Tinder for Moms: 3 Lessons to Learn From Peanut App That Revolutionized the Social Networking App Genre

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Have you ever thought of breaking the myth of Tinder as a dating app or matchmaking app platform? Peanut app, a Tinder for moms, is an exception for the app like Tinder genre. Recently, this social networking app startup has raised $5M funding to expand its ‘making new mom friends’ platform towards a new approach of helping women to conceive. Herein we have rounded-up 3 lessons of the Peanut app, which you should consider for your social networking app development.

From changing diapers to sleepless nights, a new mom’s life is haywire. Now, in understanding her child’s tantrums, her own period mood swings, there is one more thing she fears for- making new friends. 

Motherhood can be lonely at times, especially when one is new to it. Now, you might think that they can meet new mom friends, from approaching moms at the playground to suggesting a coffee run after music class. But these are all hit-or-miss methods of forming a friendship.

Instead of preparing oneself on time, to meet new moms in-person, the easiest way in today’s digital era is to turn to dating like apps to meet newbie mothers nearby. A new app named Peanut is making it easier by creating Tinder for single moms or Tinder for moms platform.

According to the latest report from TechCrunch, a matchmaking app for mothers, Peanut, has raised $5M in new funding led by San Francisco and London-based VC firm Index Ventures, also backers of Dropbox, Facebook, and Glossier, among others. The startup has raised a total of $9.8 million to date. 

Some Gleaning Insights of Peanut App (Tinder for Moms)

social networking app development

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  • The Tinder like app for moms was created by Michelle Kennedy, in 2017 when she was scrolling her Instagram, looking at her girlfriends in the club and felt that she needed to speak to another woman who was doing the same thing as her.
  • The idea of the Peanut app, immersed from that night and developed into a social networking platform for moms where they can meet, chat, join, and share everything related to fertility and pregnancy.  
  • This is one of the best Tinder alternatives that had built a userbase of 300,000 moms when launched and now has grown to more than a million women. 
  • The social networking app is known for its Community Discussion and Q&A forums, Peanut Pages feature. Women are indulging in intimate conversations which they are probably not able to share anywhere else.
  • Since November 2018, this social networking app has been growing by 20% month-over-month as women are discovering Peanut’s private and ad-free alternative to Facebook Groups.

After, having an insight into the Peanut app, let’s dive into the important lessons of the social app which you can consider for your social networking app development.

3 Lessons of Peanut App to Consider for Your Social Networking App Development

#1 Provide a platform to meet like-minded mothers nearby

With this fast-moving world, women especially feel lonely as they go through some major transitions like marriage and motherhood. Your social networking app can be a hope to retain a sense of her former social life after marriage or being a mom.

You can create an app like Tinder for mothers where they can easily find “like-minded moms nearby.” With the feature like swipe right if a mom looks a potential friend. Swipe left if she’s not the type of mom friend one wants. This can easily connect like-minded moms and can avoid the awkwardness of making new friends after being a mom.

Your target audience will majorly be moms who want to have nice brunch with their babies on the weekends or a stay-at-home mother who wants to share homemade baby food recipes or other information on how to train kids. They will find all types of mothers on your platform which will make them retain your app.

Expert Tip: You can integrate some ice-breakers in the app so that when both the parties swipe right, they can start the communication in a lighter or funnier note without any hesitation. Thus, your social mom app will be a user favorite as you are providing an interactive platform at their disposal.

#2 Don’t forget to build an alternative to Facebook groups and other social platforms

Women can talk endlessly if they meet their companions.

If you want to invest in developing social networking app, make sure you curate a ‘community discussion’ functionality. Yes, there are many online parenting groups, but there is no central repository where mothers can talk about the problems that they are commonly facing. 

Your Tinder for mothers can have a community for different interests, identities, and parenting styles. To engage a number of online users and make an interactive social networking app, you can also add a polling and scheduling feature in the community group functionality. 

There can be other groups that can have healthy discussions right from conceiving until the child’s birth. This will signify your app as an open platform for mothers to resolve any problem just a tap away. 

#3 Make use of advanced technologies like AI and smart algorithms

With technological advancements like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Augmented Reality, your social app can provide seamless navigation and user-friendly experience to your targeted audience. In the case of Tinder for moms, the use of machine learning and smart algorithms can help in creating effective search filter functionality. A user can get quick matches based on their commonalities and information provided in a profile. 

The app users can easily find the correct match by efficient search filtration based on location, kids, age, and personal interests. If you want to build a more responsive and intelligent mobile application, you can reshape the Tinder industry through machine learning.

We, at Space-O Technologies, have already started utilizing Core ML features for Machine Learning App Development. In fact, we’ve created an image recognition app that identifies whether an image being uploaded contains any adult content or not.

To know more about the machine learning technology, we have curated a complete guide on ML. And also did an object detection experiment so that looking at the demo you can get an idea of how it actually works in an app.

On a Concluding Note

After going through these lessons of the Peanut that is Tinder like app for making new mom friends, it is very clear that mobile app with great ideas can flourish in this digital industry. We have some statistics which states the scope of social apps in the coming years.

According to statista, in 2018 there were an estimated 2.65 billion people using social networking platforms worldwide. The number is projected to increase to almost 3.1 billion in 2021.social networking app development

Such user penetration will tend to increase as people are losing their friends and other relations in this growing economic race. Thus, your social networking app development project has ample room to make its unique space in the online world.

For any query or confusion regarding social networking app development cost, app like Tinder timeline, how to hire mobile app developers, you can discuss it with us. One of our sales representatives will get back to you as soon as possible. The consultation is absolutely free of cost.

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