3 Solutions Before Creating Sleep Cycle Apps like Sleep Better & Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

This blog is for startups and entrepreneurs who want to create sleep cycle app. Herein we have compiled three solutions by Sleep Better and Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock, which you can consider during sleep cycle app development.

You might have heard this statement  “a good night sleep consists of seven to eight hours of sleep in a day”. Well, a full night sleep is important more than anything. Plus, sleep does a lot for us.

According to the report from PR Newswire, “Out of a total population of 325 million Americans, 58% estimated to experience insomnia symptoms of sleep disorders.” And, there are companies who are trying to sell a perfect night’s sleep products with medications, sleep cycle calculator or white noise apps, high tech pillows, and white noise machines.

Insights: The Sleep-Health Economy

The Market Size

  • The sleep market was worth an estimated $28.6 billion in the year 2017.
  • In 2018, the market will grow by 3.3%. By 2023, 4.7% average annual growth is forecasted.

A Broad Range of Business Opportunities for Startups

There is a wide range of growing sleep products that help Americans to treat sleep inefficiencies. Sleep health presents a number of opportunities for a wide mixture of consumer-facing companies and investors. This is because that sleep health can be addressed via three types of solutions i.e. therapeutic treatment, routine modification, and ambience optimization.


Growing Trend of Sleep Apps: Talking about the sleep technology, mobile applications play a significant role. In this image, you can see the growing trends of sleep apps.


What is Sleep Cycle?

The sleep cycle is an oscillation between the slow-wave and REM (i.e. Rapid Eye Movement) (paradoxical phase) of sleep, and it is also called as ultradian sleep cycle or sleep-dream cycle, to distinguish it from the circadian alternation between sleep and wakefulness. In humans, this cycle generally takes 1 to 2 hours.


In general, when we fall asleep, we usually go through cycles of sleep states. The first state is light sleep in a sleep cycle, followed by deep sleep and a dream state, which is referred as REM-sleep. And, a full sleep cycle lasts about 90 minutes, and it is normally repeated several times each night.

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Sleep Cycle Apps: Sleep Better & Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Runtastic Sleep Better App: Runtastic Sleep Better app enables users to track the sleep cycle, monitor dreams, improve bedtime habits and sleep patterns. It offers a simple and engaging way to get better sleep using a sleep tracker, sleep timer, and sleep clock.


Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock: The app tracks the user’s sleep patterns and offers sleep analysis, nightly sleep graphs and various alarms.

  • According to App Annie, in this image, you can see the download rank history of Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock app.


  • According to the report from Similar Web, the usage rank is #54 and Google Play rank is #116, which you can see in the image.


Top 3 Solutions Need to Be Considered Before Creating Sleep Cycle Apps like Sleep Better & Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

  1. Unlocking a Wide Range of Options

    Sleep cycle apps help users to track their sleep cycle, monitor dreams and enhance bedtime habits, sleep patterns and wake up better with the smart clock. It offers users a simple and engaging way to get better sleep using a simple tracker, sleep timer and sleep clock. Sleep cycle apps like Sleep Better and Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock, offer a wide range of options, including:

    • Sleep Monitor
    • Works in an airplane mode
    • Sleep Timer
    • Track caffeine and alcohol consumption
    • Exercise information
    • Stress level


    So, if you are planning to create one of the best sleep apps like Sleep Better or Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock, then you can consider providing a wide range of options to your app users where they can easily track their sleep patterns and improve the quality of their sleep. In addition, you can also consider providing to access long-term sleep tracking, graphs, and charts, which show sleeping trends of users.

  2. Technology Solutions For Power Nap

    To create best sleep monitor apps like Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock, you need to provide advanced sleep technology solutions to your app users for a power nap. To improve the sleep quality, Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock app listens to user’s movements while sleeping by using the microphone that allows the app to listen to user’s movements and snoring and concludes the user’s sleep cycle.

    Sleep cycle apps like Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock calculates the sleep metrics by taking into account the total amount of time spent sleeping and overnight moving patterns. According to the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock’s website, “The more you sleep and less you move, the higher sleep quality.” However, such sleep cycle apps have already taken the sleep quality to the next level by providing technology solutions to users. And, the technology is taking human beings over sleep.

    Sleep-CycleImage Source: heycupertino

    Therefore, being a startup or entrepreneur, if you are planning to create a successful sleep cycle app like Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock, then you just need to think out of the box when it comes to solutions and need to hire a professional iOS/Android app development company that comprehends your users’ requirement.

  3. One-Stop Solution for Every Age Group

    To monitor sleep pattern, sleep cycle apps make this activity less painful as it offers ways to enhance the quality of sleep. The unique and powerful solution, which you as a startup can provide to your users is an easy accessible app for every age group when it comes to sleep deprivation.


    Image Source: heycupertino

    Being a startup, all you need to provide a platform in terms of sleep cycle app, which must be easily accessible by all age group including young, old-age and children. And, your app users do not need to look into any other platform to track and monitor their sleep activities. Allow your app users to access long-term sleep tracking, sleep tracking trends, graphs and charts, and sleep insights to know more and improve the quality of sleep.

Are You Ready to Transform Your Idea into Sleep Cycle App?

Not surprisingly, there is a number of business opportunities in sleep health economy. Consumers are increasing, who are including sleep apps in their daily life to track daily sleep habits and patterns.

Furthermore, according to the US Department of Labor’s Annual American Time Survey, “Some 100 million Americans are still looking for a consistent and good night’s sleep.”

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