anyways know how to create interfaces for iOS and Android devices. Still they studied different Windows Mobile 8 Apps to identify the common user interface patterns so that the Windows App that we develop can confirm to the OS standards.

Once we designed the application, came the testing part. Our testers, who are good in mobile interface testing, educated themselves to understand the anatomy of Windows Mobile 8 Apps.

In the initial stage, we thought to hire a dedicated engineer who would have prior experience of developing Windows Mobile apps. However, our technical team, who rests in challenges, requested us to throw this challenge to them. They also assured us that the client would get professional Windows Mobile 8 app developed. Nothing more; nothing less.

And we delivered our first Windows Mobile 8 App.

For a technology company like us, nothing is better than excited team who is ready to take new challenges. The reason is simple – what will happen in the technology era is uncertain so not the knowledge of a particular language but the ability to learn quickly and apply that learning into a service, solution or a product becomes more important.

This experience suggests that our direction is right. When you know your direction is right, you develop the confidence to serve your clientele like only a few can.

Thank you Megaplex Theatres for providing us such an opportunity where we could challenge ourselves and opened the door of a new area of development – Windows Mobile Apps Development.

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