3 Solutions from GoPuff (Top Snack Delivery App) That Grabbed Attention of SoftBank

If you are running an on-demand delivery startup with a plan to create an online delivery solution that automatically handles complex tasks, then this blog is for you. In this blog, we have rounded up 3 powerful solutions of GoPuff, based in the USA, top snack delivery app, which has grabbed the attention of SoftBank. The solutions of GoPuff application have been written by our Sr. content writer under the guidance of our on-demand app consultant, named Jigar Mistry.

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  • Want to create more revenue through your delivery business
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Do you always get late from your delivery business because of managing tedious delivery operations? Are you manually managing your entire delivery business from taking orders over calls and managing those orders in the papers? You no longer will have to go through this process if you opt for the online delivery app solution like Uber.

The Uber for delivery genre opened new opportunistic doors for delivery businesses like grocery delivery, food delivery, alcohol delivery, and snack delivery. One of the top on-demand app solutions, which is nowadays in buzz is the snack delivery service space. We are now going to talk about a growing snack delivery app, GoPuff, which is ready to disrupt the online delivery segment by its delivery service. 

According to a news source, SoftBank is rumored to invest in GoPuff, on demand delivery app. The investment giant can vouch for $1.4 billion, the valuation can be increased with the growth of the startup. In the past few years, goPuff has raised $150 million, most recently in November. Now, the company is valued at more than $1billion. Accel, e.ventures, Anthos Capital and Valor Equity Partners are some of its past investors. 

Now, the question may arouse in your mind, why are investors interested in on-demand delivery apps? 

Here are the 3 main reasons

  • To add great deals to their delivery-related investments
  • To make the company shares rank high in the market
  • To enter the trending segments of the industry

Now, before getting to the solutions, let’s know a little bit about the snack delivery app.

Some Interesting Insights About GoPuff

snack delivery app

Image Credit: GoPuff

  • GoPuff was founded in 2013 by two Drexel University students Yakir Gola and Rafel  Ilishayev. The two ran out of drinks and snacks in the middle of the night, that’s when the idea of snack delivery app struck them. 
  • GoPuff is the first digital convenience delivery service operating in 90 US locations as of June 2019. 
  • The company was originally a hookah delivery app but gradually it expanded in delivering snacks, food, and goods typically sold in convenience stores.
  • The app hires drivers who are paid on an hourly basis and charges a flat $1.95 fee to customers. This makes timely deliveries and income inflow possible for the on demand mobile app.

Now, let’s dive into solutions that are the reasons for the growth of snacks on demand, GoPuff app.

3 Solutions of GoPuff, Snack Delivery App, to Be Considered by Delivery Startups

  1. Digital convenient store 24*7

    The on demand service app provides its users with over 2000 household essentials to pick from. It has become an online convenience store for the last-minute party planners, late-night study groups, busy parents, and also for someone who is under medication.

    Being a delivery startup, provide your targeted audience with the basic solutions as GoPuff app. Back in the days, snack delivery was never observed as a huge business trend. The app simply pointed out the pain points of the audience and it succeeded in providing an online platform for snacks, ice-cream, booze, and home essentials.

  2. Quick delivery for any size of order

    Small products are bread and butter for GoPuff app. For instance, what if an individual is in need of an urgent charger and options in front of him are to go at a c-store, to buy on Amazon and wait for 2 days, or to order from GoPuff and get his order in 30 minutes. What according to you will he choose?

    Of course, GoPuff.


    “Instant Delivery”

    With a flat fee of $1.95 and free delivery above the order of $35, the app has been a great convenient option that does away with the need to leave home, dorm, or even library. The app shows the size of packets to its users. Thus, they can order the exact package of chips, chocolates, ice cream tubs and as per their fridge size can fit things in comfortably.

    If you are planning to develop a snack delivery app or any on demand delivery app, pay attention to small details like mentioning a product’s size, price, cart integration, wishlist option, these all should be mentioned right under every individual display window of the app.

  3. Be the part of sharing economy niche

    GoPuff has entered a new market of snack delivery app. The company functions in cheap and not so pretty looking warehouses to store its product. There are no customers roaming inside the warehouses. It hires drivers similar to UberEats which encourages sharing economy. 

    All this is done to meet the delivery charges and employment to unemployed. The business model of GoPuff allows the company to offer nearly the same products as a c-store, eliminating fuel and services, for far fewer overheads.

    From our latest findings, we have written a guide on, on demand delivery app , for startups like you who can get a better idea to make the best Uber for delivery app.

    Wrapping Up

    The market of a convenience store is expected to grow at CAGR Of 0.28% & is set to reach USD $48.1billion in 2024. These stats are the proof of ever-growing convenience store industry, but to make it more viable in this digital wave, an app is your apt solution.

    According to a survey by Burson-Marsteller, 74% of respondents are satisfied with on demand delivery services. 68% of users use delivery apps for “instant delivery” while making a purchase. Looking at such an insane engagement stats, we at Space-O Technologies, studied some interesting stats of delivery app genre.

    • The delivery apps have seen amazing growth in the app world. The graph from Google Trends shows a good time for delivery companies to step into instant delivery space.

    snack delivery app

    After going through the powerful solutions from GoPuff, which you as a delivery startup can consider when developing an on demand app for delivery services, make sure your features provide the users with quick solutions. Before approaching an Android or iOS app development company, make a list of intriguing features which will help in understanding and framing your app in a better way.

    Here are some of the features from our on demand expert app developers:

    • Filtered search options
    • Cart integration
    • Payment gateway integration system
    • Custom size and zooming through products
    • GPS tracking

    For any query related to snack delivery app development, the cost to make an app like goPuff, how to hire mobile app developers to develop on-demand app, fill a simple contact us form. Our sales representative team will get back to you to answer your queries. The consultation is absolutely free of cost. 

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