Software as a Service

The Easiest Way to Save Your Money and Work Anywhere

In an evolving technology environment, IT has become an important aspect that businesses ought to look into. Building an appropriate and scalable IT infrastructure can help businesses grow and expand while making it more profitable.

Space-O Technologies offers SaaS Development Services that help you reduce your operational costs by 50% and offers you highly scalable business solutions, which in turn allow you to concentrate on your business core. We take care of your IT requirements, while you can work on making your business more profitable.

We understand that each enterprise comes with unique requirements, and have critical assets and integration needs that can be taken care of via IT infrastructure. We offer exquisite SaaS solutions customized to meet your cloud/legacy requirements while improving your operational efficiencies and supporting your product development lifecycle.

Our SaaS solutions account for all levels of business complexities, and our developers & architects work as a team to develop and manage the apt solution in a cost-effective manner while giving you a competitive edge. SaaS is not only appropriate for development but also as a service delivery model and has various levels associated with it.

Benefits of SaaS Development

  • Superior Community Support
  • Rapid & Continuous Upgrades
  • Easy Accessibility
  • Web Services based Integration
  • Superior Services using SLAs
  • Multi-tenant Architecture
  • Highly Secure
  • Enriched User Experience
  • Pay for What you Use
  • Standardized Application Development
  • Smooth Integration

With such massive benefits, it is only sensible to use SaaS services for development & deployment of your applications.

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SaaS Services We Cater

Developing Platform Strategy: Based on your unique enterprise needs, we devise a SaaS development & deployment strategy that helps you achieve your goals. We also define the platform most suitable to your goals.

Architecture & Design: We understand the multiple layers and the complexities of your business, and offer an architecture and design that helps reduce the complexities and offer easy accessibility and unique user experience.

Development & Testing: With simple codes and unique development standards, we cater to your SaaS development needs. We ensure application development for the different architecture and platforms as defined in the strategy. We test the applications at all levels.

Deployment: SaaS delivery models are also defined in the architecture. We ensure proper deployment as well as support for your SaaS models so that you can concentrate on your core business.

Our Expertises

  • CRM Systems
  • E-Marketplace
  • Data Security Management Systems
  • Cloud Applications

Why Choose Space-O Technologies?

With our SaaS development and deployment options, we deliver scalable and robust solutions to your business offering them endless growth.

Our cost-effective solutions and reduced turnaround time with development & deployment methods help you get a competitive edge.

Our cost-effective solutions and reduced turnaround time with development & deployment methods help you get a competitive edge.

With appropriate SLAs, we ensure the appropriate support and service for your business.
Our team relentlessly works towards improving your SaaS experience and giving you ulterior outputs.

Our highly capable team takes care of your unique integration, mobile solution and subscription needs with apt services.

If you are looking for a service development & delivery model that caters to modern technology, get in touch with us.

I am extremely happy that I went with Atit and his team. I was a little weary at first since his team did not have encryption experience, so when I followed up with him after not hearing from him for two days, he had apologized and informed me his team was testing out the encryption before responding to my inquiries. I was fairly impressed. Throughout the project, Atit has been very responsive and e-mailing me back every night if not every other night. It was due to my inexperience that the project finished on time. If I had known the importance of flowcharts and providing every single screen step by step, I believe Atit's team could've finished the project within two to three weeks (I had projected 4-5 weeks). If you'd like to view what his team has done, feel free to check out "Pocket Wallet". Thank you so much Atit!Jenn
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