So You’ve Come Up With A Startup Idea! What Next?

Startup ideas

Startups have become one of the most used words on search engines currently. The reason why this is so, lies in the fact that every other person wants a startup of their own.

According to Entrepreneur.Com, “Nasscom estimates that India will have more than 11,500 startups employing 250,000 people by 2020. Over 800 startups launch every year in India…” If this is the case with India, then the World scenario regarding fresh startups can be assimilated.

While having an idea for a startup is important, having an inventive idea is not. Search Engines are therefore filled with searches that look like, ‘Famous Startup Ideas’ or ‘Startup Ideas That Makes a Difference.’ What if you get a startup idea without having to go through the trouble? So your key to success comes right to your mind flying through time and space, to enter your mind when you were half asleep at a long day’s work.

What Next?

The idea has popped up in your mind when you least expected it and now you do have the key to success. But do you know how to utilize it? Do you know whether this idea will give you the success you need? Do you know whether this idea will turn into a solution provider for the masses? Do you know whether there is a market for the product you are launching? Does your product truly solve the problem that needs to be solved? How to fund your startup?

With the question ‘What Next’ this snowstorm of questions tag along as well, which are difficult to answer. If you are about to give resignation and leave the job to make a startup of your dream and gain success overnight, here is where you need to pause and grow up.

1. Your idea is an innovation, not an invention

To think about it clearly, since the dawn of the business world, from one startup after another, n number of ideas have been thought of and implemented, facing success or failure of startups as the case may be. Centuries later, in the 21st century, the scenario is such that every idea has been implied and tried out at sometime or other.

So your idea is just another angle to the already used ideas, which means it is merely an innovation, not an invention and whatever you do, you might not be able to change that.

2. Your original idea will go through many changes

As it is with startups, they start with an impulsive idea, that has struck down like lightning in the founder’s brain. Till the time they actualize, and a firm is set up or the app is launched, the initial idea, has been turned and twisted in so many different shapes and back again that it becomes unrecognizable completely.

It is advisable to not consciously stop this process from happening, as this is the true path that makes your startup a success story. Make sure as many editings as possible happen, so that the best of the app comes out.

3. Don’t stay quiet; share and grow

This is a topic we have dealt with earlier as well. It is a common startup myth that startup founders have been following, regarding never to share a startup idea with anyone. The response to the myth is that your idea is not original anyway. It is just an old idea used in a new way. So if anyone would want to steal it, they would not wait for you to give it to them.

Secondly, sharing an idea would make it possible for you to gather multiple opinions, that can help one in fixating the idea. These opinions can truly shape your ideas in growing out to be a big success. It is time to break the bubble of myth and stand out by doing something out of the box.

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4. Get a Good Team & Set them free

Any startup requires the help of a team to set its ball rolling. If that team is not chosen correctly, then the startup can drown in the sea of competition, even before it has ever learned how to swim. To prevent that from happening, it is important to make sure that the team members are chosen well and that enough freedom is provided to them in terms of initiative and pitching in of ideas. Getting a good team together and make them work as a whole, while also giving them enough freedom is something that would lead you to your success.

5. Great execution on a poor idea is better than poor execution on a great idea

Having a good idea is a plus point for you, the main part of any successful startups has to do with making the execution special and convincing, to achieve a great startup. The idea’s value will remain only till the time to which the execution can maintain it. It is therefore, affordable for one to execute a poor idea perfectly as compared to the poor treatment of a brilliant idea.

Your idea is as important as your treatment and execution of it. The startup you have begun to build will never grow fully if all the steps of its nourishment have not been properly executed. On the other hand, before even beginning the execution, the founder must have the courage to burst the bubble of invention before his/her eyes. The first step must always have the target audience in mind, thinking of whether this startup or startup application is solving any problem or whether the audience truly needs the product. These questions will lead you to the answer that will become the path to success.

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